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  1. Yeah.. About that. Level 5 cooking is broken. Level 5 cooking means no food poisoning. Not, no food poisoning if you have cooked something, NO FOOD POSIONING AT ALL. Yesterday I downed 3 cans of rotten (0%) uncooked doog food. I was just fine. Nothing at all happened. IRL you would be dead, not even food poisoning your dead. Rotten meat has toxins in it that will kill you.
  2. Hi there, I haven't had the chance to play the rugged sentinel update, since I play on PS4 and the pre-christmas business and all. So I wanted to ask you guys about the "meta" of rugged sentinel. What changed in the game meta, is the sackle the go to accessory now? Has the moose cloak changed much? How much does the weight of worn clothing actually reduce?
  3. Yeah right? So Multiplayer Whale hunting mode then xD
  4. IRL i wouldn't trust those but in the game it's a pretty big find for beach comings! I mean one "your face does not get eaten card" and 3 "I get 30 kg of bear meat"" cards are pretty awesome =)
  5. Yes, that is a well known fact. In fact many interloper players deliberately starve themselfs during the day just in order to reduce the calory consumption. IMO this is a broken game mechanic. You can do this forever. Consuming a third of your normal calory need and jsut be fine, which should be punished by some affliction like "malnutrition" or "weight loss" . Water has a higher condition loss then starvation therefore is not drinking a little less favourable then starving yourself. I think this is going to be fixed at some point. Maybe there is also a bonus for beeing well fed over longer periods. For role play reasons I do not starve myself but gameplaywise it would make sense.. Then if you fish for 20 days straight you do not even manage to eat all the fish before it spoils soo... Why even conserve calories.
  6. Yes Please! And maybe some notes around the world with locations where to find hidden treasure. We don't need a quest log or something but notes and keys leading to treasure would be a cool addition.
  7. Yeah and then hunt them with a harpune to get wale oil and tons of meat?
  8. This is the definition of what the game considers as lantern fuel. Every flammable oil. So if one would consider the container as the object with condition oils should be transferable. If you consider the fuel to have an intrinsic condition it should not be transferable. In my opinion the first option should be implemented instead of the second, but the game is not very clear on this. Lantern fuel containers disappear and magicaly are created but jerry cans stay even if empty. So IMO transfering fuel to jerry cans isn't all that problematic or game breaking it's just one of the little things that would make me happy.
  9. Those two statements contradict each other. Let me explain this: The item with the condition is and also should be the jerry can it self. Fuel is conditionless but is carried in a container with a condition. If a container is damaged and destroyed the fuel pures out and is lost. So fuel itself is conditionless and should be transferable between containers. A container can be damaged but how is fuel decaying or damaged? This logic would also imply that water should have a condition since everything should be destroyable and losable through wildlife attacks. See the condition thing in the game is very inconsistent. Cat tails do not decay and things like leather shoes do decay. Similarly water hasn't a condition but fuel has?
  10. Day 127, Camp Office Boy much better! Going two days without sleep sure isn't the best thing for your mental sanity. I don't even know how I came back to the office. Luckily I killed all the wolves before doing such a foolish thing. I never knew fishing was soo.. adictive. It is like waiting for your food to come to you. But now I need to cook my catch and collect the oil from it. I wonder If there are wales at the cost.. Maybe I could kill a wale for his wale oil like back in the 1800's. That would be cool.. But how would I kill it? A harpune or something? Oke not get sidetracked here. Let's cook some fish. Day 128, Mistery Lake It is midnight and I am done cooking the fish. I got like 2.5-3 Liters of Fuel from this fishing marathon. Not very efficient fuel wise. I swim in fish to eat now. I got like 60-70 kg of cooked fish. I'm exhausted. I'll leave everything at the fishing hut and go to sleep now. Day 129, Trappers Cabin I got the one full jerry can I had at the fishing hut and moved it to uncle jerrys cabin. Well I probably should stop calling it uncle jerry's cabin. It's my cabin now. It feels like home. As much pain and cold I have felt the last few months I learned to love this place. The landscape is beautyful and in summer probably a true paradise for hunting and fishing. I am so efficient in producing food by now that I could start to trade food. If there was just someone to trade with..
  11. Day 125, Mistery Lake After I took down the other two wolves with my bow I started fishing. And boy what a day.. I have been fishing for 8 hours now and they still keep biteing! I might spend the night fishing. I heared fishing at night is easier. And to be honest I do not want to leave for the camp office now. A blizzard is raging and the fire here is cozy and nice. I start to get tired though. Day 126, Mistery Lake I'm still awake.. so many fish. Need sleep. So tired.. *unreadable scribbles*
  12. Day 124, Trappers Cabin Let's go fishing! I got my jerry cans with fuel to store the fish oil a few tackles and a ton of time so let's go. Day 124, Camp Office I spend the hole day collecting sticks and firwood for the oven in the fishing cabin. I got attackt by a wolf but the hunting knive did his job well. He ran off and will probably die tonight, but there are at least two others out on the lake.. I may need to take them out.