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  1. You missed the point. It isn't so much about what penalties the game mechanics will apply. Try running barefoot in the snow and then try it with boots. Which one is faster? Which one has longevity? (Again, I am not referring about doing this in the game.)
  2. See, this is what I was led to believe all along...
  3. I thought I did keep my comment tasteful? I like to think this is a general statement to the thread responses.
  4. I dunno - I just can't see it... does this look like a female character to anyone?
  5. So I noticed an 11% reduction in sprinting when you equip boots. This may be true in relation to say, sneakers in a normal climate area - but to say you run faster and longer barefoot? In the snow? (Or anywhere for that matter?) Really? I was at the Alps a couple years ago during Winter and was given a special pair of studded boots to trudge along the snow. There was simply no way I would have navigated that sort of terrain faster or longer with bare feet, or even sneakers for that matter. These things are heavy duty waterproof for starters. If anything, running barefoot should give the slowest stat, then as you equip shoe types the stat should go closer to 100%. Personally, I think heavy hiking boots are exactly what you need for longevity. Effecitively you're encouraging to run barefoot. Impractial, don't you think?
  6. I'm on PC myself, so I hope this is still relevant to you. Go into the clothing menu and then select the gear you want to equip or remove. There will be an action icon there named "Take Off" or "Wear". (The icon name changes.) At the top right of these icons is the picture of the gear - there will be an arrow to select which piece of gear you can equip. Screen 1 : Before Equipping Screen 2: After Equipping
  7. Seconded. I was going to post a thread on this also - glad to see it isn't just me. The icons go missing for a few seconds after the activity is completed. Slightly cumbersome at first but then progresses into an annoyance as you play further.
  8. Well I'll be - it is the female one after all. That's embarrassing. The default appearance didn't strike me as female whatsoever when I first saw it. Could be all the thick clothing. I had to remove layers of clothing to actually see a female body shape to check after you replied, Patrick. On the fence about this one now.
  9. I'm male myself but I'm a big fan of Jennifer Hale which is why I pick a female survivor. I'm a bit surprised this was overlooked. The same paperdoll appears no matter which gender your survivor is. I assume this is on the "to do" list - it's fairly immersion breaking?
  10. Yup - I'm good for a hub where there is a Rainwater Tank - that's a good idea! Though it should have a chance to poison if you drink from it, the longer the water remains inside it.
  11. Where exactly does our survivor get all those bottles from? I think a key part of what makes the game too easy is that you can stockpile too much water. Today I had so much reclaimed wood I decided to start a 12 hour session of fire and made a 20 litre cache of potable water, and out of nowhere came twenty 1 litre bottles to store them. I don't have to worry about water for a whole 10 days at least. Too easy, too accessible. I suggest what the game should have are water sacks, like what I have attached. They can be found in the maps as a rare spawn and/or crafted with leathers. Maybe throw in some slow durability decay? Give them a capacity of about 3 litres or so - no need to change the weights. And there will then be a hard limit on how much stockpiling of water you can do. It also won't break immersion with the bottle generation.
  12. Hi team, I wish my screenshots were working at the time, but I just couldn't get Steam to play ball, so I will try and be as descriptive as possible. At Unnamed Pond in Mystery Lake, I came across a ravaged deer carcass. As I walked closer I literally found 141 Crow Feathers surrounding the thing. (I picked them all up and looked at the inventory to make sure the count was correct.) The place was sprawled with feathers and they circled the deer carcass in an almost perfect circle. Whilst I was gathering them, I looked up and counted maybe 30 Crows squawking and circling away - all flapping about randomly. The flight of the Crows looked quite normal but I have never seen so many bunched up in such close proximity before. Has anyone else come across this? Well, at least I know I will always have more feathers than I need to make those arrows. Cheers,
  13. You know, the current content of your $20 game eclipses everything in it's price range and even challenges some completed "AAA" titles that command a much higher price tag. It doesn't need proving that your team know what they're doing. The quality even in it's Alpha state proves that. The delay doesn't bother me an iota - I've pumped 115+ hours into the title so far, loved every moment and I am yet to step foot into Timberwolf Mountain. Take your time, Hinterland. It will be ready when it is ready. Until then, I'll be sure to pump in another 115 hours into it.
  14. Welcome. All this stuff already exists in the game. You just need to memorise the four icons, which appear in the bottom left when certain conditions are triggered. (Red means 'address it now'.) Each icon addresses either condition, cold, thirst or hunger. The character also mutters ; "I am hungry." "I am thirsty." "I am tired." "I am damned freezing!" etc with various phrases indicating as such.
  15. Welcome - glad to see that you are enjoying TLD as much as we are! Currently there are some pretty fierce opinions about how Stalker mode works with the abundance of Wolves. If you're armed and are a decent shot - too many Wolves inverse the difficulty of the mode. What do I mean by this? You survive off the carcass of the thing that tries to kill you. The more Wolves that attack, the more food you get when you kill them. I actually ran out of storage space at Lone Lake Cabin for Wolf Meat on a Stalker run... There are also some valid points you've made about calorie burn. We can only wait till the full release to see what the Devs intend to do with it. Again, welcome!
  16. Seconded. I noticed it when I started a new Sandbox - you can move items to and from to get around it, but it seems the initial transfer sometimes fails to properly stack similar grade items. (Cloth, Scrap Metal, Leather etc.)
  17. Bethany, thank you, as always - myself and many of the other TLD Fans appreciate the hard work that Hinterland have put in, and still *are* putting into this masterpiece. Personally, I disagree with some of the comments here that you do not communicate with the fanbase. Every thread I've put down asking a query has been answered directly, beyond my satisfaction. I also see it regularly in other peoples threads. I look forward to the next build - and Merry Christmas.
  18. Hey Hinterland - any news or updates on more content perchance? Haven't heard much for a while now...
  19. 40 days in Mystery Lake is commendable. You sound about ready to hit another area - go for it!
  20. There is an adjustment in Options called FOV (Field of View) that addresses your question.
  21. Did we need another thread on this same topic? From the same member, no doubt? This is a ***game***. What is this morbid fascination people have with guns? I've been playing Shooters since the Doom 2 days. Every 'shooter' ***game*** has its nuances with gun aiming. Doom had a different aim style, Unreal Tournament had it, Quake had it, Battlefield 2 had it, Wolfenstein had it. (And as much I hate the franchise, Call of Duty has it, I hear...) As much as this ***game*** is under a unique genre that TLD falls under, I don't think Hinterland were going for a "gun simulator" in the literal sense with this title. I had to highlight the word ***game*** a lot because people seem to be forgetting that this is what TLD is. I don't mind people giving feedback on the title, but when you're so hardcore that you have to insist with multiple threads on the same topic and providing ballistic charts and real world examples of how you peppered an animal with rock salt from 50 feet - it gets irritating, for lack of a better word.
  22. The death occured when I was down to 10% Health outdoors, but with no negative conditions on my character. But that isn't the actual point. I have had numerous instances of evading Wolves near the Camp Office at Mystery Lake, as an example ; where I would take damage as I enter the door, despite not actually "fighting" the Wolf. Sometimes it applies the conditions, other times it does not. Sometimes it tears the clothing, other times it does not. If it's intentional, then it's fine; I'll adjust my strategy. But I would like confirmation on it from the Dev team.
  23. I think I need to remove my 'artistic' signature picture... people keep assuming it's how I aim.
  24. Find just one rifle and your game experience will change. I specifically did mention that Stalker mode is fine until you're armed. Of course it's hard when you aren't armed when there are packs of wolves loitering together. The issue is when you can take those wolves down. Too much meat and materials.