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  1. Gotta +1 this, basically in the exact same boat as OP. Just returned to TLD and this zone on Stalker pounded the absolute bejingles out of me many many times before I got a foothold. Almost 30days in myself too and trying to avoid leaving this zone if I can, it's just so wild...........
  2. Hey Guys Interesting responses, a little bit learned for sure. For me it really is an early game issue as i'm now bout 29 days in on Timber and have not left the zone since waking up here and could only see it happening again if/when I decide to leave the zone and lack direction and preparation. I think it's by far a larger risk in this zone and any future zones with minimal fully encased cover like the buildings with separate zoning, as being able to heat properly for 24 hours in the early days in Timber was impossible. I kept getting my hypothermia down to say 10 or twelve hours and then had to rush out in unfavourable conditions to get more wood putting the counter back up to 24hrs. After a day or two of this I couldn't take it anymore and threw myself off a ledge. LucidFugue, I think those points are bang on the money too. Cheers for indulging my curiosity.
  3. Howdy Did a quick search but couldn't see if this is a common/known issue, or maybe I just know nothing about cured maple sapling but does this look right? Too cold to hang round, cheers! EDIT - Sorry I posted in the wrong forum, can it be moved please?
  4. Longish time player, first time poster. Been playing for about a year and recently started fresh in Timber ( Stalker all the way ). Best zone by far, beautiful, scary and totally unforgiving. I am just curious at to others real banes to survival, obviously death aside. Is there anything worse than hypothermia? This damn thing has been the cause of my demise more times than anything else in fledgling games ( first few days/weeks ). I find it to be the real game changer and throws all plans right out the window, and doesn't close the shutters while burning my curtains.
  5. Surviving for me is a full time job, I find myself trying to fit mere minutes in to just look at some beautiful scape or eerie valley. There is no time for anything else, not at the moment.......