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  1. Well, the good news is that I am seeing the aurora effects during the Wintermute story now. The first time the effects occurred as expected was once the story had progressed to where I needed to go through the Carter Dam during an aurora to power the elevator. The bad news is that it means the problem was probably not something simply wrong with my computer, but a glitch requiring a game client patch. Hope the fine folks at Hinterland Studio will fix this so future playthroughs of Wintermute will trigger the aurora effects at the correct plot points!
  2. While replaying Wintermute episodes 1 & 2, I've realized that the aurora effects are not appearing in the night sky during active aurora events. All other effects of the aurora are occurring as expected (electronic devices activated, glowing wolves, etc.). I first noticed the lack of aurora effects at the very beginning of Wintermute episode 1 after the plane crash, but wrote it off as an irregular glitch. However, now that I've hit the key moment in episode 2 were the auroras return and are a central part of the story, I really feel the absence of those beautiful aurora effects in the clear night sky. See the attached screenshot taken around Methuselah's campfire after the second bear encounter, showing the powered overhead lights in the background (toward bottom right) but no aurora in the sky. Any troubleshooting tips to fix this problem, or is this a known issue with an upcoming fix? Restarting my PC and verifying the game files in Steam did not resolve the problem.