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  1. Thank you for your reply, @Ryu Azuku ! This information will help us investigate the issue.
  2. Hi @Ryu Azuku , thanks for posting. We have had some scattered reports of this issue on some systems when playing the Windows Store version of the game with a mouse and are looking into it. To help us investigate, we'l like to get some information about your display setup: Do you have more than one monitor? Do you play in Window Mode, or Full Screen? Do you see this issue in both modes? What's your display resolution set to? What's your scaling set to? If you set your display scaling to 100%, do you still see this issue? Thanks for your help!
  3. Hi @DigitalDeath849 , from your screenshots it looks like you recieved a notification that you had unlocked the Snow Walker badge, but are not seeing it as unlocked when you go to your Feats page, is that correct? If you reboot your system, do you have access to that feat when launching a new Survival Mode game?
  4. Thanks for the answer, Hawk. You're right, the GoG version doesn't include those bat files -- although that may be something we look into for the future. Yes, if you are adding command line arguments, the parameter should be added after the file location and outside the quotation marks.
  5. Hi @Deerber, thanks for your post. Your specs are right at the minimum requirements for the game, so it could easily be a system resources issue causing the crash you are seeing. Have you already run through the troubleshooting steps posted here? If not, we recommend rebooting and giving them a try. You might also want to disable any background apps or overlays running while you play.
  6. Hi Hawk, the DX9 and Borderless Window bats are usually in the same folder you installed the game Executable to. Are you not seeing them in there? If you are simply trying to play the game in Window Mode, you can also choose this option from in the game at OPTIONS > DISPLAY > SCREEN MODE .
  7. Thanks for the information! We're looking into replicating this on our side to help us investigate, but so far we haven't been successful. Do you see a noticeable change if you turn off only shadows? If you haven't already done so, check that your system isn't overheating. A hot CPU isn't good for frame rates.
  8. Thanks for trying that BEEBSTEEN, at least we've ruled out a number of possible issues. Our best guess right now something is halting the process of connecting your local game to your Windows account, but we're about at the end of our rope here with what we can figure out remotely - -we're going to have to try and replicate the issue on our side to investigate further. So far we haven't been successful, but we'll keep working on it. This is a bit of a long shot, but if you haven't yet done so try running through these steps for repairing Windows Store apps.
  9. Hi Gr0dede, thanks for your post, and for providing your debug log. Frame rate drops can have a very wide range of causes, we do our best to ensure the game runs smoothly on as many systems as possible. Are you only seeing lower frame rates in certain locations? If so, what are some examples? What would you say your average frame rate is in these areas? If you haven't tried them yet, our Technical FAQ post has some suggestions for improving performance which you may find helpful.
  10. Thanks for your reply, BEEBSTEEN. We're not seeing anything in your log as to why the game does not advance past the disclaimer, but from your video it looks like a GeForce Experience banner is appearing just as the Xbox Live dialogue appears and disappears. Could you try disabling the GeForce Experience and any other overlay tools you might be using and see if you can get past that disclaimer screen?
  11. Thanks for following up, @BEEBSTEEN. We're still scratching our heads over this issue. We have a few more questions: Did you see any changes since switching to your new computer? Could you take a screenshot of what you are seeing when the game stops progressing? Now that you are on a new system, could you share your debug log with us again?
  12. Hi Gratefall and wolkenwand , thanks for following up about this issue. Crashing and dataloss is hugely frustrating - nobody wants to be kicked out of the game or lose a save they've put a lot of time and care into. The stability of the game of PS4 has been a priority for us and the team has addressed many problems that were occurring at launch -- certainly the game shouldn't be crashing multiple times an hour! If you haven't done so since the most recent update, please try the following steps: Uninstall the game from your console Turn of your PS4 completely -- instructions for a full power-down are posted here: Turn on your PS4 and reinstall The Long Dark. These steps should help rule out problems related to missing or corrupted game files, and flush any lingering system issues. Save data loss should be very rare -- however they can occur if the game or system crashes while a save is taking place. This is more likely to occur during longer play sessions. If you find you have been playing for 2 hours or more, you may find it helpful to relaunch the game. You can also create backups of your save on an external USB drive, (or online if your are a PS+ subscriber). More information about creating back-ups can be found here: On our side, we are continuing to investigate issues that could impact memory or stability. Some of these have been difficult to resolve, and we apologize that they've affected your enjoyment of them game. Hopefully we will see some improvements after the reset and reinstall!
