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  1. Limbs and sticks very quickly burn down in a fire. I don't even consider them for firewood. Earlier I could use a hatchet for deforestation, as a result I received fir-tree firewood and cedar firewood which burned ~ 1-2 hours. What sense from a hatchet if I can't cut a pine, a fir-tree?
  2. After pressing "Forage Wood" you get to the screen Forage, where you choose which tool you will use to create wood. If you are inside the home, you can collect Tinder and Reclaimer Wood. But if you are out of the house, you can collect Softwood and Hardwood. Only thing I ask - is to return quick access to functions Forage Wood, Harvest, Repair. Quick access from Survival Panel.
  3. Everything is very simple. For the present day the player sees "Start Fire" in Survival Panel. How you will treat if in the following bild the Start Fire button is removed from Survival Panel? Instead will offer you every time for fire go to in inventory to choose a match/lighter and to press "Action"? It will be convenient? Not... Similarly, FORAGE WOOD, HARVEST, REPAIR, etc. The player has to see the FULL list of possible actions which were listed in Survival Panel earlier.
  4. Hello. The last half a year I didn't watch game updatings. But having started game now I was very disappointed. 1. Survival Panel lost all functionality. Big request - return quick access to FORAGE WOOD, REPAIR, HARVEST from Survival Panel. The principle "all actions in one place" the very cosy. As of today - very inconvenient to carry out these actions. For example, FORAGE WOOD. It is necessary to come into inventory, choose instrument, and press "Action"... What for? These are excess actions. Earlier Survival Panel: Today Survival Panel: 2. In-game time... you removed it? For example: About 3 hours of daylight left? It not informatively! Traditional watch (hh:mm) have to be on a place! It is possible to make switching option through the menu. 3. Fonts... font size in 1280x1024 very small. As of today all font in game the very small - texts hardly readable. I ask you to return a normal font size such what it was in old bilds. p.s. In FullHD problems with a font size aren't present. Earlier normal fonts size: Today small fonts size: