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  1. Guys... the gun is not the only thing that isn't realistic about the game. When you start applying 'realism' to just certain components to the game, the magic tends to start falling apart. I don't think we need to apply ballistic trajectory sciences to this. If you've played a lot of First Person Shooter games (None of which have guns which behave 'precisely' like their real life counterparts. Not even the COD's or Battlefields.) then the Hunting Rifle in TLD is ballpark with the FPS genre. Some people in this thread want the guns to behave *exactly* like the real ones do. I doubt that the target market for TLD is going to consist mostly of gun owners, or even people that have fired a gun. I've played many an FPS title in my life, but I am yet to fire anything higher than a BB in reality. I don't have issues aiming with the Hunting Rifle in TLD.
  2. ... that's not a sight picture, that is a profile signature... the line is deliberately lower otherwise you cannot really make out that it is a wolf - thus, the picture would be useless for the purposes it was intended for. What you see in my signature image is not the sort of shot I take.
  3. I don't mean to be "that guy", but I rarely miss with the rifle... Do you let your targets come to you? Lead them into the shot - it helps if you're crouched too. I one shot Wolves and Deer 99% of the time. Bears are a different story, but usually my shots hit them...
  4. Well, my 40 day run was ended today when I was evading a bear indoors. It was easily a good 5 metres away from me when I clicked on the door. When I went 'inside' the first thing that greeted me was the game over message advising me that I had "died of blood loss from a wolf attack." Needless to say I was a bit irritated at this rather cheap death. #1. It was a bear, not a wolf. #2. There was no 'attack' happening - I was evading it. #3. The bear was a safe enough distance away that I should have been able to get inside that cabin. (Clearly not.) I've noticed that wildlife can still have at you when you're waiting for the fade animations to complete from opening doors - is this deliberate? If so, what is the reasoning? Your character is in a few (critical) moments of a suspended state where you cannot act in any way or form - why can wildlife still attack you? I've had wolves tear at my clothing and still apply blood loss / infection conditions and lose HP whilst the "attack" sequence doesn't even happen. My guess is that this is deliberate to make it 'realistic' in that you cannot open a door immediately; but I'm keen on what the community think of this. If you haven't tried it - give it a go. Grab the attention of a wolf or bear when you're near a door and try and go inside when it's about 5 or so metres away. You will be in a state of 'load limbo' but you will still take hits.
  5. Agreed - they should take longer to respawn. My Fir Firewood stockpile is so high, I don't think any of my tools or guns are ever going to dip under 90% durability. I also harvest so much Cedar Firewood that I can afford to make 20+ litres of stockpiled water 'just because'.
  6. I have yielded up to 10 kilos of meat on a Deer. It depends on how quickly you get to them. Hunt them yourself and harvest immediately for maximum meat. I agree with this. It shouldn't impact that much. Geomagnetic event. Bad for electronics. This is a great point but I don't see how this can be worked around without breaking the current core mechanics of the game... YES! A thousand times yes! Just one look at Camp Office at Mystery Lake - it's like a TARDIS!
  7. So I decided to try and repair and stock up on spare clothes in case I may need them later. I noticed that they degrade in durability despite not being used... I keep them on a table or in wardrobes. Is this geomagnetic disaster of the damp kind that it hits idle clothing like that? I can't help but question this. If we simply must have it due to a core game mechanic, can it be at a slower rate? Maybe have an auto decay cap of about 50% or something? I do not know of many items of clothing that go 'bad' after a couple of weeks of sitting neatly folded somewhere. It's a bit demoralising to spend all that time , energy and materials on repairing the clothing to 100% durability, only to see it dip every day despite not being used. There are also some items that do not degrade at all when idle, which I find flabbergasting... Storm Lanterns, Reishi Mushrooms, Cat Tail Stalks, Lichen etc...
  8. ... there should be an abundance of Hammers at Desolation Point - I see you mentioned you started there. Very odd...
