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  1. I know in sandbox the idea is you against the world kinda feel but it would be nice to run into other (living) survivors. Being able to trade or work together? (Would work more so like a online multiplayer but with very few players per map) even on sandbox it would be nice to see a living face once in a blue moon instead of lifeless bodies. How it hurts moral seeing so many dead people:( Increasing size of bag. Finding bigger backpacks. I don't know if the car batteries do anything just yet but everytime I open the hood I'm hopeful. A map of explored areas would be cool too. I know from reading a lot of other posts about wishlists it's kind of asking a lot from a sandbox but I feel like even sandbox needs to expand a little more especially since story mode is coming and will be different. sandbox is amazing and I don't want to see it lose its luster after story comes.
  2. After playing the trial period on Xbox One, I purchased the game. First let me start by saying, wow! It has been an incredible experience! It was much harder than I expected as far as survival goes. Scouring the area for items of interest but also shelter. Every bit of time spent outdoors has been very calculative in how long I expose myself not only because of minimal supplies but also when trying to deal with the wildlife. Some things I'd like to point out is that although this game doesn't look like some of the newer survival type games, the environment it is designed beautifully. The other portion is the inventory. Having only 30lbs to play with definitely ensures you decide on what to carry sparingly. Some improves I'd like to see are other survivors in the sandbox. I know within the story mode, soon to come, there will be but to have other key people in the sandbox would make it more enjoyable. Even to the extent of having other players running around with you. I am aware it would require dedicated servers and such to allow this to be capable, but to have a set number roaming with you would be exciting to see. This could allow for a bartering or trading with other survivors and even some drama with others trying to kill and or steal your resources. (Probably asking too much) The other improve would be to have more items or items to construct. Also a big one is to add seasons! Surviving not only winter but spring, summer ecetera and with that you could add more or less item drop throughout each season or specific ones that can only be found during a specific season. Overall though I'm very much please with the game and I am very excited for the story mode to be released!!!