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  1. It's on the roadmap, for a full season sandbox rotation @12+ months, and I believe that they plan to introduce spring/winter rotations earlier than that.
  2. I'm going really far out here; but how about lines for seasonal transitions, when it's implemented? Summer->Autumn - Ain't so warm anymore... - Winter isn't too far off - Best start preparing for winter Couple this with a transitional title which takes up much of the screen for maximum effect. Autumn->Winter - Ah, f*ck - Brrrr, I'd like to go back inside - F*ckin' freezing out here (assuming hinterland is coolio with swearing. I was never quite sure on this point, because most of the cursing in wolf fights is stuff like "Get away you mother-) Winter->Spring - Ahhhh - It really is pretty out here etc Thoughts anyone?
  3. I agree 100% with muscle and fat suggestions, but sanity is something that could get a little shifty, and even if it was implemented, it would need to be REALLY long-term (talking 100+ days). People tend to assume that; exposed to traumatic experiences and prolonged isolation, you'd start hallucinating or going insane. This doesn't really happen realistically. Your character would gain a different outlook on life, nature, the world in general, but they wouldn't just start seeing things because they stumbled across a few corpses. That sort of thing would make someone disgusted, or perhaps uneasy if in close proximity, so say you get a sleeping debuff if you attempt to sleep in proximity to a corpse, but hallucinations is just going a bit far. I agree that there needs to be more incentive for having good meals, and playing more actively, rather than just cabin fever but I don't think this is quite the right way to implement sanity. Just voicing my opinion on your piece, as it is an interesting topic, and one I would like to discuss further.
  4. Wow, I forgot I opened this topic. Lots of good ideas from lots of people. Like I said in my starter post, when I seem to suggest a fully-nature map on thse forums, people oftimes point me in the direction of timberwolf mountain, to which I reply; "Yes, but I want MORE!" At least a larger nature map. I've started playing in PV a lot more recently, because it's the largest area currently. It also feels more wild than TWM if I'm honest. Despite the farms and radio tower, there's something about the sprawling farmland that makes the whole place feel more... untamed. There's still far too many buildings for me though.
  5. Yes, it would require a lot of coding. Yes, it would get difficult, but I'll be damned if it wouldn't add a lot of new gameplay. Here's my pitch; With the new shelter building mechanic coming in the June update, I came across somewhat of a revelation; There are a LOT of buildings in TLD. So many, in fact, that with the exception of sometimes PV and TWM I don't really feel like I'm out in nature. Originally what I wanted was a new map with no buildings but, that would take up a lot of time and work, so why not just get rid of them as an option? Say, it's a mode or something. You spawn in a prepper cache, with a rifle, some food, all that basic stuff, and from that point on, you're living off the land 100%. The incentive to go traveling would be maybe to find rounds of ammunition or supplies scattered across the world in corpses or whatever. I just feel like; at the moment there are too many buildings for want or need of a shelter mechanic. I assume it is a temporary nook, usable for a night before you move on, but even with less than an hour of daylight left, buildings or other forms of shelter are so frequent that it would nullify a potentially great feature. I take back what I said earlier about how it would require less coding (Imagine removing the dam) but if it is done, it would be a lot more wild land to explore than just one map with no buildings. Timberwolf mountain has so many caves and stuff that you may as well say it's covered with buildings, just minus the loot. Thoughts anyone?
  6. All the benefits of a state capital, with all the benefits of a town in the middle of nowhere. I love it!
  7. A friend of mine who works in VMware (essentially the same as parallels) said that there was a way to plug in graphics card externally, or something like that. Despite taking ICT for four years through IGCSE and IB, I'm really garbage at this aren't I? I know, I do believe the strain is much greater than you'd think. Similarly, I've noticed the odd stutter mostly during snowfall, which is most likely because of the particles. My partner has an Xone and I'd get TLD on that; if IT WAS AVAILABLE IN AUSTRALIA *Wink wink nod nod nudge nudge devs*
  8. Kangas will wreck you up, if they want to, and if the effects of the event cause them to become mega-agressive like the wolves in TLD, they'll break your spine with one kick. Plus there's the snakes, creepy crawlies, and various other flora and fauna which'll just give you a crap time overall. That's not to say it wouldn't be fun! I could imagine stalker mode with hundreds of kangas jumping all over the place, in a murder-crazy marsupial fest XD Non-existent, I did a double-take the other day when I saw three cars at once on the main road! It's so tiny I don't even really need a car is the thing, which I'd say has saved me quite a bit of money!