  9. Are you certain there was no wind where you were sitting? Winds still hit barns - they're exposed... I'm going to test this now and post my findings in the meantime. EDIT: I tried to replicate this in an outdoor fire and I cooked the same item with a 1 hour campfire - it cooked normally, did not disappear and it only subtracted 10 minutes of life from the fire... I think wind was hitting your fire, dude - though I cannot explain why you lost the tin of beans...
  10. Yeah, ease up there. It's an Alpha - so stop commenting like it is a full release.
  11. Just for the record, I do not mind if the game is still unplayable - just getting an update every now and again is a nice gesture, that's all. Not asking for one every 5 minutes, but something reasonable? I've worked in Information Technology for over fifteen years - I know the drill.
  12. Any updates on this? I haven't caught sight of a hotfix coming in through Steam yet.
  13. Affected both my save files and all new games... pretty critical bug. It's stopping us from testing the game.
  14. Wintermute, this thread is in relation to Stalker mode - a mode that really isn't catered for the average player. If everyone could play the hard mode, it would no longer be the hard mode. What I am trying to get across is that the current hard mode is inverse in that there is too much food and material to harvest from the things that are meant to be hunting you down. I will echo ridankrad's question and ask which difficulty mode you play, in relation to your experiences that you have described. Personally, I feel that the default Voyageur difficulty is the most 'balanced' of the three modes. Pilgrim = A bit too easy. Even for an easy mode. Voyageur = Balanced, but still needs some work. Stalker = Inversed. If you're armed, you end up with more food and materials than you can keep up with.
  15. I can count three off the top of my head across all the maps. Hydro Dam, Shipping Yard and Coastal Highway Farm... are there more? (Pardon the loose names I have used to describe the locations.) Is it possible to give these Safes a seperate (rare quality) loot table and RNG system? I've opened a few and all that popped out were Flares and a Sewing Kit. Hardly the type of thing to put in a Safe. The best (and appropriate) things I have uncovered from Safes are Rifle Rounds and high quality clothing. (Appropriate because the high grade boots were from the Safe at the Shipping Yard.) Maybe place some hidden inside walls, behind wood-harvestable portraits?
  16. I get that calorie / thirst burn in extreme conditions is much higher than usual, but if you're already fully slaked and warm / cozy indoors before going to sleep for 12 hours, I do not think you would be parched when you wake. I'm a lazy head in real life; I can snooze for a good half day and not feel the need to drink a river when I wake up. The thirst decay is way too extreme when sleeping. Also - if I ate four kilos of meat per day, you would need to classify me as a T-Rex. This needs some hefty adjustments too, I feel.
  17. I am currently on day 160+ on my Voyager difficulty, so I thought I would try my luck in Stalker mode, now that I feel comfortable with my survival knowledge. Stalker mode first started out fantastic - I was tested a few times, caught hypothermia thrice and really had to scavenge and think twice about where I was going and what I was doing. Then after about 5 days of prepping... ... enter the rifle and then the wolves. There are wolves everywhere. And I mean everywhere. Not just one, some are in packs of three. The thing is... they aren't actually causing a challenge anymore that I have managed to find three rifles and a very comfortable amount of ammo... and I rarely ever shoot with the thing. The only time that rifle goes off is if I am STARVING (Hasn't happened yet in Stalker - I'm actually stockpiling cans and dried foods comfortably) or if my evasion attempts are in vain and the Wolf is mere inches away from me. My Hunting Bow is ready to go as well - just need a handful of arrows and I won't have any difficulty killing even more wolves. :? It got to the point where I didn't even want to harvest the carcasses because I have such an excess amount of meat, pelt and guts that I do not know what to do with them. Honestly, I killed a wolf and I wanted nothing to do with it. In Voyager I wouldn't waste a scrap! It appears that by multiplying the Wolf count numbers and also increasing the respawn rate - the game has become inversely *easier* than in Voyager mode... and also, a bit irritating as well. I am now dodging wolves not because they pose a threat, but because I have more components than I know what to do with... I had much more fun in Voyager because there were less items to make do. (In terms of meats, pelts and guts.) What I think *may* work better for Stalker mode is the following; * Keep wolf counts and respawn rates the same as Voyager. I don't think we need more wolves - they just need to do what they do 'better'. * Increase line of sight radius for wolves. * Increase damage that the wolves do. (By a lot!) * Increase rates of infection and bleeding. (By a lot!) * Clothing tears everytime you fight an animal in melee. Amount that gets torn should be increased. * Only a perfect bullseye to the head should score an instant kill with the rifle. Average bullet spend should be 2 per wolf. * Decrease amount of harvestable meat and make what is available at a lower degradation percentage. * Increase time needed to cure items. Double it. Triple it even. * Increase decay rate on rifles. Lower percentage rifles should run the risk of jamming with firing and reloading. * Less bullets available. I'm at Mystery Lake, only 10 days in and have THREE high condition rifles and 25+ rounds already. ... maybe throw in a couple more Bears instead for Stalker? They're bloody terrifying.
