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  1. i am fairly certain that it is only a story mode thing it is there to make it easier to move around them. In my survival experience they are just as perceptive as always.
  2. Its nothing really, just that the 350ml bottle somehow contains 500ml of fuel and now i can't unsee it.
  3. Please add a button to continue onwards to the second episode after you complete the first so that it is clear that your stuff will go with you. I made the mistake of starting it from the main menu and my inventory did not go with me. Now its to late i am already like 3 hours ingame. It is just a shame that i took a long time preparing my inventory for climbing the mountains and at the end it was for nothing.
  4. just imagine that pile of corpses near the train wreck (i always get eaten there because i am too lazy going the way around when transporting stuff)
  5. just try to imagine how dificult it would be to animate such thing as a sled going behind you. It would need its own physics, a some kind of rope you pull it, a hand animation, something that prevents it from going up steep inclines, and much more like wolf interacting with it or even it traveling with you to other location/indoors. and just try to imagein pulling it over the broken railwaybridge between coastal highvay and mystery lake I am afrait this isnt going to happen i dont know if it is even possible with the game engine/how the game works
  6. Just my thing: i like to break all of the newsprints into tinder and it realy bores me doing it one by one. Simple fix : add same menu as for transfering items and then scale the time you need for it
  7. Your backpack isnt the limiting factor now, its the capability to carry stuff. Backpack might help you carry like 3-5Kg more than the 30 you have now (specialy balanced/military gear) and also there could be some kind of skill that helps you with carying but the max ammount together should not exceed 35/40 Kg.
  8. i think that with sleeping it is easy just sleap both or pass time or something and with harvesting or something else you can do it together and or it would wait till one accepts it (like a little pop up on side of screen so he can accept it while doing other things. this would make him go to waiting (like it is already) or if in interaction pozition (harvesting something else) it would let him progress on. While the one who is requesting is waiting for the other one the game progresses as normal and the thing he is doing ticks down on normal time. (this is probably hard to understand so sorry
  9. Great idea but very graphic heavy. This would be very difficult to implement
  10. This was a very interesting title and even more interesting topic
  11. Wet wood is 2X heavier than dry one because it gets soaked easily
  12. Yes but i thought of it in a wa that you could use them for quickly gaining heat to prevent hypothermia (before you start to freez)
  13. I dont know if you would be able to ski very well with those 30 Kg on your backa nad layers of bulky clothing on non prepared slopes.
  14. I think it is just too dificult and not needed to be implemented. +1 for immersion -2 for lack of usefullnes
  15. There are even those that can be reset after boiling them for an hour or so. They do not last that long mabye like 3 hours but it still is a heat "to go". It would have to be wery rare to find resetable ones and/or there could be a chance they rupture during the reseting. Those one use can be quite comon and used like the emergency stim but for heating purposes.