  13. Hi @Mongolie2, thanks for your post! We recently updated the game with a new cooking system. Players now melt snow or cook food by interacting with the large "burner" areas around the campfire on on a stove. To melt snow, place a can or pot on the cooking areas that are highlight in red (from your screenshot, it looks like you have already done so). Next, click on the can to bring up the cooking menu. You should see options to melt snow, and can also make tea or coffee or heat food if you have the supplies. Some food, such as canned soup or meat can also be placed directly on the burners to cook. Hope that helps! More information about this and other new content can be found here:
  14. Thanks for your posts -- we're glad to hear the game is loading correctly for you! This issue was not related to missing textures, but rather how files were compressed. We'll be on the watch for similar issues in the future.
  15. Thanks for your response. Usually there is a pretty clear error message if the game is not able sync files across platforms, but we'll do some poking around. Again, we can't promise the game will work if your system is below the minimum posted specs. Have you already been through Microsoft's troubleshooting steps for Play Anywhere titles? If not, it might be worth taking a look and seeing if there's any thing you haven't tried yet:
  16. Thanks for the reply, @wolkenwand! Sounds like there are some very specific conditions that can cause crashing on the current PS4 version of the game. We will continue looking into this issue.
  17. Hi @Beastmode0505, thanks for your post! We recently released a new content for the game, including a new system for cooking food and making water. You can find information about these and other changes in our release post: Hope that helps!
  18. Thanks for your posts! We are currently investigating some possible causes of crashing on the PS4. Can you tell us if you were cooking food or making water when these crashes occurred?
  19. Hi @TheMaxHello , thanks for your post. We're having some difficulty understanding the issue -- we are not very good at understanding the Russian language and are using a translator app. It sounds like you tried to pick up some food, and ate it accidentally instead of putting it in your inventory. Is that correct? What was the food you tried to take? Was it in a container, or sitting out in the open? Привет TheMaxHello, спасибо за сообщение. Нам сложно понять проблему - мы не очень хорошо понимаем русский язык и используем приложение-переводчик. Похоже, вы пытались забрать еду, и ели ее случайно, вместо того, чтобы класть ее в свой инвентарь. Это верно? Какую пищу вы пытались взять? Был ли он в контейнере или сидел на открытом воздухе?
  20. Thanks everyone for your posts about these issues, we are currently investigating issues that might cause crashing or profile corruption on the PS4. @Gratefall, it sounds like you may be experiencing a separate issue. Could you email with a short description of the crash you are experiencing?
  21. Thank you for your reply, we are looking into this issue. To help us investigate, could you share your debug log with us? Information about how to find and share logs is included in this post:
  22. Hi Polunochnik6, thanks for your post. Can you tell us what troubleshooting steps you have tried? If there are any steps in this post that you haven't tried, please give them a shot. This will help us narrow down the issue.
  23. Thanks everyone for your posts about these issues! Can you tell us if you received any error messages when this occurred? @Gratefall, have you already tried uninstalling and reinstalling the game? If so, did you see any change?
  24. Hi stickNmove. Experiencing bugs is extremely frustrating, and we're sorry to hear your encountered this. However, while feedback and criticism of the game is appreciated, negative personal comments about members of the team isn't necessary or helpful. Let's keep posts friendly and on-topic so we can get you back to surviving The Long Dark. We're having some trouble replicating the issue you described on our side -- if we can, we'd like to get some more information about what you're seeing. Making water at a campfire has two phases, each with their own timers: Melting Snow and Boiling. Are you seeing the time reset in both stages, or just one? Have you seen timers reset with any other cooked items, or just soup and water? If you haven't yet done so, could you reboot and try the troubleshooting steps posted here and let us know if this issue still occurs? This will help us rule out issues like missing or corrupted game files.
  25. Thanks for your post, scaleslizard1. This is not intended and is an issue we are currently looking into. If you see any other issues like this, please let us know!