  18. Is this from a relatively fresh run, or using a game save from a much older version? Fresh run. Happens in any run under the current build. Is it happening in one location/map, or in all areas? All areas. It's a UI thing. Are any other actions/activities showing the same lack of clicking response? No. Are you on a laptop, or desktop system? Desktop. Is it happening each time, to just on random occasions? It was appearing as if it were a random occurence, but I think I worked it out. Explanation below. * I think the problem stems from the "placing" of the text within the icon space. It appears you have to click directly on the text itself for it to work; clicking on the icon spacing is when it does not register. I have since adjusted to click on the icon text and it works everytime now. IE: There is a 'lot' of highlighted space where you hover your mouse to select the harvesting, but there is a minimal landing spot of your clicks registering the click command. You have to aim directly at the text but the icon spacing is much larger. It gives the player the impression that the icon spacing is clickable, but it is the text that needs direct clicking. I've taken a FRAPS video for your perousal. Where you see the mouse cursor jumping to the centre; that is when the when the clicks are not registering. I also wiggle the mouse left and right a bit when it does not register, but also does not make the cursor jump to the middle. The big cursor jumps are basically not my inputs. https://youtu.be/N0qAba-N0CM I am using a fully functional Logitech G300 corded mouse - I really don't believe that is the issue as I can use it seamlessly with every other game I have, and it operates sensationally in Windows 7.
  19. I have been a user of Steam for nearly five years, and it was The Long Dark which finally coaxed me into posting my first review. You deserve every bit of this, guys! Keep it up! What to say about The Long Dark that does it justice? Unlike most other 'survival' games out there in the market, do not be expecting to swing axes at Zombies and other supernatural beings. Your enemy in this game is the weather, wildlife (Wolves / Bears) , fatigue, thirst and hunger. Simply walking around with no enemy in sight can cause your health to start deteriorating if you are being careless about how cold the weather is. When you are starving, the sight of even a small handful of herbs or a degraded packet of candy will get you excited. Expect to build fires, evade wildlife, monitor the weather like a hawk, inspect every nook and cranny for food / water / medicine - expect to hurl yourself into a cabin with a wolf or bear on your tail like your life depended on it. (Which it does!) Expect to traverse up large mountains in the hope that there may be a shelter somewhere. Enjoy the beautiful sunlit and moonlit views of the Canadian forests whilst reminding yourself that you need to keep moving. Expect to flounder in the darkness and traverse through mines with the kerosene in your lamp trickling away. If you can plan ahead, if you can adapt to harsh situations and if you can handle doing as much as possible with as little as possible in your possession - you will relish this title. This is an intelligent game designed for intelligent gamers. It is a true masterpiece and example of not only what a survival game should truly be about, but also how an Early Access title should be developed. Hinterland Studios actively and consistently interact with their members on the forum and listen to inputs about any bugs and feedback about the game. And all along, they still remain true to their core vision of the game. I cannot recommend this game enough. There is plenty of content in the game and it barely feels like an Alpha release. ------------------ Some key notes about the title; * One life. When your game is over, it is over. * Ammo is scarce. * The weather WILL dictate how much you can explore at any given time. * You can craft gear, which includes warmer clothing, weapons and food harvesting. * There is item degradation. All repairable... if you have the materials. * There is no "map". You learn by exploring and memorising. * What