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  1. The only option I could see for you is try Beach combing in CH and DP as well as the connecting region and hope you can find enough rose hips to make what you need as unfortunately they only spawn in singles. Unless there's still regions or areas you haven't explored that could have painkillers or rose hips. I know Mountain Town, specifically the area near Will's plane crash has a lot of rose hip bushes, and I mean a lot. Hope this helps.
  2. Have you not found any arrows or broken arrows at all in 100 days? Pleasant Valley Outbuildings target is practically guaranteed 1 arrow and 1 broken arrow, that's 2 (infinitely reusable) arrowheads, I'm on day 12 of a Stalker run and already found 5 arrowheads. Unless you're on loper you're honestly not going to need to forge any arrowheads as long as you're not wasting arrows and making an effort to find them after you shoot, you'll always have arrows, and birch saplings are usually plentiful as you said you have dozens of arrow shafts.
  3. Ya what's up with that? I could've sworn when the aurora and flashlight was first introduced the high beam on it consistently scared wolves away, now it only seems to keep them at bay and as soon as you're not pointing it at them or turn it off high beam they charge.
  4. Just noticed this a few days ago while playing during an Aurora with a flashlight equipped, I dropped the flashlight as I was going to put it away for the morning because I hate carrying unnecessary weight but I accidently left it on while I dropped it. Turns out it stays lit even in placement mode unlike the lantern which only emits light once placed in a valid location. Here's some footage of me messing around with it. Turns out the placement "range" is practically as far as you can see with your cursor. You can see it emits light as far away as fishing huts (obviously you can't place it the
  5. Yup I can confirm this as well. When limbs start regenerating, some of them are just impossible to interact with. A shame really, makes me walk farther for wood.
  6. I don't mean to be a smart-mouth as it were lol, but in real life meat on a carcass (especially if the entrails are still in said carcass) can be spoiled within a few days. Perhaps they can make it so it deteriorates slower if just the guts are removed.
  7. Yup same. Only ever seen in Wintermute
  8. This was an issue where any saves made in my game were lost after quitting and attempting to load before V.271 and V.271 was supposed to address this issue but I and others are still not able to save. I've tried with new and old save files. None save.