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  1. I agree, this boss fight wasn't that difficult to figure out. It's just too many miraculous perfect timings factor into whether or not it actually works. Biggest frustration for me is the spear mechanics itself. Taking too long to "brace" the spear, and the stupid two second time limit you have until he raises the spear and stops bracing. Which is a stupid mechanic. I can't think of any reason that would prevent someone from holding a spear steady. Furthermore I had a bunch of gear on the floor at Jeremiah's place I wanted to come back for but after the cutscene and leaving the house I fo
  2. yeah, a groaning clip would be more accurate. sobbing. I mean come on, if you're going to make your player suffer through long journies with injuries then of course it would be painful. it's a human after all. but I do agree that the whole "oh no this is bad, better fix this soon" thing get's annoying
  3. 8 reclaimed wood, and a ton of wire/line. And definitely scrap metal.
  4. So one of the more frequent problems I find while playing this game is the fatigue meter (but that could just be because I sprint to much) but it's been a while since I played. But I just thought that a double arrow fatigue just from walking is a little overkill. And then I noticed that only Coffee seems to have any effect against it. So I was wondering if anyone thought that energy drinks would be a good idea. But normally spawning in public places like the gas station, or in cars, in fridges. Same places you would normally find pop, but more in the stores. And if anyone has any other ideas f
  5. Hey Raph, I noticed when I started the challenge mode it asked me for a name for the save. does that pop up in the load menu? And when I quit playing the challenge will I be able to resume? I'm too scared to close my game and find out haha
  6. Haha "OH WAIT ONE SEC LEMME GET THAT FOR YA REAL QUICK" is what I imagine it sounded like at the office
  7. How about having broken limbs and possibly chance of concussion resulting in game over. I remember bear attacks resulting in broken bones in some accurate survival movies. And I don't remember if the game really does have broken bone injuries. Anyways We could craft splints using sticks or hardwood and guts, or maybe even plaster for making casts when mixed with bandages? We could also have improvised splints like using cloth or hides, combined with guts or mountaineering rope. Or using other clothing to use. It could be a universal thing where any fabric/clothing could be used
  8. May I add that you would need to feed tamed dogs/wolves/whatever animal regularly for it to have the strength to even pull your s*it? That at least keeps some of the immersion.
  9. What about maps with this added compass, that draw little logos and red dotted trails everytime you see that text on the screen that says "New Location Discovered" with a little map and pencil icon or whatever next to it.
  10. I think a good mechanic to implement is quality of backpacks, and adding a chance for the bag to rip when carrying above weight limit. As well as sharp objects like the hacksaw and hatchet ripping through, or possibly while running increasing the chance of those sharp objects ripping through. And what about arrows? kind of hard to keep those in a bag without ripping through the fabric. If I recall I remember two important things people didn't notice about the trailer for story mode in regards to the female character. She had a poncho, and a quiver. Being able to craft a quiver with deerskin, m
  11. why do you need char? and flint and steel in the same question? you can't make char without a metal container can you?
  12. Tons of fire making s**t here
  13. Nice wallpaper dude B|

    1. Tbone555


      thanks :) i take no credit for it, though. I'm not quite sure who created it, i just googled "the long dark concept art" :P

  14. I originally intended to rant about different ways to find the journal that would make a good poll. Finding not only your own journals from corpses but finding other randomly generated journals from the corpses such as "left salty crackers on the top shelf in the fishing hut" or directions to a cache. Or possibly linking to the spawns of bunkers. Anything that somebody would jot down in their journal that they'd need in case of emergency. Or having it so that dying in a certain location would spawn a corpse in that same map in a new save. But only give that spawn a chance of 10% or 30%. Lotter