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  1. I couldn't imagine storing wood in containers! There'd never be enough room for the piles of wood I try to keep stocked, and that does sound tedious indeed. It all goes into separate piles next to my cooking areas. Other things I usually keep out of containers are bigger tools, books I've read, jerry cans, bedrolls, and other things that are easy to see. It's nice to see a table with a rifle, hatchet, lantern, rope, etc. and a bookshelf with those books. As for outside, I'd put wood in those bins or something similar like a crafted container, but I'd probably just use those mainly for me
  2. Reading in half-hour intervals would be great! The option is already there for crafting items so this wouldn't be any kind of stretch for the game.
  3. I also think this is a great idea! I only see one "problem" with it though, which is needing fire level 3 just to be able to make a cooking fire. While it would help push players to use preexisting campfires, level 3 would take too long at the very beginning, at least on higher difficulties when you start out in the middle of nowhere with little options. Level 2 for cooking would be a good balance I think. It could also be a little more granular so there's something for each level. It could go something like: Lvl 1: heat only Lvl 2: cooking with one cooking spot Lvl 3: cook
  4. I like this way of making it. Either way it should take some time since it'd be too easy to make a ton of jerky in a few mins and have a week supply on hand to travel with lol. Maybe a whole deer's worth of meat would take all day to smoke/cure, with each chunk of meat taking an hour or so. How do you think the jerky should end up? If a bag of beef jerky is 0.2lb and 350 calories, maybe each 2.2lb chunk of venison would make a pile of jerky that's like 0.5-1lb and 700 calories? I'm thinking somewhere between beef jerky and cooked venison in both weight and calories.
  5. The way I see it is the more options, the better, and you don't have to use them. You can go as simple as you'd like or spend a bunch of time crafting if you want. I think if there were more food/drink and other item spawns, yeah it'd lessen the chance of the simpler items appearing, but I think it'd be fine since I usually have a pretty good collection of every item after a decent amount of time alive. I would trade five of my ten or so spare flares for some other item I can craft with, and same with many other items. ;p To me it'd still feel like survival, since you're using what you can f
  6. When I was going over this list, I was thinking if only one or two of these were to be implemented, I'd wanna see the jerky. I added alcohol and co-op to my list!
  7. Here's my list of things I'd like to see be implemented. Some things I know have been mentioned before, so I figure my listing those things will only help show more support for them. Rabbit Stew - X amount of meat scraps (under 1lb), some water, and any possible future vegetables (like winter onions). I said rabbit since that's the most common type of meat that you always have scraps of, but any meat would work. The number of calories would depend on how much meat you threw in (up to like 5lb, and 1200 calories for rabbit, 1500 for wolf, and 1800 for venison or something like that). Others
  8. You've just given Hinterland half of a wonderful compliment and here's the other half: I love playing this game because it's the most consistently terrifying experience I've ever had on PC. Even indoors the dim light and creaky noises make me expect something horrible to jump out behind me but outdoors, when you're tired, wounded, hungry and miles from anywhere? The weather starts to turn and then you sprain an ankle and the game autosaves? I've never played anything quite like it. Maybe you're playing on Pilgrim and starting with my second long game I've been on Stalker but even so - 2 compl
  9. +1 for sitting and resting! Actually this just gave me an idea. I think it'd be cool to have some crafting recipes be found only by finding and reading certain books (and then burning afterward--waste not want not =). Those recipes shouldn't be vital to survival but extra cool items.
  10. After playing some more last night I stumbled upon another broken arrow (within an hour after my post lol) so I've found three in this game so far. So now I'm kind of torn between what I said and thinking maybe there are enough arrows and it's just luck. I guess it depends if you guys think that having a supply of a dozen arrows is too much or not. I personally am fine with three, as long as one doesn't get stuck in a wolf and then it runs away on me haha, which almost happened but I luckily tracked the wolf. On another note, my last game when I could make arrowheads I think I only made th
  11. I've been meaning to reg here and post a few ideas, and I first want to say I love this game, but this prompted me to stop playing to post this: Please bring back arrowhead crafting! I was excited to find a bunch of birch and maple and I made my bow, only to find out I can't make any arrowheads! I have a pile of birch now and nothing to make lol. To be fair, I was lucky to find a broken arrow and a good arrow in the wild but still, arrows are too hard to come by now. It's ok if you're really careful not to lose any arrows but I think in that world we should know how to make arrowheads st