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  1. LOL - the difference in loot drops is staggering. Also, you must not have a job, eh? I feel like looting the whole island on Day 1 must have been an eight or ten hour endeavor, and probably more like twelve or fourteen if you were thorough. Even with the time, I don't think I could have pulled that off with my fires not working to warm me up...
  2. I don't know how anyone is possibly surviving this. After exploring the entirety of the Coastal Highway on Day 1, I was fortunate to find a total of less than a half dozen candy bars. And I used them all to stay (barely) alive. I found a nifty cache with a rifle and stim as well, so I was feeling ok going into today... not great, since there was almost no food. Anywhere. I found only one carcass with only .8 kg of meat, and no fishing tackle. It's like the only food in the game for the event is an occasional candy bar, coffee, and tea. No fish. No canned goods. Nada. On top of this, the permanent night mechanic seemed like a cool challenge - until I discovered that no matter how raging my fire, it did not warm me up! A serious WTF moment for me... I don't understand why they would do this. Is it a bug? If so, it's a pretty big one for a game that depends on light and warmth, with a special challenge of exacerbated darkness and cold. It certainly made exploring a whole map interesting... Then, Day 2. I'm holed up with plenty of firewood and gear (though I'm beginning to realize that much of it is useless, since it's garbage in eternal night where fire doesn't warm you up, and the only food items are coffee, tea, and candy bars...), but no food. So I leave the safety of my shelter, and I am immediately attacked by a wolf. It's like hyper-aggressive mode - one bark, and BAM! I didn't even have time to equip the rifle. Five(!) injuries from the attack, two *new* articles of clothing ruined, and even though I fought it off with the hatchet, the wolf escapes unscathed?!? No blood trail or whimpering at all - not that it matters, as I had to try to get back inside. I failed to make it to the (very) nearby shelter, of course, owing to... wait for it: WOLF ATTACK! Again, WTF? Dead within 15 minutes of turning the game on. I took a second shot at it, just to see how it went starting out with the wolves active (I mean, it's not like they are turned off normally, right?). The experience was even worse from a food standpoint - where I had started with a candy bar the first time, I started with nothing the second. And found... wait for it: nothing. After making it to more than half the structures in Coastal Highway, and fighting off another wolf attack, I literally did not find a single candy bar, or food item of any kind. Needless to say, I starved to death after trying to survive on one tin of coffee. I'm kind of put out by the whole experience. I love this game, and have about 125 hours in it, and started playing well before the official release. I recently returned to it to check out the story mode, which is enjoyable (albeit a bit too much like a tutorial for an experienced player). But unlike basically every other game with special events which are meant to be an added dose of fun, this one seems like it was either poorly conceived, or intentionally nasty to the loyal fans. C'est la vie, I suppose. Bon chance to all of you who are already having better luck than I was!
  3. +1 on the THANK YOU! This game is straight up awesome! I am also an avid outdoorsman (though I'm from Colorado not Canada), and I would like to echo (and also touch up) a couple of these points... I agree! A few tweaks to make it possible to better preserve and store food would be epic! Freezing, salting, smoking or otherwise drying, etc. I am already envisioning using the small space in the ruined shed across from the Trapper's Homestead cabin as a meat locker! I have NO IDEA what kind of hulking mutant deer that would be, but I would say an experienced field guide would be fortunate to get even 120 pounds of meat off something like a caribou! The deer in the game seem to be about that size... bigger than mulies, but smaller than elk. The most I ever managed off a mule deer was from a 7/6 buck, and it was still under 70 pounds... +1 +1 How about a craftable travois?! I requested this in another thread ("Ski Cart" one), but may even start one. In this survival scenario, it would be one of the first things I would make once I had a hatchet. +1 for most of the game mechanics stuff as well. I will chip in here that a SAVE function would be pretty awesome. I hate quitting and wondering where I'll start, and what I'll have to do again, and when the dinner bell rings, I don't always have time to sleep!
  4. RE: "almost always freezing," have you repaired all your clothes? I have, and I can generally walk between almost any two safe houses in Mystery Lake without getting too cold, provided I am not trying to do it at dawn, at dusk, or during a blizzard. RE: "no sweating" and "he may loosen his clothes to expel excessive heat," it's clear that you haven't spent any time outside in the cold wearing multiple layers and engaged in strenuous activity. You sweat, and your clothing becomes damp (especially under layers), however loose your collar.
  5. There is way too much kicking around here to be quoting and following, so I'm just going to summarize the things I would really like to see in this regard: 1. Metal tools become less effective as they become dull. Perhaps two durability stats, one for condition and one for sharpness (so I have to eventually replace a hatchet handle). 2. The whetstone degrades much slower, or not at all. Maybe a "premium" whetstone is added... I am an avid outdoorsman, and still use the same diamond stone today that my father gave me when I was five. His has been going his whole life as well. Even the small one I take in my backpack, though worn down, is still VERY functional, and it dates from my Cub Scout days. 3. Different degradation rates by task as well as time. My hunting knife should take a lot more punishment from cutting apart a frozen deer than a fresh one, and a hatchet should be very little affected by knocking apart and splitting up a wooden shelf, but is going to dull from hacking up a frozen fallen tree limb. 4. Maybe this isn't the right spot, but similar complaints for the rifle... cleaning could be done once and never again for the number of rounds we are likely to find, and I still have the same rifle cleaning kit I've had my entire life (although I have had to get/make more patches).
  6. +1 Please just add a Save button to the menu, and a corner icon when the game is autosaving. Getting this right is easy, and will make the game far better immediately.
  7. This is a great start! Maybe public items/government stuff is already marked (e.g., Forestry Lookout, Carter Dam) but other items must be marked by the player? Re: the notebook, I think this functionality should simply be added to the journal, which suggests you already have a notebook to keep notes... just the ability to add your own section for the things you describe.
  8. If this is implemented, I think it is only fair to have a debuff as well after the activity has stopped, at which point (sweaty and tired) you would perhaps lose warmth more rapidly if still exposed. As an avid outdoorsman and native of the Colorado Rockies, I also think that this should be baked in anyway, and dealing with your clothes should perhaps be simulated... e.g., if I sweat in my clothes for a day, then wear them all night without drying them, they are not going to keep me as warm the following day. And if I sweat in them for days without cleaning them somehow, forget about seeing a deer under almost any conditions... I suppose this second point is a new thread...