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  1. Hi Karl, as promised my thoughts a little bit later... First of all: I also want to give a "Thank you" to the developers and the hole Hinterland Team. You created a great Game which grabs my attention since release and i am not loosing it although i played it now for over 650 hours, make over 700 Let's Play Videos and countless hours of Streaming. Never had such a fascinating game! Keep up your work! Now back to topic: The new Map, i just took a short look, was neither necessary at this time nor it was announced or promised for the Sandbox. But in my memories the most of the (german) community has requested a new map since Timberwolf Mountain. So i don't know if this was a reaction for the "Long Time Players" to have something new to discover in a more difficult and new map. I don't think the new map has any influence on the roadmap an the release of the story mode witch wasn't terminated to spring 2017 as i mentioned, look at Raphael's Steam Post: Story Mode Progress Now let's check your Points: Great Idea i think, but i am not always a friend of automatism and queueing. In this case i would agree I don't mind... for me it feels good as it is. This would open some opportunities. Maybe we need duct tape to combine this effective Essential! Nothing to add! Vote for this! Would be great, but for me it is not that urgent. Same as point 6. As a vegetarian i indeed wish to eat more healthy in The Long Dark, even on Interloper... Only as an alternate tinder material as mentioned above. The sap/glue thing again opens some opportunities. For me not essential, but i prefer more craftable items, so.... YES! More variety! Same as 10. Same as 9. Oh dear, my sore spot... I think the clothing system is great at the bottom line a little logical error is for example the weight of the raw materials compared to the final product (see bearskin coat) at least the crafted items need a little more temperature bonus for it's costs (time, cabin fever, wear) BUT: We all have to accept the different usage of the different clothing types (hunting, discovering, farming...) because it is a great an realistic opportunity (In my case, i don't wear tons of clothes when i go outside for a marathon ) A sleigh would be awesome! In my last Stalker Adventure i had to move over 250kg from one map to another. That's indeed boring! Same as 10 :-) same as 9. That's a bit to much realism for me without a sleigh... Oh yes, please! That would also be awesome! =) Same as 10. Another idea which was mentioned by one of my viewer: We need Candles! I can't believe no one in the outback of Canada has some candles at home! low light but enough to craft maybe craftable from resin and some branch I really hope to see some of this Ideas in future! Have a nice day folks! Clows
  2. Hi folks, in my last session i shot a bear while sitting in an ice fishing hut on coastal highway. The bear just laughed at me and was straight entering the hut. After attacking me he seemed to stuck in the door because of his hips. He was so angry about this, so he attacked me a second time and i died after 256 beatiful stalker days in The Long Dark. Two issues i think: 1. The bear was not able to got out that hut. Seemed like he didn't find the right path. So no chance to survive this situation. 2. During the attack animation my character just "slipped" under the hut. Not sure if i had the chance to move on after the first attack, because of issue no. 1. During my standing up animation it looks like everything is alright and i'm standing in the hut again. If you need to have a look at the situation just watch the Youtube Video i made. (the situation begins at minute 17:00 ~) Keep up the incredible work you do every day! greetings Pausenclows
  3. Hi there! Nice Challenge! I tried it on 1st of January on Twitch and finally did it in 3 days 7 hours and 36 minutes. It was a lot of fun to do this and to share it with my audience, and finally with you. :-) Here we go with the screenshots (It's all in german!): 1st Station: 2nd Station: 3rd Station: The Journal: Day 1: Day 2: Day 3: Day: 4 Survival Time: (Sry can't link it with 'img' tag :-/ ) For those who want to see how i made it i have created some Videos on my Youtube Channel. :-) Playlist on Youtube: It was a very nice challenge! =) greets Pausenclows
  4. Hi survivors! My Name is Pausenclows and i'm playing The Long Dark since the beginning. I'm 37 years old and live in germany. The Long Dark guided me to the idea in early spring 2015 to open a Youtube Channel and do some let's plays. After round about 300 The Long Dark videos and a few live streams i've created, the game is still awesome and there's no end in sight. =) I'm looking forward for the story mode and be hopefull that it will be very great! You do i nice job @Hinterland. Keep working on it! Greetings Pausenclows
  5. Hi there survivors! I'm starting my first 12h The Long Dark Live-Stream on Twitch this Saturday in german! Everyone is welcome. It starts at 12 am (GMT+01:00) and ends at 12 pm (GMT+01:00). Just switch to: It would be great to see some new survivors! Greetings Pausenclows