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  1. A deer got stuck in a river bed approx. WNW of the farmhouse in pleasant valley. At the time i recorded this i didn't know how to screenshot coordinates, sorry for that, screens with coords will be added in the future. After i shot the deer i moved on to show the location, you'll see the bridge and at the end you can see the farms grain silo in line with the radio tower for reference. Hope this helps.
  2. When i woke up from a 1 hr nap on the ledge below the radio tower on pleasant valley a bear spawned right next to me and started running against the wall. The ledge can only be reached with a rope, so one might argue that a bear shouldnt be able to spawn there (unless bears like rope climbing ) This video shows me right after realizing there is a bear, panicking and scrambling up the rope, which of course didn't work because i was too exhausted. You can see the bear running into the wall around 0:28.