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  1. Not a problem, I understand autopilot When hitting escape, nothing changes and all she sees is a partial logo and the spinning wheel of her cursor. When trying to remove the save file, she went to the folder /users/<her user>/.local/share/Hinterland/TheLongDark and it was empty.
  2. The drivers are up to date, and there is no Mac package for VC. The link you provided is for Windows machines.
  3. Wanted to check in and see if the tech team has had any luck finding the problem with my daughters install.
  4. Bug name: Game fails to load past the company logo while the music continues to play Bug description: After downloading and install the game for the first time my daughter is unable to load the game. She gets the company logo to appear on the screen then it freezes. The music does continue to play. OS (PC, Mac, etc.): Mac OS X Version 10.9.5; 8 Gig Memory Repro steps: From a fresh install try to launch the game. Screenshot if it's relevant: N/A, but can get a picture if needed. Coordinates in the world if it's relevant: N/A Visibility: Always Additional troubleshooting steps: Tried to use the -force-d3d9 flag Tried to use the -graphics-low flag Tried to check "verify integrity of game cache" Tried to reinstall the game Log file: http://pastebin.com/Uwbw5m0j