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  1. I understand what you guys are saying. I appreciate the feedback. I like the trial and error methods that this game imposed on me so when it comes to having data for all clothing items it doesn't seem so immersive. Let me die from frostbite and freezing a few times with wet clothes rather than numerically showing the instant result of changing clothing.
  2. I guess the thing that really gets me is how my character in game can't cook properly, shoot a gun or start a fire without reading and trail and error but somehow he has access to all the clothing info? I like the general idea of the layers wind block wetness and frostbite but it just seems like too much accessible info. Have the data but don't show every little degree change weight change etc. I tried not micromanaging but I found myself checking if items were wet, freezing or damaged constantly.
  3. Resolute outfitter update just came out. 4 stats for each clothing item? I'm not a fan of number crunching min/max especially in a survival game. Of course certain clothing is better for certain situations but why is all the data so clear in game? Will everything have as much data and variables or is it just a clothing mini game?
  4. After I pressed initial research instead of read it says sharpen. Oh and car hoods close every time I enter a building.
  5. 1000 days is what i thought it was. But is there anything that doesn't decay? I believe I remember at one point jerky and mres didn't decay.
  6. i can't seem to find current decay rates for food. I'm more interested in canned goods, jerky, mres things like that. Help?!?
  7. Thanks for the feedback! And I am hoping that the mistake is on my part. I've now marked several other carcasses and will continue checking on them.
  8. Only pre generated carcasses have feathers right? I was farming feathers from a carcass on coastal highway ice close to the gas station. Returned numerous times over the course of 3 weeks game time. One morning it was just gone. I already thought of every explanation even interrogated the kids to see if they had "accidentally played". Their alibis checked out and were verified by mom.
  9. I'm one hundred percent that I never interacted with the carcass. I never actually harvest the pre generated carcasses. I mark them on my map and use them for feathers and as markers. The crows are great landmarks as I can see and hear them.
  10. Are the pre generated deer carcasses now disappearing?
  11. Forgot to mention that visors in the car do the same thing. I put all visors down when I enter a car and they all reset too.
  12. Newest version brand new run. I actually reinstalled the game after the last patch due to save game problems. Hoods close but as far as I've noticed car colors are the same.
  13. I open all car hoods upon searching. They don't stay open all close when entering or exiting a building. Please keep hoods and visors from resetting. I know I searched a car if I see an open hood from a distance.
  14. I'm having an issue with saving. I double check before turning Xbox off if save is where it should be but next day, hours later, even minutes later the save is an old one. Anyone else having this problem?
  15. The last two days every time I load it is an old save. I've even checked before I quit game if save is where it should be. Anyone else have this problem?