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  1. As it has been mentioned, it's already possible to live a really long time if you know what you are doing. The problem with the time is, what to do with it other than the daily routine of collecting sticks, fishing / hunting rabits with stones (no resources needed for this one). and fire starting for water when the sun is shining. IMO, what TLD really needs in the long term is... long term projects that are actually fun to pursue. Right now the absolute best part of this game are the first cuople of days / weeks in which you are really struggling to get the basics. After that, for experienced players, survival is practically granted.
  2. Hinterland has stated fairly clearly that MP won't be part of TLD. However, they don't have anything against the community discussing concepts, that could be used for future games. This is what I have understand so far and I've been around for a while. This said... while I do not support the hostility in general, I do understand the annoyance that @EricTheGreat12 expresses, and I think its more based on the trend to build a new thread everytime. Why not pick any of the gazillion posts about adding multiplayer and keep the discussion centered in one point? Why do people feel the need to start over the same discussion? I'd say this topic would be much richer if people could read what has been said in the past first, and elaborate forward. Otherwise we are just stucked in the same 1-2-3 secuence everytime Of course, this is not an exclusive problem of this forums, is widespread about the net, but it certainly add to the annoyance factor.
  3. Loving this. Don't want to get too hyped, but if that doesn't look like seasons... it gets very close Anyway just finding efficiencies in the way you can produce new regions means great news. Thanks for the update!
  4. I kind of agree, the game loses a lot of flavour once you have expored everything and tried everything. Biggest challenge killer is not "knowing everthing" though, is the insane amount of resources available at all times. How would I try to regain that flavour? Well, currently the player has to worry mainly about food and water to survive long term. The two remaining "surival" elements (how to warm up, how to rest) depends on your playstyle. What if the player had to really worry about how to find food? What if food wasn't so abundant, especially in the long term? The way I'd like the game to progress overtime is reducing drastically the animal population overtime. We would have to move between regions looking for that lonely deer that's going to feed us for a couple of days... then keep moving. Hunting is way too granted in the game I think. I'm doing some tests now with the custom game, animal population and respawn times as low as the game allows, but at the moment I don't have the time to properly add days and get to 100+.
  5. My guess is that he is not too happy with how it was done. But that's part of the deal... You can't please everyone, all the time. My gaming computer exploded just before this update, which I've been waiting for years, was desployed... so I haven't been able to properly play it. Just loaded the game in the laptop to see how the options looked and while there is probably room for improvement (when there isn't?) It was definetely looking sweet.
  6. The "none" concept appears in way too many options... whatever effects it may have is not clear at all when setting up the games. My personal guess is that "none" just means that the current difficulty mode base-settings are used... but I wouldn't bet too high on it either
  7. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! This was literally the only thing I was missing in TLD. Perfect game now. Just perfect. Thanks a million guys
  8. I've just cathed up with your story. Amazin run as always Master @Drifter Man Looking forward to see you back in action!
  9. Don't be that hursh on yourself. I may not be absolutely original but its a pretty good challenge. As I said, it isn't less fun to do just because someone tried it first. I'm still amazed by the record holders (which are pretty darn close). Thanks @ChillPlayer for digging them out! Edit: re-reading the whole thread is also a great learning experience. The progression in how to attack the route was really enlightening in terms of how to move across these regions. But looks like its also confusing to share your current "end time" with the current game mechanics
  10. And by doing so, earning the "Queen of the Mountain" tag It was an awesome challenge, and still is of course. It would be great to find the old thread for the newcomers to have some reference to beat. Edit: IIRC the original challenge implied getting back to the Lighthouse and firing another flare, right?
  11. Yeah I don't quite know what I did for that quote to appear that way... I guess cooking and posting are not compatible with each other FWIW, I've been playing for two years now, although I don't remember what was the build when I got the game. I was able to keep my player alive right until the last patch before release. Of course can't guarantee that the whole TLD playable area is free of bugs when it comes to things dissappearing, but at least in my 200+ hours, I don't recall losing sticks or coal due to de-spawing.
  12. I'm pretty sure everything you pick and drop will stay there forever. I have been making my coal stocks inside all game mines since I started playing. Everytime I go through them I grab all the coal, and drop it right before heading out, right at the door. I never had any loot pile dissapearing on me before. I also stock non-loading caves with sticks in case I ever need to use them as shelter in bad conditions.
  13. And everytime you finish a chapter, the first message that promts before the credits is a thanks to the backers. I think this was a really nice detail. Most of the people skip the boot up sequence anyway... right?
