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  1. If you are a prepper, you prep for every situation. If your bunker is attacked or compromised, you may have to leave. You want to have an alternative form of shelter. It is also a base of operations; hunting, fishing, and gathering might require a temporary shelter. A 2400 calorie ration bar is about the nearly (510g) same weight as a MRE (in game), but are obviously more calories. But, it would make more sense to carry around 1200 calorie bars instead that weight less. I was thinking a cross between these two beauties: Now I own something simila
  2. I was just thinking about how bunkers should have some supplies that are only found inside one. Preppers (like myself) think a lot about the worst possible things happening and would not just stock some generic supplies. Only a few types of items can be found in each type of bunker. Here are a few of my ideas, please suggest some more. ALL TYPES Emergency blankets and bivy sacs (the kind treated with aluminum) Tent (Heavy and needs a lot of cloth to maintain it - wildlife will follow you inside and destroy it if they are coming after you, but prevents you from being discovere
  3. I have mentioned a few suggestions for new locations in the past. Motel (complete with bibles in the night stands) and k12 school (with a music room, biology lab for growing a few plants, and chalkboards to doodle on and pass the time - maybe even a basketball hoop? haha). I also thought about a few others like a horse ranch (imagine talking care of a surviving horse - that's a LOT of work and it might even get eaten if you're not careful) and an apartment complex that crumbled a bit (maybe one unit is live-able). All these places would be a bit unsettling to be around, much like how I loot
  4. RaeRiceSimmer


    A thermos is brilliant as is a canteen! A craftable bota bag could be something to strive for. I really want to use that water barrel in the PV Farmstead Basement for water storage.
  5. YES! Please! I'd love to make my own maps! I'd make the place a minefield!
  6. Too many things! I see a potential for a new source of cordage, first of all.
  7. Having a row boat in this game has been an idea I had many times. I imagine a blizzard would turn it over - fun for gameplay don't you think?
  8. As a lady, I feel like there is a particularly bothersome thing that would be horrible to have to deal with in a survival situation; especially with all the predators roaming about. Please keep that element of realism out of the game, thanks.
  9. Moose not being in the game has bothered me a little, but I can see why they aren't there. They are MASSIVE, you can drive a sports car right under them in some cases. They would probably take 2-3 bullets or 4-5 arrows in the chest to be taken down in game. I think I'd be more afraid of one of them making me go flying than a wolf attack because I can fight back with one of them.
  10. Lice preferring clean hair is a good example of how cleanliness isn't always what it seems. To make the game a bit more realistic (and fun) some factors should be considered, like you mentioned, if cleanliness was added.
  11. I feel like different types of makes make a lot more sense for the game, including your pockets. I wear a stealth pack on my chest, small backpack, and waist bag while hiking, rather than a giant bag on my back. My small female body can't handle that crap. If they added bags of different sizes and types inventory clutter would be reduced and organized. Crafting new bags and FIXING them just makes a whole lot of sense. If you completely destroy your bag, you still have your pockets to keep a few items in. Far more realistic.
  12. I've often thought about snowdrifts and this makes a lot of sense to have shovels to dig yourself out after a blizzard. Even more interesting would be having to use your hands to dig yourself out of a shelter and getting frostbite. I really like the idea of our own cashes for supplies because I enjoy remote regions for settling. For some reason I picture a red squirrel breaking into one and taking the food, but a bear smashing it open makes more sense. Perhaps instead of other survivors breaking in, bear smash them up?
  13. I thought about the lotion a lot, but balms would probably make more sense considering you can use them on wounds as well. I like the idea of soap as well, but I feel that maybe it's asking too much to use a bathtub. Sponge baths do make a lot of sense though. Or perhaps a solar shower? I use a sea to summit pocket shower when I go on extended hiking trips. It should raise health as well - imagine getting a cold in the game!! That could be interesting. Treatment could be tea and soup?
  14. As I mentioned above, considering the many ways you can boost morale, it would hardly force behavioral patterns because you can do many actions (that you would probably do anyway) and the player wouldn't be forced to "deal with it" in a standardized way. Some will whittle, others will feed birds. You're very lucky to have never needed lotion during winter because my skin cracks and even bleeds sometimes and I live in NW Indiana. I use lotion for burns and cuts as well, completely medical and not cosmetic. Many birds lay eggs as early as March, like the time of year it is now - it