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  1. Playing on PC, windows 10. Always make sure to wait until the save icon is done circling completely and close out of the game correctly (no forced shut downs or just closing the laptop). The only other information I can provide about it is. The three times it has happened. The character was a male, started in mystery lake. Play time was always above 30+ days and everything would be going fine. Then just one time when logging out like I always do the next time I would log in the most recent game file I was playing is completely gone profile and everything but the other profiles are still there. And unfortunately I am not very tech savvy with finding save files or log files. My boyfriend is a network engineer but hes actually in Germany working on a contact until March 20th. I could maybe ask him over the phone to help me find any information that would be helpful to give to you.
  2. So this has happened three times now and it is infuriating. The game I am working hardest on and spend most time on gets deleted randomly. Never in the same spot always make sure I sleep before logging out. Itll go days even weeks with the save this last one I had a great set up had 40 days and planned on exploring alot longer. Log in an hour ago and its all gone but my other saves are there. This is the third time this has happened. It deletes the game with the highest days or the one most recently played. Please help with a fix for this at this point I think I am done playing for awhile, too much work to put in to just keep re-doing it over and over. Thank you,