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  1. I always wondered about to the total absence of external thermometers to check the temperature, something you can carry on with you on the journey. Just to increase realism.
  2. Ciao, io penso che le discussioni dedicate ad utenti di diversa nazionalità siano per coloro che hanno problemi a comunicare in inglese principalmente. Perchè altrimenti non vedo alcuna utilità a parlare nella propria lingua su cose di cui se ne può parlare tranquillamente nelle discussioni generali col beneficio di coinvolgere tutti, ma proprio tutti. Per quello che riguara la traduzione, penso ci sia già qualcosa nel workshop di Steam. Non è accurata al 100% ed alcune scelte sono poco condivisibili, ma per chi non mastica molto l'inglese è sicuramente un'ottima soluzione.
  3. I kind of agree with you anyway, but I'm conflicted. A lonely person would feel the need to speak, more often than necessary probably. In the movie "Cast Away" we've seen Tom Hanks creating a fictional character made with a ball just to interact with something (that turned to be "someone"), because I think communication it's a human need. That said, I think it's perfect how it is now after all. I just enjoy the noise of my boot on the snow, the sound of the wind, the beautiful and magic musics coming up when you don't expect them, the silence surrounding me.
  4. Ha! I say to my character, when he states he's freezing: "don't be a *****!" Back on topic, I founded myself repeating Will's phrases instead. Precisely when I had some walks in town at -20°C: "I feel so cold... I'm warming up again.."
  5. About -30°C north-est of Rovaniemi, Finland, winter 2015 and waiting for the Aurora Borealis to show up. I was heavily dressed, but stepping 1 meter away from the campfire made feel my feet to freeze.
  6. I guess running away should encourage the wolf to chase for you, since it's a clear symptom of fear and weakness. As much as staring at him being a signal of challange. In both case, I think, the wolf could react aggressively. The discriminant here is the use of tools which put the human on an higher level, like fire (heat and light) and rifle (noise firstly, wound secondly). A great improvement, not sure if viable, would be a wolf being wounded, but not to death (if this can ever happen), after a fight, or ran away scared by something, that keeps memory of you and what you bring.
  7. It might be subjective (and kind of unrealistic) but I really miss the smoke coming out from the chimney of Trapper's Homestead in ML map. When you survive a couple of blizzards, a bear meeting, one wolf attack, several bruises, a sprained ankle, at risk of frostbite and dehydrated, there's nothing better than see that gentle, magic, fading smoke whispering you "Don't worry boy. You're home now."
  8. Thanks for the explanation ArmageDan. In fact, according to my experience, I concur with you about stepping away from a wolf by waving you flare/torch that seems working better. I like the "patched" behaviour, about taking the dropped decoy and leaving. The way they react to fire in general.. I'm not sure about it. Surely that exploit had to be worked out. But responding to aggression with *more* aggression should not be typical by a lonely wolf. I'm maybe too much dogmatic in this circumstance, but as said before an herd animal, if caught alone, goes for an attack in extreme circumstances (starvation mostly, which is our case here) and I think it should flee away once the prey respond to its attack with more aggressivity (using blades like knives or hatchets, not talking about rifles) in basically no time. Now this is what is supposed to happen in reality, I realise the gameplay has its own purposes of course. And I got what I wanted, so I definitely have to change the way I approach them. Thank you again
  9. Yes it definitely was. But as said before, a shot should make flee anyone in my opinion, at the cost of a rifle bullet wasted. Anyway I just wanted to be sure how it worked by design, so thank you for your reply LonelySurvivor. @AZHockeyNut I kind of agree with you. In fact wolves should notice your presence earlier than they do now, and as herd animals I expect them to attack their pray as herd animals. I was just doubtful on how they are reacting to flares and fire in general as it seems to me having those passive defensive tools is basically useless at the moment.
  10. Oh ok. It looked weird to me a shot (an hit) cannot make them to run away and eventually die. Do you think their behaviour might be changed about flares/fire in general? I'm basically seeing it's not effective at all anymore now. I have not kept track of a statistic, but it might be that I was able to make them run away by brandishing my torch or flare 2 times over 10. I also dropped a flare once for embracing my rifle, the wolf just ran over it. Is this behaviour correct according to you?
  11. Hello, I started a new game after my +100 days run ended over a double attack from wolves in ML. I'm playing "stalker" and I noticed the aggressivity of wolves inreased notably, they're harder to kill and smell you from miles (kind of realistic I think). But most of all they seem to give a hell to flares and torches, and even shooting them from zero distance produces just nothing. I think an animal should run away from a bullet shot in the air, but they not only seem to not be scared but they attack you in any circumstance. I don't remember them being such "terminator" stuff and I was wondering if it changed something so that wolves act like this by design playing "stalker" or it's just me being too confident on the poor tools at my disposal Thanks in advance.
  12. Hello, after the update released yesterday I seem to suffer a small bug. A Rifle Cleaning Kit respawns everytime I load the game into the Trapper's Cabin in Mistery Lake map, once floating above the workbench, once on the floor beside the stove. My system specs: CPU: Intel i7 4770K / 64 bit Graphic Card: nVidia GeForce GTX 660 RAM: 8 GB OS: Windows 10
  13. Update: I cleared the cache via Steam again and I haven't suffered any further crash so far. I don't know if this might be bug-related but this corresponded after I moved from Pleasant Valley / Carter Hydro Dam maps to Mistery lake. But it might means nothing of course. Thanks for your replies and your help.
  14. Hello and thanks for your reply. I verified the cache after the second crash I suffered some days earlier, and repeated that after every other crash I encountered later. I will do that once again, since I haven't made it since the last crash suffered last night. I'll update you in case of both bad or good news. Edit: do I need to delete some game folder before verifying the cache? For other games it helps building up new ones so to remove completely every possible issue.
  15. This is what is happening to me too. I'm going to attach the output_log file but please tell me if you need further informations, it's the first time I do this doing probably something wrong output_log.txt