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  1. Good thread. I haven't felt the desire to play TLD for quite some time. I've hoped to have that desire, but it's not there. What I've been thinking about as a solution to this problem of mine was a difficulty between Stalker and Interloper. But, as I read this thread, it seemed to become more precise matter.. That what I would like to have is a harsh climate _without_ wolves. Bears, yup they're fine, but just no wolves. My most memorable moments from TLD are related to just barely, stick by stick, surviving a blizzard at night when I'm totally lost. The feel of desperation, sadness, pre-depression of losing my longest game, and then, by goddamn miracle, just making it through. So, options: more difficulty settings (probably not coming), adjustable sliders (probably not coming?), disable wolves button (really not coming?) Damn.
  2. +1 for more variation on corpses. When everything else is done before/after the launch.
  3. Binoculars are at the moment the only thing I'm curious about if it would be a good addon to the game. The ability to move carcasses would take out (quite) some of the difficulty, since it would reduce the chances to get surprised by blizzard. Picking up rabbit corpses would make them too easy source of food. At the moment one can just place his/her traps in a circle and harvest them all by one campfire, so the only risk is that blizzard coming by. I think it should not be removed. The salt idea is tough one, and only the devs could say have they thought about already and made their decision or not. Wolves are now, I think, at their optimal: they pose a threat in early game, but after gearin up some clothes and a knife, they ain't that bad - they give you the hit and sometimes bleeding, but nothing major problem. If they could be staved off by yet another method (including bow and rifle), I think it would give too much advantage for the player. Compass.. Never! (also, for new players, I strongly suggest that you don't use maps from google, if you wish to get the full experience of this game. Once you go for the maps (other than quick-spotting a way to another region, perhaps) the game will lose significant part of it's lure. Getting lost and fighting the cold, wind and starvation is the essence of this game.
  4. I'm playing with GTX 760 aswell and had to drop down the graphic settings to medium to get it run at 50fps. Though I'm using Mediator which is supposed to fine-tune graphics but I don't think it takes too much of a toll. 20-30 fps sounds quite low to me, perhaps you have something else as an issue? For example, is it set at Nvidia Control Panel that each game is run by game settings instead of pre-set custom settings?
  5. Oh yes, apparently it was my mistake.
  6. When you load your rifle first time there's this animation where there's something like five bullets being loaded. But when you shoot the rifle first time (at bear, ofc) you won't be able to press just R(eload) and shoot again. Noup. There actually ain't that many bullets in the gun, you have to actually reload it again before another shot. By the time you are ready to take it, you're down to 10% health and soon dead. Just because you believed that animation. So, I'd say the rifle should be loaded as many bullets as the animation show, to prevent new (and older) players from getting killed for such a error of "oh, now I see, it didn't actually load the gun". Kinda mood-killer.
  7. Can't really find anything in darker houses without light - and the ability to make that is the only thing I'm looking for.
  8. For three days I've been re-checking forum and reddit if the patch would be out, since I really wanted to test the new diffuculty, but didn't like idea of going for the beta-build (to get stuck 'cos of a bug or something as frightening). And now, since I had finally given up on the hope it will come this week and only thing I can do is to go for the beta, the steam holds on saying it requires an update. Holy ****. Oh you so made me my weekend.
  9. Heya Since the launch of new GPU's and upcoming high-end cards from AMD - which, atleast for me, mean that it's time to start to save up some euro's for a new card and then go VR - I was wondering will the Long Dark come to support either one of those features that will allow VR glasses to take advantage of two GPU's, as to use one GPU per eye? And, if not, can you give any speculations of whatkind of GPU would be required to play in VR with good enough fps? (ie. pleasantly) Would it be RX480, GTX 1070, or up? (any idea will the AMD's next GPU's new memory-thing (hbm2 or something) affect superbly much in this VR-aspect?)
  10. I don't like the bear! You know how in movies girls raise their fists in front of them when they are scared of something? Like against their chest, right below their jaw? "Iiik" That goddamn bear made me do it. I hate myself. (but love the updates, anyhow! Thanks for wolf AI fix, let's see if they still get hypnotized by a campfire fast-lit with fuel, allowing safe exit...)
  11. Now the idea of a "It would be cool to find a loose floorboard where some bootlegger stashed a few mason jars or a prepper hid a small cache of provisions. The devs just need to add an audible "creak" or "groan" of a floorboard. The player then looks around for the loose nail and prys open the cache." is nice, but this would lead to that once you have found one of these, you'd (or atleast I would) obsessionally stomp every freaking floor board of every house in the game. And it would not be a fun thing, but something that you just couldn't stop because of "what if". Perhaps a random house could have that hidden trap door under a carpet, with some minor amount of food in it... And you could spot this by the same sound mechanism.
  12. How about if wolves could take a note that their kin was killed in a certain area and they'd avoid that area (zone sizeable enough to force the player to make a bit of a walk in order to hunt his next prey, and as such making him vulnerable for some sudden blizzard - always an interesting turn of events out there in the wild) for example three days?
  13. Oooh okay.. Didn't know that. The quickie-form was just one that came first to my mind. I'm not a fan of them either, but the point of it was to emphasize how it should be a really 'wow'-event when you succesfully parry a wolf charge. Something that wouldn't tip off the current balance.
  14. The fire wasn't on at night. Alright so if the tracks aren't 100% sure marker and there hasn't been indication of other cases then let's call it solved.
  15. I think I've seen that kind of behaviour once. Normally they just come to show their fluffy head next to me (torch, ofc) and wait till I shoot them.