you can carry is limited. Whilst you can go over your 'maximum' weight, be prepared for the fatigue, thirst, hunger and movement penalties. * The game has a learning curve which would be considered steeper than most other titles - there is a bit to take in, there is no game manual - and it can be unforgiving. This is a game that intuitively makes you discover by yourself. * You will be monitoring your four stat bars and your health bar a lot in this game if you want to succeed. * There will be a lot of exploring where you do not get attacked for long periods. This is normal. (And to be honest, a welcome thing!) ------------------ The only things I would consider as "CONS" for this title is that it's in Alpha - so you naturally want more content and there are pockets of bugs you can discover. (I don't come across very many though...) Also, once you get proficient at surviving (takes a while to get there) it can be a bit lonely and repetitive if you aren't exploring around the maps. Other than that - fantastic title. Do get it! If you're a patient, planning player - then this acquired taste is more than for you. A hidden gem of a title that already has amassed a cult following. http://www.hinterlandforums.com/ http://i58.tinypic.com/219rhwi.jpg
  20. I don't understand the logic behind people being okay with icons being all over the place on similar items. It is not a case of "realism" - that argument does not stand - we're talking about an inventory screen - not the backpack itself. Stacking icons all over the place on similarly degraded items is a visual encumbrance, nothing more. If people want to see similar stuff everywhere, I lament to use another games inventory system, but refer below for what I think *could* work... http://i.imgur.com/vRyMoqF.jpg
  21. Thanks for the welcome, Bethany. I should clarify - I *want* to do a Stalker mode, but my current playthrough is Voyager. I'm getting the hang of the survival mechanics, and whilst it has been challenging for the most part at first - I really want to put myself through stress tests. Already I am thinking about rifle round preservation, more fishing, using the bow, utilising snares, playing 'slower' etc. I'm loving the minimalist approach the game has - and also the fact you can barely carry much when you move zones - forcing you to make multiple bases and remember in accordance - I have a plethora of materials at Mystery Lake I haven't seen for ages now... trying to make my way back there. I envy your team having such a fantastic job - it's clear as day that the team are passionate about their job and the game you're developing because the title is oozing with quality, professionalism and most importantly - *love*. Keep up the fantastic work! I for one will happily purchase more content for this game!
  22. Hi guys and gals of Hinterland Forums! I am a 34 Male hailing from Sydney, Australia. I have been playing games since I was about 13 years of age and whilst I no longer consider myself "hardcore", I still take the hobby/craft seriously. According to Steam, I have chalked up 66 hours on the Long Dark and am enjoying the experience very much. It barely feels like an Alpha title at all. The game grabbed me from the very start and I sometimes find myself playing for hours on end, marathon style. I've unlocked all the zones and am already keen on playing a Stalker playthrough. But not until I have played out my current character, of course. I've really enjoyed being thrown into difficult situations and my character has come close to death more times than I care to admit - but in those last gasping moments before making it indoors from a snowstorm, or evading wildlife or even battling sickness - is when the game *truly* shines! Thanks very much to the hard working folk at Hinterland Game Studios for making such a polished GEM of a title. I am looking forward to the new zones, story mode - and even the sequel. I hope my humble inputs here and there will contribute well to your project and bring you success. 136 days and counting! Cheers, http://s24.postimg.org/meo3c7wmt/Image1.jpg http://i59.tinypic.com/2zxruz6.jpg http://i59.tinypic.com/10iickj.jpg