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  1. Oh wow, the nasty factor in the Muskeg really ramps up once you've got the spear and return there on the next quest. ☠️ It's probably best that I died in my first couple bear fights, since the last one I didn't get any injuries or clothing damage. 🧙‍♂️
  2. My favorite place is the forestry tower in Mystery Lake for the simple reason that it's the one place where you can be inside and see outside, and it has a cool "secret treehouse" kind of thing going for it.
  3. OK, now I got a stupid death. I was on the broken trestle bridge, looking over the edges to see the terrain. I thought I was OK, but I changed the viewing angle while walking and fell right down the gap. Splat! I switched from friendly animal mode to voyageur for my next game, and had to re-learn fire-brandishing and fighting. I spawned in Desolation Point for the first time so I could explore a new area, and I was losing ground daily. Finally, starving from lack of food, I was forced to attempt to ward off a bear in my path with a flaming twig and the flame went out the very moment I started brandishing it. Died. I don't even know if flaming twigs can ward off bears, but I was probably going to die before i could find food anyhow. The weather became worse the lower my resources got.
  4. I nearly had a dumb death today. I started up my saved game for the first time since April. I had left her sitting warm and cozy in the farmhouse, but hungry and thirsty. I wanted to head outside, but first I quickly looked in my inventory and saw some tasty rabbit. Munch, munch, step out the door. Sometime later while walking across the field I noticed the little health meter in the corner, and I had forgotten what to do to check why that was happening. I headed back to the house for warmth, sooo slowly, but even inside my health kept dropping. I eventually found the first aid page where it told me to take antibiotics. By now my health was under 50% and no sign of feeling better. The idea of sleeping was worrying, since I had several previous game deaths in my sleep when things turned grim. And for 10 hours?! I dithered for a bit, but the health meter was ticking against me. Finally I set the sleep time for 10 hours, and was horrified to see the health meter plummet fast while the screen started fading to black... ...then I woke up, good as new. I had forgot to notice whether that rabbit was cooked - it just looked like another snack I was toting around in my pack. The next day I went in search of the coastal highway. I use The Long Dark to make up for missing out on seasons and normal winter weather here in the tropics. It really works - I feel a chill sitting in front of the wintery screen, and so many memories of crisp winter days come up.
  5. Yeah, I bought this game to be able to experience the winter weather I'm missing, and it works wonderfully.
  6. I work as a physicist and electronics tech, but really I'm an amateur naturalist (critters, ecology, natural history, etc) with a day job.
  7. I got tired of dying to from wolf attacks, so I've been doing a game in pilgrim mode which is so much easier. It gives me a chance to do some crafting, since my hides and guts are finally able to cure. Found my first bunker today after several days of searching for them. Still no Marmite, though. Plenty of goodies in this spider hole, and I even may need the free calories soon. So cozy!
  8. My biggest mistake early on was getting too exhausted trying to make too much potable water and cooked meat from my fire. I was shocked to die in my sleep despite a warm bed in a secure warm house all warmed up from hours in front of the fire with a full belly over 2000 calories and no thirst. I thought I was golden. Oops.
  9. it is easy to find Marmite in the US. Most people unfamiliar with it make the mistake of using too much at once. It is not peanut butter. Spread it THINLY on toast. Just a tiny smear. Very strong flavor.
  10. Suddenly I'm reminded of what this game really needs.....toast and Marmite! That would make those cold winter days so much more comfy!
  11. I bought this game primarily because I grew up in a wintery climate and LOVE winter, but find myself stuck in hawaii longing for proper seasons. The first day I played was gray and rainy here, and after a couple hours playing The Long Dark with gray skies outside the window I really felt like it was winter! Love it!
  12. I want to be able to bury those poor guys (never girls?), or is it possible in some way I haven't found yet? I have not quite made it to 5 days in voyageur yet, but my initial favorite home was the lookout tower because I love being able to SEE OUT THE WINDOWS. However much I loved the living space, I got tired of the loooong climb after a few sessions and now inhabit the Camp Office because I haven't survived long enough to loot everything that's within easy walk from Camp Office yet. I still keep a small stockpile in the tower in case bad weather comes up while I'm in the logging road area.