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  1. Nobody else wants alcohol just to get drunk? use as a disinfectant? Hmm...
  2. I personally think this all comes down to a fundamental problem with the temperature system. Right now our character is treated based on an "average" body temp. Cold body parts bring the average down and warm parts bring it up, and then the average applies to the body as a whole. This is an issue because your hands could be freezing off while the rest of your body is warm and snug. You don't get a warmth bonus on your hands just because you're wearing a hat. I mean, technically you do, but it's very minor. Having the rest of your body warm does little to counteract the cold effects on a single body part. As such, re-working the feels like system to apply to individual body parts would make considerably more sense. This affects the consumption of warm food and beverages, by allowing it to warm your core and extend only a minor impact on extremities. Just my two cents.
  3. Maybe we just need those electrolyte flavored water packets and kool-aid so we can drink warm kool-aid. Ohhhh yeahh!
  4. This was my thought when I first noticed it when I came back to the game. First I was like, wtf shouldn't I be cooking food faster with a hotter fire? But then I thought about this. So I just assumed it was another one of those things we "pretend" happens. We put the food to cook in different spots and cook it in different ways than what we actually see, in order for it to cook properly... we're just skipping the details of it.
  5. Oh, like a cache to stash bear meat or something? Haha, I just quarter it and move it somewhere safe, and then harvest every piece and store all of the meat in the trunk of a car. It's outside, huge container, wildlife can't touch. I mean, if one is available. If not, then I stick it in a place that's odd that wildlife will avoid, such as a porch or something.
  6. I'd thought about honey too, as well as cereal as in game items, but I figured cereal would be more of an "extra" like an alternative to the crackers. lol Honey I like because you might be able to use it for some anti-bacterial applications as well.
  7. Better be taking a hacksaw up to TWM and looting some cargo then, because that's a lot of tomato soup you're gonna need.
  8. I'm just gonna leave these here... More information/discussion on the subject/idea of a ski resort type area. I'm willing to bet this is in the works. Fiddy cent, right here right now.
  9. I like the reclaimed wood from a blown out fire idea a lot. Not only do I think it's a good gameplay mechanic, but it just plain makes sense. If the devs didn't feel like making a new item, which I kind of hope they do as you said "charred cedar" etc. would be awesome, then they could just fill it with low fuel torches. Not an alternative I prefer, but it is one nevertheless, I'd rather see that than nothing at all like it currently is. Please go into some detail on this "bear cache" region.
  10. Indeed. Surprisingly popcorn is said to have a couple weeks of shelf life after being popped, but I know from experience it gets stale and chewy pretty quick, lol. Details.... lol We can pull water bottles and lantern oil containers out of thin air, so why not pot lids? hahaha
  11. So, just wondering, who caught the northern lights (aurora borealis) Monday night/Tuesday morning? It was visible in Canada, but also part of northern US. I unfortunately didn't know about it until the day after!!! Otherwise I would have been able to see it from where I live.
  12. I am aware that these have been suggested before, and the primary one I am putting forward is actually the popcorn, which I think has been mentioned like... once ever. This is my way of "upvoting" the demand for these particular items to be in game (without bumping long-forgotten threads). These are dry goods that, if I were personally making a prepper cache, would certainly be included in my stockpile. In particular, the rice and popcorn. I am not certain on this, but I think unpopped popcorn can essentially last... well... indefinitely? And it's more naturally immune to humidity/moisture. Rice is similar, pretty indefinite for regular white cooking rice, but it's a little more susceptible to humidity and moisture. Pasta probably has the lowest shelf life among them, but can still last a long time when kept dry and in good conditions. All of which should last well in a Canadian winter, as winter has a way of being pretty dry, and nothing in the game suggests slush or a moist environment. Being on an island might impact that in a way I am uncertain about, but nevertheless, these items should not only hold up well, but are kind of household staples that you'd *expect* to see in a kitchen and in a prepper cache. They would and should require the addition of water for cooking, making them not too overly convenient. Except for the popcorn, which may as well use "lantern oil" since we derive that from fish (or just nothing at all, and assume it's cooked properly).
  13. Pretty much laughed through the whole story once I read "walked into the fire."
  14. There really needs to be a laughing reaction, instead of just "like." I'd have used it on about 5 of your comments by now.
  15. Black bear and brown bear are the same thing. Black bears come in many colors besides black, cinnamon, brown, white, mixed, etc. Grizzly's are a different story entirely and usually considerably larger. This is why I thought it would be a cool monetized feature for them to add cosmetic microtransactions/dlc packs that don't add new to the game except for some graphics variations. Such as bears coming in multiple shades, from whites, to browns, mixed colors, and blacks. Same with wolves. There could also be item alternate arts, for like the flare, different color flare/light, different hatchet appearance, knife, hacksaw, hammer, etc. maybe an alternate rifle and bow art. etc. etc. etc. Nothing unique or new, just alternate arts for people who consider that worth the purchase. It's a win/win for players and the devs, imo.