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  1. Hey Support, Thanks for the quick response in identifying the MS xbox cloud issue. We hope you have a fantastic holiday too. Keep up the awesome work. Cheers
  2. Hi Raph, Thanks for the quick response. All fixed. Seems to have been a xbox one cloud issue. I did a hard restart and deleted my profile and save data in manage game. Saved games are back from the cloud. Sorry for the false alarm. My wife and I absolutely love the game. Keep up the great work and have a happy holiday. Cheers, Cigarjuice
  3. Hey Folks, Just got the update to v.301 for xbox one. We're getting a never ending syncing data message. If we cancel after 30 minutes and play new games they are not being saved and old games are gone. Just wanted to let you know. Thanks, Cigarjuice
  4. I totally agree with Raph. Corpse of humans and animals are usually the places where I get killed the most by wolves. If I could bury or drag them to a better location would be great. Burying gear/food that is weighing me down would be great too. If I died and was able to come back and find my body to retrieve gear might be cool especially if pvp is integrated. Cheers
  5. This is my account that I was referring too. We currently take turns although I did also purchase it on Steam for my son. I had started crafting Deer Boots it said it would take 12 hours so I did 2 hours worth, stopped and went outside to get food. I had started crafting in the Camp Cabin with the Canadian Flag and the boots showed up suddenly in the logging trailer. Maybe I didn't notice them in my inventory at the cabin. I tried to put them on but they wouldn't go on and just beeped without any message. Is it possible that the partially crafted boots would show in my inventory but because they weren't finished I could put them on?
  6. The Long Dark after a recent update I found Deer Skin boots in a trailer but was unable to wear them. No error message only a slight beep. If there's a better place to post xbox one bugs please let me know. I have three active users in my house who love the game and fighting for the house survival record. Cheers
  7. The Long Dark after a recent update I crashed after 7 days of survival on medium difficulty and received an error message 0x00000008. The game reloaded me up with tons of supplies and dropped me in a cozy cabin on easy difficult. It was a nice gesture. I love the game just wanted to report the bug. Cheers