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  1. Hi, There is a community translation topic on Steam (here). I would like to create an alternative Spanish translation, since the official one has a lot of issues. I entered some bugs back when it appeared for the first time, but they were never fixed, so I would like to fix them myself by creating a community translation. Problem is, the Google document stated on the Steam page is missing the Spanish original translation. It looks like it was never updated to contain the new languages added some patches ago. Would it be possible for someone at Hinterland to update that document
  2. Of course, new maps are always welcome, but the suggestion focuses on random generation of existing maps, which will solve the issue of always knowing where you are and where to go. The whole island could be generated randomly at every new game. There won't be need for new maps anymore, but just new terrain units and region types to enrich the variety. Oh well, dreaming is free.
  3. Hi there, This hit me again when I saw February Dev Diary about terrain generation. Did you guys at Hinterland ever discussed the idea of terrain/maps being generated randomly at each new game? I imagine you did but understood quickly that it is a really tough development process, almost like a nightmare... But wouldn't it be a critical feature for a survival game like The Long Dark? After so many runs, I really hate the feeling when I start a new game and I immediately know where I am and where to go at first glance. I literally don't even need to walk, just move my mouse a bit and
  4. Question: Does he say "A ghost in the machine, a Trojan Horse" or "A ghost in the machine, a treasured force" ? I'll have to change subtitle translation accordingly... Thanks.
  5. Great. I hope one of the changes include an higher resolution sky. I hate to look at the stars at night and feel that I have an eye condition. Sharp stars would be awesome.
  6. It has been random for me. Sometimes no wolves. Sometimes three or four roaming around. Anyhow, when Interloper went out, I remember devs saying there would be less wolves, but in change they will be more vicious.
  7. Edited the script to ensure it only presses the forward key if you are playing TheLongDark. This will prevent the script from doing anything in other programs, which can be annoying if you forgot to close the script after playing Also added more info to the OP and attached the script for direct download. Enjoy!
  8. I doubt this can be considered a hack since it doesn't interfere with any memory or file from The Long Dark directly. It's just a keyboard macro. Lots of fancy keyboards out there do similar things. This is just software based, no need for a fancy keyboard
  9. AutoHotkey is a hotkey/scripting external program designed to be used for automation, and has been out there for years. It's not heavy on the system, but it depends on what you script with it, of course. This "keep forward" script is super simple, really, I doubt you'll notice anything with it running in the background. The only thing it does is to listen to 3 hotkeys, then press or release the forward key according to what key you pressed.
  10. Frustrated by the lack of a "keep forward" hotkey in game, I made a small AutoHotkey script that implements a "keep forward" functionality. It works like this: When you press q, you'll keep moving forward. Pressing q again, backward or forward keys will cancel it. Use at your own risk, if your character dies jumping from a cliff because of this, don't blame me. What is AutoHotkey AutoHotkey is an automation/macro program that runs scripts tied to hotkeys or other events. It is widely used, open source, and has been out there for years. It is not a hack, consider it similar to th
  11. I am actually happy about this ambiguous one too: "Tons of Bug Fixes and Optimization. Holy cow we’ve fixed a lot of bugs over the past few months. TONS."
  12. I was close to open a topic suggesting stone throwing the other day, before the countdown finished, so when I saw they were introducing it in the game I felt relieved. It really makes a lot of sense to have in this game. A bit disappointed about not having the moose or the cooking, but I have to admit this is because I was "infected" by the enthusiasm of the community about these features. I actually didn't even consider cooking or moose being in the next update until I saw it in the forums.
  13. Thanks for splitting the thread. Isn't that a bug? Requiring extra materials because you decide to sleep a little before finishing your awesome deer boots doesn't seem logic, unless some mysterious dwarves remove some materials from your boots during night.
  14. Hi Cekivi, I disagree about this being a similar conversation because I also disagree about the other conversation being a feature. FJ! talks about requiring extra materials if crafting is interrupted too close to the end. I believe this is a bug, since last materials should not disappear until crafting is completed but right now they disappear when there's still crafting time left. On the other side, I was talking about reading books or cutting wood keeping the time spent as a fraction. Nothing to do with incorrectly consumed materials while crafting. So in short, I believe mer
  15. You stepping back to cool down. That's the definitive change that will let you understand that an apology in the forums by both Raph and Patrick, at their webpage and by twitter getting all responsibility for the mistake is all they can do, and it's more than enough, really. What do you expect, Raph coming to your door to give you a hug? TIME is what you need at this point, let it go.