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  1. Would be nice if the game came up with some reason as to why, instead of just taking it from the player, who might be scratching his/her head as to why. Maybe having Astrid fall into the mine and saying oh no I lost my sleeping bag ?
  2. Not if you don't have it equipped, I had a torch out and lost only that. 😉
  3. I loose my sleeping bag when entering the mine on the aftermath mission. I tried it several times, I have the bag on me before entering but when I check again when I am in the mine it is gone. Is this a design feature or a bug ? It is damn unpleasant to loose the sleeping bag as you have no way to heal up when getting electrocuted, which is bound to happen.
  4. 10 PM PST that would be 4 AM GMT, that would be sheer horror to play at that ungodly hour for us in Europe ! lol Looking forward to it stil but a couple of hours later. Edit: on Facebook it says 10 AM PT, which is the correct time please ?
  5. Does this also include the "Improvements to checkpointing to help avoid getting into a low-Condition death spiral" that were in Patch 1 for pc ? A friend of mine got in to trouble because of the this. Would be nice if she knew this could not happen again. Thanks. Edit: Also did the sleeping bag get added to the first cave ?
  6. Yes but that is not what this post is about. I want to let Hinterland know the Patch only works for players that have not entered the first cave yet.
  7. I noticed is not using the https protocol. This means logging in is not secure and hackers could easily get access to usernames, e-mailadresses and passwords. With the ever increasing cyber crime I really would advise Hinterland to start using the https protocol as soon as possible as almost all other websites do these days that require logging in. Thanks.
  8. The Changeslist for Patch 1 listed: * Added a Bedroll to the Cave in Chapter One. This can be used to Save your Game But I can not find a bedroll in the first cave. I searched the entire cave system but found no bedroll. I think this is because I had already cleared out the first cave and exited on the other side. I think I have to start a new Story Mode Play through now to find this bedroll right ? Edit: To test this I started a new Story Mode and went all the way through day 1-5 and indeed I did find the bedroll in the first cave this time. I had only progressed to this cave anyway so I could fix this in under 30 minutes (skipping the cut scenes). But for people who are further into Story Mode this could be problematic. Maybe Hinterland could add another sleeping bag or two further into Story Mode ?
  9. Since the update to v301 (or possibly already since the "Timberwolf Mountain" update, i have not been playing in between those) my character can not get over a lot of snow-drifts (heaps of snow) on the roads anymore. I get stuck be behind them and have to navigate around them. They are not particularly high, approximately 2 feet high. Before these posed no problem at all. I have noticed it has become harder (or impossible) to climb certain slopes any more, which i understand as you could climb hills that were almost impossible to climb in real life, but it seems to be that the adjustments have been a little to big, causing this issue with the snow-drifts.
  10. Thanks. I notified the Dutch translators via Steam Workshop as well, but so far no reply. Last entry from one of the Workshop members was September 19 this year. Last update to the translation was from June 16. So it seems there is no up to date Dutch translation for v2.82 Maybe this is the case of the tld.exe crash ?
  11. Saving the game and then exiting seems to solve the problem. I will stay away from the translations though as this seems to have caused the problem.
  12. Spoke to soon. It is still there. Only quitting to the main menu does not crash, but exiting the main menu does bring up a crash. Game seems to be working fine though.
  13. Hmm, Steam had not connection. After that came back on the crash notification disappeared. Hope this was the cause.
  14. I subscribed to the Dutch translation (just to try i out) but when i started the Game it was still in English. Then i decided to verify the game chache with Steam. Still no Dutch translation. But after that i get the tld.exe has crashed notification, when i quit the main menu. What can i do to resolve this ?
  15. I would really welcome the ability to forge arrowheads at any fire (provided you have coal, scrap-metal and the blacksmith hammer). As it is now you have to go to Desolation Point to make arrowheads (as far as i know that is the only place to make them). I think this is very cumbersome and limiting the possibilities to survive of the land. Thanks.