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  1. SOLVED. Went to /home/$USER/.config/unity3d/Hinterland/The Long Dark/ Opened the prefs file in a text editor and changed this line: -1 to this 1
  2. I am running a dual monitor setup. My main monitor is bigger and has better image quality than my secondary monitor but when I launch The Long Dark (steam), it always starts on the second screen in fullscreen mode. I have to mess around to get it to the main screen (change to windowed mode, drag the window to screen 1, then place it back into fullscreen mode) but the next time I launch the game it starts on the second screen. Is there a way to make the game launch on my primary screen?
  3. I had a similar crash when entering a different log cabin (the lake one with the 2 burned out log cabins next to it) http://pastebin.com/ddmwqJ7E When I relaunched the game I was able to resume the game inside the cabin. Playing on an intel i7 920 / GTX 560 Ti (nvidia driver) / Debian x86_64
  4. Solved in my case. The crashes were actually caused by overheating exacerbated by failing graphics card fans. The problem became apparent when I started hard-locking when not even playing the game. Looking at the temp monitor showed that my GPU was hitting about 105c at which point the computer would hard-lock, when I checked fans prior to hard lock both of them were not spinning, or were only spinning sporadically. After I lubricated the fan the temps went back down to about 50c idle, and about 85c when playing TLD. No hard locks yet.
  5. Thanks for that. Here is the paste of the logfile: http://pastebin.com/gufU2rQS A quick skim of the log file doesn't seem to be very telling and severity leads me to believe that it probably crashes the video card itself. I wonder, if you experience the problem too, is there anything in common? (e.g. nvidia driver, KDE desktop environment, etc) Also, some video I recorded of the crash:
  6. Thank you Hinterland for following through on your promise to port The Long Dark to Linux. I actually bought the game a year ago thinking it was linux compatible already so I was pleasantly surprised to see it in my Steam library a few days ago. I've been experiencing some hard crashes while performing random actions (like lighting fires or entering new areas). Both of my monitors will go blank (no signal), and pressing ctrl+alt+f1 to jump to a TTY (so I can force-close the game) doesn't do anything. I have to hard-reboot my computer to be able to use it again. My system stats are: Processor: Intel i7 920 Linux: Debian, Kernel 3.16.0-4-amd64 RAM: 12GB RAM / 4.6GB Swap Videocard: GTX 560Ti, Nvidia Driver v. 352.30 Desktop Environment: KDE 4.14.2 Is there a logfile for the game I can post? Any useful linux logfiles you want me to post? (e.g. dmesg)