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  1. The 2 day badge i've received (at Xbox One). The 4 day badge not, cause i died before 4th day has passed But i've detect that it's possible to repeat the event by changing the date at console back to 28th October.
  2. I hope next year the event was also availabe at console
  3. Today i've download an update on Xbox and went full of hope to lookout prior. And it was possible to grab the black bear hide! Now i could continue the story. Thanks Hinterland, you are a great team
  4. @Laurenhollys Have the same issue. ( ). May it was cause savegame was from earlier version. I will wait, may they fix it. Dont want to restart the Story and then the problem come back again on same point.
  5. Hello there, Today i was playing the Survival school lesson to repair Jeremiah's coat with the cured black bear hide. When i was inside the tower i've seen the cured black bear hide on ground but could'nt pick it up. So i have make some search by Google and found on Steam a post where it was described that you sould have Jeremiah's broken coat in inventory to grab the pelt from tower. So i walked back to Jeremiah (exhausting) to take his broken coat and walked back to observation tower again. But it was again not possible to grab the cured black bear hide from ground. I'm using already Version 1.05 (32319) and was surprised cause in Patch notes it is said 'Fixed issue with not being able to pick up the Bear Hide in Survival School.' Please help cause it was the only savegame
  6. Thanks Hinterland Team for Story Mode
  7. Some time ago i also thought that a compass was a good idea. But after an update it was possible to lay down and place things from inventory on the ground. After that i use always 3 wooden sticks to make guideposts to homebase in the snow. Really useful when fog or a snowstorm arrives, after a cold fishing session in the middle of Mystery Lake
  8. Hello, I'm playing the Game on Xbox One. Actually i was very happy with it. Last week i start a new Sandbox in Mode Voyager. Before i has alived 55 days in Pilgrim Mode. As i want load the last Savegame last week it seems that it was damaged. On click it displayed on bottom of sreen a Message in red scripture 'Boot failed: Savegame 0' or something like else. It was not able to load the saved Sandbox. After restart the Game the Savegame was gone and a new Sandbox has to created. Good i thought it could happend. Cause i played only 3 days in this Box and it was the first time that this failure occured, i created a new one. But today it was the same incident. 6 days alived, red Errormessage at bottom and after a game restart no Savegame available, a new Sandbox must be created. This is really bad. Why happend this, and how could fix that? I'm really sad again about the wasted time and the good loot which i already has collected. But more annoying is that it's not advisable to play further the game. On every new Start it is possible that all playing before was for nothing. thanks