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  1. I've been thinking about how we repair tools such as axes, saws, hammers and knives in the game. The concept is about incorporating an element of repair using parts as well as sharpening for improving the condition of tools. This can be explained more simply by using the following example. The axe can be repaired by replacing its handled (fir wood) but this will only increase the condition of the tool to 40% (or any value), in order to improve the condition of the axe further you must use a whetstone to sharpen the blade. The amount of repair/sharpening would be different for each tool, f
  2. Wouldn't it be nice if the time it takes for you to complete a task using tools depends on the quality of the tool you're using. Currently using different tools to harvest from an animal have different periods of time to perform the task, but why not take this one step further. A sharp tool should be able to perform a task like chopping wood or skinning an animal much faster than a blunt one, this is quite obvious but is not currently part of the game mechanics. What is suggested is that the time it takes to perform various tasks like harvesting meat/skinning/gutting and chopping woo
  3. I'm currently finding rabbits not really being a viable food source, for this reason I rarely trap rabbits and think they could be improved a bit making them a feasable source of food, rather than a source for making and repairing gloves. The amount of calories you have to expend for what you get really limits their potential. Of course simply increasing calories wouldn't be balanced as you want to avoid overly easy meals. Since rabbits are small, why not just pick-up the whole rabbits and carry them with you to your cabin to slaughter and skin them there. Deer are too large and heavy but
  4. I decided to check out TLD on the XBox a couple of days ago and my girlfriend started watching, after a few minutes she commented that the game looked fun and then asked if we could both play it together in coop mode. Unfortunately the game doesn't have coop. Since the game is on Xbox I think that there is definitely potential to expand the game with a coop. Not a great big multi-player system just one other person playing the game with you. There are really few coop games on the Xbox TBH and none in this genre that I know about. Being able to play TLD with one other person on PC wou
  5. I think people should be a bit more open to proposed additions. Lets see what the devs have in mind and try it out, then if we don't like it we can tell them to change/remove something. But if they want to add content I say yes, to simply disagree with something at concept stage is too premature. They only telling us what, and not really how so lets wait and see, give a try and take it from there. None of their ideas seem outrageous or unbelievable, the horse seems odd to me too, but who knows it may surprise us all and fit in well. All I'm saying is let's see how they implement it, who k
  6. I was thinking there should be some long term projects which the player can work on. The idea of repairing the hydrodam has been brought up but I'm not sure if it has to be something that drastic. I'm thinking along the lines of maybe being able to construct a makeshift fishing hut in desolation point as a mini project for players which then allows them to fish there. Building a makeshift hunting blind in the coastal highway which allows you to hunt animals without scaring them off. For Mystery Lake, building a zip line from the forestry lookout to the bottom to at least make getting down fast
  7. Axe

    Fat from animals

    I've read that you can use bear grease as waterproofing. Though the smell of all that grease might attract hungry wolves at first.
  8. Honestly I am sure you are quite capable of doing a search through google scholar yourself. But just in case you can't may I suggest the following books: The power of positive reinforcement : a handbook of behavior modification / by Judith Elbert Favell Bringing out the best in people: how to apply the astonishing power of positive reinforcement / by Aubrey C. Daniels, Ph.D Here is an excerpt from 'Bringing out the best in people...' "6.1. Positive or Negative Reinforcement: What Difference Does It Make? There are only two ways to get organizational results. One is through
  9. I think that's an unfair assessment Dirmagnos. Based on the continuous success the dev team has made on this project so far I believe we can continue to expect the same quality of work if not better moving ahead. This is based on the fact that the devs have actively demonstrated a process of continuous improvement on their product. You're also basing your opinion on the false understanding that negative reinforcement produces increased positive behavior/results when in fact this in itself does not align to what the academic literature has taught us, science teaches us that positive reinfo
  10. After successfully killing another bear I did the next obvious thing, which is to butcher it. What I failed to do on this occasion however is butcher the bear in stages rather than all at once... after unwittingly maxing out the skin, guts and meat, I began harvesting and died of hypothermia after a few seconds. My suggestion therefore is to add a mechanic which pauses long duration tasks when one of your life indicators (dehydration, sleep, temperature, hunger) reaches a critical point. Perhaps one pause when one of the values reaches the critical point of 100% and a second pause wh
  11. Does anyone else have some ideas of things that could be added to the game to do during 'leisure time'? Most people seem pre-occupied with how long they can survive. I'm hoping to get quality days rather than quantity of days. I don't want to be writing 'slept all day' in my journal, every day should have a something worth writing about!
  12. I'd very much like to see a story mode which allows the player to choose different options at handling different scenario's. For example having non violent options for NPC interactions. This would give the player some degree of control over how they progress which is more aligned to their personal beliefs. I know story mode in itself means that a specific story line is being told/followed, but I would like to see different options for progressing like being able to choose the harder moral path (sharing limited resources) than the easier immoral one (steal resources). Its likely the devs may al
  13. Definitely the correct decision to make. The more refined the game is the more enjoyable it will be to play. To be honest I was quite apprehensive about a spring 2016 release, I felt that the release is too early as there is just so much more the game can offer. I'm happy about the announcement and very much look forward to all the additional content. Dev team... you had me at "Mod support"
  14. Axe

    Water Mechanics

    Obtaining water: I can appreciate the fact that some people would like water to be more of a challenge, but you have to realize that you are not stranded in a desert or on an island. You are literally walking around in frozen water, as long as this is the backdrop for the game, water is going to be easy to get. Besides you already need to make a fire just to obtain water, it's already costing time and resources and in its current state is a slow steady drain on your resources, making water any harder to obtain is just silly. Honestly people don't typically die from dehydration in that part o
  15. I like the idea of reading a book in game. However writing a book just for the game would be hard work, however after a quick google search I managed to find quite a few copyright free sources using the search words "short stories public domain". I managed to not only find short stories but classical literature and even poetry. This might be the easy way to go. Hey and if its a bad read, you don't have to feel bad about burning it