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  1. I would like to see a lot less wolves and the amount of damage they inflict go up higher. I think its just there are so many and there a easy target, i think if they was harder to kill or traveled around in packs so you would have to try and single one out to hunt it for food would help 1 is easy to kill but 3 at the same time would make me look somewhere else for my next meal. As for the bears i see them as a big issue also if you know were to stand you can kill at least 3 that i know of 2 on ml and 1 on pv that you are in no danger at all from being attacked, so with there spawn rate someo
  2. After this last update i can no longer harvest larger limbs for wood i can branches and sticks thou its just the larger limbs that i can no longer harvest, location is everywhere,k but i 1st noticed it at the abandoned lookout on coastal highway i do have a video of it but not sure how to send it to you all the lookout also reset but I'm unable to break that stuff down as well.