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  1. Rada

    Do Items despawn?

    Thanks to both of you Yes I will find it out!
  2. Rada

    Do Items despawn?

    Ok thank you! No I'm going to find a place to store my items Will the items decay slower when they are stored, like meat?
  3. Rada

    Do Items despawn?

    without even using them?
  4. Hi I wanted to know if items can despawn. I dropped a ton of items on the ground in my light house because I don't have enough storage. Is it a problem to drop them on the ground? Thx for any help!
  5. Rada

    How to store food?

    Thank you for your tips! and you are right, starving is a big part of the game and the whole survival thing
  6. Rada

    How to store food?

    Thank you very much! When the meat reaches 49% and than I cook it, will it last longer?
  7. Hey I shot a deer and I got so much food but I don't know what to do now. I grilled some but there are still a few left. Where can I put these and do they rot? Is there a different between raw and cooked? Thx!
  8. Thank you! I wasn't sure if the whole concept is made for me but after playing the Demo of the game I had to buy it immediately
  9. So I have the full game with the story mode included? Sounds perfect!
  10. Hey, I bought the game today an I'm loving it. My wanted to ask If I have to buy the game again when it is released or will the owners of the Alpha Version get an Upgrade to the "final version" of the game :mrgreen: Thx for helping me!