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  1. Alright, just read it. What's the incidence of contracting intestinal parasites for eating COOKED meat? I think it is an interesting design idea, but if this is inspired from real-life occurence, it should have a non-present risk for cooked meat. I can understand for raw meat. But i dont think this should be taken under consideration for cooked meat... My opinion though. Can you explain what is cabin fever? I dont really understand that in the context of The Long Dark setting, as being in a secured shelter is one of the most mandatory situation for the best chance of survival in the game... I
  2. From a cultural perspective, Montréal is very diversified. It has a lot of different communities of many ethnical origins. French is the dominant language, followed by english, italian, chinese, greek, spanish, arabic. The architectural heritage of Montréal and the Old-Montréal is mostly inspired by the colonial, French style. The city actually attracts a lot of Hollywoodian productions who are searching for historical reconstitution. But more modern productions also set up stages here: lots of scenes from the recent X-Men movies (First Class, Days of Future Past and Apocalypse) have been shot
  3. IMHO, footprints fade duration should remain at the discretion of Hinterland programmers. I see it as a part of the challenge The Long Dark imposes. The only thing that should affect them should be weather conditions. Well, all of this for the core game, actually. Mods could totally allow such modifications, but i see it as cheating a bit
  4. Thanks for your input! A dog sled would be quite awesome but would also require a lot of programming and for the players, a lot of maintenance. An efficient dog sled has at least 6 hitched dogs minimum, to have a decent speed and "dogpower", as in horsepower. In terms of the mechanics and game design, we would have to feed 6 dogs. We would have to treat any wounds, injuries and/or illnesses the dogs could suffer. And how exactly the dogs would had survived before we'd find them? As a pack? They certainly couldn't have remained hitched all this time, as they would be surely dead with such an
  5. Multi-Vitamins sound more like some kind of wonder drug, judging by completely crazy effects. Its an "adapation" for the settings of the game because it often go around real-life facts and effects of the objects depicted in the game. For instance, i can hardly conceived that i eat 1 full part of deer meat, which is a rich and heavy meat (bear meat is surely heavier), and that 1 hour later in game-time i'm already hungry. I mean, eat that kind of meat in real life and you're almost stuffed for the rest of the day, if we take that for a person with average weight and metabolism. Same thing wit
  6. Here's some ideas i had regarding specific elements of game design and mechanic.Those would actually improve the flow of experience and immersion process. Multi-Vitamins Rarity: Common ( ) - Uncommon ( X ) - Rare ( ) Description: Multi-Vitamins help maintain a good health and metabolism. They help keeping immunitary system in good shape. With those, the body can create heat quicker and longer. Fatigue, Hunger and Thirst progress slower. Come in a bottle of 25 units or less. A full bottle of 25 units weights 0.25kg. Mechanics/Effects: Cold, Fatigue, Hunger and Thirst meters fill up half th
  7. Thanks guys. Patrick, you mean how did i ended on the forum? I just visited Hinterland's website and decided to sign up, simple =)
  8. I was quite happy and relieved to have found a cache! This bunker would make for a hazard-proof hideout in my search for food and sustenance. I unfortunately missed the hatch when i first landed in Pleasant Valley, one week ago. An excusable mistake since the blizzard was blowing hard, blurring away any clue that would have allowed me to find it. But today, i had another chance and here i am. Packing up after a good night sleep, i went up the steel ladder. But again, the weather conditions were against me... Snowstorm with searing winds. Damn, it must feel like -35°C or something? But still
  9. Hi everyone! I'm a 38 years old guy from Montréal and as you can expect, i'm French-Canadian. Surely there's others like me playing TLD and present on the forums, would be glad to hear from you! =) So far i've been able to survive 20 days or so. I've posted a short story about my last hours in that last game, on the Fan Creations board. I absolutely love this game, its simply enthralling. Kudos to the studio who put up one of the most original game of the 21st century!