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  1. United Kingdom here . Same problem no patch! I love the game but story mode just doesn't cut it at the mo, wolves and bedroll are my problems, right after the second cave there is a wolf who always attacks no matter what I do either sneaking past it or throwing a lit torch at it which results in loss of trousers and 10% health then hypothermia sets in so return to cave for five hours of heat but then exhaustion has kicked and no way to sleep so stagger to the road and the first car only to be mauled by the same ruddy wolf resulting in game over every time I try it. i have given up entirely on story mode . returned to sandbox it's far more superior and enjoyable please release more maps for sandbox .
  2. After three years in development and countless updates you would think that when the story mode came out it would all be done, but dudes really ? No bedroll on Xbox one , wolf AI that appears impervious to flame no sound during cutscenes - so glad I bought this when it came out on sandbox as a game in development coz if I had bought this last week I woulda been pissed!!!!!!!
  3. On the Xbox one there isn't a bedroll at the start of episode one , I have searched everywhere and there isn't one to find , pc players seem to have one though. I am in the same position my character is exhausted and when he gets mauled by the wolf he doesn't survive .
  4. Been playing on Xbox one since launch but ran into difficulties , there is no bedroll so can not sleep. On the day of launch I saw a guide on YouTube and the guy playing had a bedroll in his inventory but he was playing on pc so not sure if it was something only pc players got ? Its just that and also can not get past the wolves on the bridge get mauled every time .