  14. I'm not as active in the forums as I've been in the past, but I just wanted to jump in and give, once again, thanks to @Raphael van Lierop and the whole of Hinterland Team for this amazing experience we have been so lucky to enjoy over the years... and will continue to do so. I'll completely subscribe @TROY post. You have nothing to apologize or feel sorry for. This is one of the best games I've ever played, and you made it with a very small team. Perfection is a goal that is never reached. Is good to look for it while being aware that you'll never quite get there. But that doesn't mean you need to feel sorry! Enjoy your holidays, we'll be waiting for you guys in this very same spot
  15. It wouldn't hurt to add Auroras to the stat screen. The same way as "blizzards"... that way we could know for sure if there is no aurora, or if we are just missing it
  16. I'm on the same boat as you @Ruruwawa Day 28 in Voyager, first 20 days in DP and the next week in CH and no Aurora yet (that I had noticed, I've spent most of my nigths in areas where I should hear some flickering at least). The thing is that I started this game with the Steam Patch 7, which seems to be the one that fixed it for some people so I'm quite puzzled.
  17. Same here, day 20 something on Voyager (PC, game started with the latest patch) and no Aurora...
  18. I have at least 2 riffle cleaning kits. Can't really remember where did I found them but more than likely from the caches. (I have found them all )
  19. Is there any logic behind the bear behaviour when he is hitted? Sometimes he flees, sometimes he just charges. I do as Jeremiah says and wait til I see the white of his eyes, but he insists on charging wildly
  20. I won't say it shouldn't be possible, but I don't think it should be irrelevant. Hatchet or hacksaw degradation and task time should be probably higher.
  21. Haven't played Evil Within, but TLD mechanics are not off where they should be. I'd say a bow kill, mid-long range is a stealth kill. Stealth implyes not being seen, you don't necessarily need to sneak until you can touch your target
  22. If the AI gets improved, it would lead to all short of side effects in terms of gameplay. Until it does, and since we don't have a clue about what is really in the pipeline for next gameplay update besides what's announced in the cartographer update... the spear is a long term wish. At the moment, as I said earlier, the game design seem to lead the player to mostly avoid confrontation.
  23. Just to take the nasty stuff out of the way first. You are a regular of this forums and I've been reading you for a while now. For the way you are able to join words together, you don't strike me as a dumb person. Therefore I don't think you are nearly retarded enough to not know that the way you write and share your thoughts will piss people off. I know for sure that you have been told your manners are not appropriate more than once in this forums, so my conclussion is that you are a bit of an arse that actually enjoys acting the way you do (or you seriously lack social skills). Well, good luck with that Now, on the topic at hand. Let me give you my reasons for my conclussions about the spear issue. In this game, the AI is terrible. They always attack from the front. They don't circle you. They don't try to flank you. So, a defensive weapon as the spear, which is usually used forward, will probably just meet the charging animal 99 times out of 100. This would make dealing with wolves quite easy, in my humble (hopefully not idiotic) opinion. If your idea is to implement a spear that no one can use cause its too hard, then I still don't see the point of adding it. Nobody needs years of practice to know how to basic defend yourself with a spear. I don't see the spear, a completely renewable weapon if implemented (as sapplings and scrap metal are basically infinite) the same way you do: The riffe's balance is the limited ammo. The bow balance is the lack of a reliable aiming system. With a spear, you wouldn't face any of this, and unless the AI gets a huge improvement, the "art" of defense would be quite easy. Nah, its not a bedroll issue. Unless he has been waking up from the wrong side since he joined this forums
  24. You mean this one? Not really in favour either. I'll tell you why: Its hard to find a reason not to keep the spear equipped at all times (that isn't too forced, like making it weight 10kg). If I have it... why wouldn't I be holding it? What other items in my inventory would be preferred to have at hand while exploring? Why would I carry the 5kg riffle? Thing is, I think 99% of the times, all of us would have the spear equipped at all times. You are proposing to add yet another recurrent animation that would happen everytime a wolf attacks you if you are holding the spear, which would happen most of the time (see point above). Around the 20th time (give or take) you have seen the wolf bite your leg, you start feeling its weight. If everything goes right, you get into ANOTHER animation that makes you swing your mouse / stick all the way around. If things go wrong, you go to current struggle. Possibly 20 to 30 secconds of animation that you would see over and over and over. This would all feel very repetitive in the end. The good thing about current struggles is that they are quite quick and simple. I think the current design aims to promote avoiding confrontation rather than having an easy way to defend yourself.