  9. 5.56% From Aussie-land? I didn't know I was part of such an exclusive club! I'm down with the five other people that live in Tasmania, right at the bottom of Australia, where the state capital (Hobart) has one block of city, and everything else is suburb. It is the quietest, nicest little place I've ever lived, as as someone who dosen't interact well with other people, it's paradise. I can walk out of my house, take a right, go straight for about 20m, and be on the side of Mount Wellington, right in the heart of nature. I've climbed it once or twice (and even saw a kangaroo on the summit, the second time!) I'll have to dig out my photo collection from the great archives of my laptop in order to share a view from the summit. After 20 minutes of digging, I have my photographs; Here's a shot of Hobart from the top (all of that is suburb) Here's a picture of the summit. The Mountain gets far more foresty lower down, but I personally like the shrubbish nature of the summit. Both of these photos were taken in the summer, but in the winter it often snows over, and looks really nice. Could even make a pretty good map in TLD
  10. THIS. I think maps ruin the game a bit for me, as part of my survival experience comes from being lost, cold and alone. It's ruined a bit if your character magically knows where they need to go at all times. Unfortunately, I can't delete the memory of where things are from my head, but if I could, I would, if only to add much replayability. Personally, I always play on voyageur, as I would like a challenge, but I don't like the wolf spam in stalker, because that just annihilates immersion, and makes the game feel more like there's an entire species hell-bent on murdering you and they're all rushing you at once. My first stalker game, I probably killed half the population of wolves. in the country, and more kept coming. My ideal mode would be Stalker with a mix between voyageur and pilgrim for animal behavior and number. In terms of maps, I always take random. Unless I have very specific objectives defined for the particular game, because random fits more with the "lost, cold, and alone" theme.
  11. I never have anything open when running games, or any application for that matter, I make a point of only ever having one app running at a time unless it is necessary not to do so, in order to squeeze as much performance as possible out of the machine. Someone told me once that partitioning my hard disk and installing windows on one partition would split the processor and reduce performance on both partitions, I don't know if that's pseudo-computer science or not, but it had me worried for a while. Do you know anything about that? The graphics card is a Intel HD 5000 1024MB, I'm not sure why I didn't include that in my first post, sorry. Activity monitor (You can check processes being run on this) also isn't recording any "hidden" processes being run, so I don't think it's a matter of other apps chewing up RAM.
  12. I run it in OSX as it is the native system, and generally seems to perform better for games that support it. I basically use Windows for smaller games like TIBT6 or Starwars Battlefront (The good one XD), and it actually runs Payday 2 alright as well, but like I said, generally better on mac. Age is Early-2014 The other thing with Unity 6 is that it may not actually support performance increases, over graphical enhancements, but one can hope. Nice to see you too! System specs below: Processor: 1.7 GHz Intel Core i7 Memory: 8GB 1600 MHz DDR3 I've also got a imac made of wood back at my Grandma's place (she lives a few blocks down, perks of being in Hobart) which runs it worse anyway, but might be cheaper to upgrade than buying a whole new computer. Even so, I don't know if I have the money. It's always fun to hear people complain about ONLY being able to get 60 fps on MAX graphics, in some games. Oh no, how unfortunate you must be for you computer to be so garbage XD.
  13. Actually, my game crashes when I enable the overlay, so it's always disabled. Thanks for the suggestion though!
  14. Don't get me wrong, I love the roadmap, and everything that will come with it, but just one thing was niggling at me when I read it. You see, as a filthy casual gamer (yes, lop my head off, members of the PC master race) I own simply a bootcamped MacBook air, which can run games on mid-to-low graphics depending on which game it is, of course. The Long Dark, before tireless menace, my machine got me about 30fps on low graphics, which I consider "good." After tireless menace, the framerate dropped, leaving me with about 25-20 fps, depending on location on activity, which I consider "playable." To rectify this I had to reduce my fov to the minimum and reduce resolution as well to get me back up to ~30. My game already looks garbage, meaning those beautiful settings and sunrises that all you expensive PC people get are unavailable to me. Where you see beautiful, atmospheric sunset, I see some red bricks falling into a black brick. This is what is worrying me. With all the new graphical improvements, the idea to make a seamless world, and the fact that the map is only getting larger, I'm becoming a little worried. If the fps drops much more I doubt the game will be playable which is very sad for me, because I love this game. Before you tell me to get stuffed and go buy a better computer and stop whining, with your fancy PCs looming over me (I've experienced this countless times before on the internet) please understand that as a university student with little to no income, a macbook air is about the best I can do. I have barley enough money to keep food on the table, let alone buy a monster PC so that I can play games which look nicer. If it's possible hinterland, it would be grand if you could consider optimizing the game for lower end systems. I wouldn't mind if the seams on areas were kept in, because honestly I kinda like them. I figure it's probably a lot to ask of you at this stage, but it's just a suggestion. Thank you for taking the time to read
  15. I didn't even know dysentrey and sepsis were afflictions in the game XD! As a general rule I never touch dirty water ingame, and due to the suspicious abundance of first-aid materials, I've never lacked the Hydrogen Peroxide to treat an infection. 100+ hours of gameplay, and many more of trawling through forums, and here I find something I haven't seen. It's disappointing that there can't be Bison for me, that would be the entire purpose of a tundra or wide-expanse map (think a larger pleasant valley without trees or farms), to see herds of large things thunder across them. I doubt three axes would make it into the game, considering that hinterland have probably started work on that transition zone already, but it would be really cool if it did. When watching the update video I could jump up and shout "THAT WAS ME!" to my friends XD Generally here I meant more fevers and viruses, because (to my knowledge) they don't appear to be ingame. I can't mod to save my life, and my coding ability extends to HTML and CSS, and even then it's pretty dodgy. Yay! Variety is something I think this game needs more of at the moment. It feels a little lifeless when the dominant species is wolves, with some deers, rabbits, and rare bears. I meant that different animals could appear in different seasons, for example voles and mice (trappable with snares) appear in warm months, but burrow underground and are uncatchable through the winter months.