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  1. Glad you found a solution, MueckE! We haven't made any recent changes to the game -- if you run into this again, perhaps check that your graphics drivers and OS are updated to their latest versions. Thanks for your suggestion regarding a config file. You might want to add this to the Wishlist sub forum as well for tracking.
  2. Thanks for the question! Our ability to provide Support is ultimately limited to systems that meet hardware/OS requirements of any partner software (such as Steam) and the game engine itself (Unity). That doesn't necessarily mean the game will break on Windows XP systems when Steam stops supporting it, but it's as good a reason as any to consider updating to a newer OS. We don't forsee dropping support for Linux systems in the future but please be aware that "Linux" is a huge family of OS, and we can only officially support those that are also supported by Unity -- namely Ubuntu. If you choose to go with another Linux OS, you'll likely need to rely other Linux users for help if you run into challenges running the game.
  3. Thanks everyone. Just to clarify, it's not necessary that anyone goes out of their way to test for this issue -- we have internal testers looking into it. However if you do notice additional cases of single-pill healing while you play, just let us know. @ThePancakeLady no particular experience mode should be required, but thanks for keeping an eye out!
  4. Hi @Eames, thanks for your post. Thats interesting that the issue seems to be limited to one location. We see that your game has been modded -- unfortunately we are not able to provide support for modded games as alterations to the game's files can have unintended and unpredictable effects. However if you haven't done so yet, you could try rebooting your system and checking that both your Operating System and Graphics Card drivers are fully up-to-date.
  5. Hi @Jdavis30, thanks for your post. That sounds odd -- you should be able to light a torch off another torch without difficulty. It sounds like this may be a bug related to controller use -- we'll take a closer look into this issue.
  6. Thanks everyone for your replies! If anyone manages to replicate this issue with only one pill in their entire inventory (as opposed to when there are other pills of the same type in a different bottle), please let us know. We're trying to figure out all the conditions under which this issue can occur.
  7. Follow-up question about being able to heal with a single Pain Pill: If you have experienced being able to do this, do you recall if you had multiple stacks of Pain Pills in your inventory, or just the one, single-pill stack?
  8. Thanks everyone for your posts about this issue. As we have mentioned previously, stability on the PS4 is important to us -- we have team members dedicated to performance on console and investigating issues that occur on those platforms -- we're not ignoring reports of crashing , and appreciate your patience while we investigate. We know some of these issues have been persisting for a while and promise we are just as frustrated as you are with them.
  9. Thanks for your feedback, @godhelpme89. This sounds like an audio bug -- we'll investigate how audio is processed during hacksaw used and when sleeping outdoors.
  10. Other than Hushed River Valley region, no new locations were added to the game in Vigilant Flame, no. We'll review the systems that track how much of the world is explored in case there is an issue with counting locations in the new region. Thanks for bringing this to our attention!
  11. Thanks for your posts, everyone! Just a heads up -- we're not trying to ruin anyone's fun by investigating these types of issues, but if a mechanic works one way for one player and differently for another, that's a little worrying. We try to control resource availability to fit with the level of difficulty a player has chosen, and if stuff is getting doubled under certain conditions, we want to be aware of why.
  12. Hm, interesting! If you haven't done so recently, could you verify your game files and check if you are still able to use a single pill from inventory? If you are, we'd be interested in taking a look at your game log and save file. You can email them to us at support(at)hinterlandgames(dot)com. If you are not sure how to find your save files and game log, details are included in our Technical FAQ. Thanks for your help!
  13. Hi @atomicmrcoffee. As you have guessed, the total percentage of the world explored can changes as new content is added to the game. This percentage is not related to what areas your Survivor has mapped, but by the number of named locations they have visited. The percentage of the world explored is not related to the Faithful Cartographer achievement, which requires visiting and mapping a specific list of locations. Information about the requirements of that achievement are posted here. Hope that helps!
  14. Hi @MrBlack, thanks for posting. What platform are you playing on? (Steam, GoG, Xbox One, PS4) . If you're playing on a computer, could you share your system specs with us? (Opersating System, CPU, Graphics Card) Crashing can be caused by a wide variety of issues. If you haven't yet done do, please check out this post for basic troubleshooting steps that can help rule out common problems.
  15. Hi @piddy3825, thanks for your post about being able to cure injuries with a single pain pill. Normally the game gives an error message if an injured player attempts to consume a single pill-- " Dosage Is 2 Pills. " We haven't been able to take a single pill in our own checks -- would you be able to share some more details about your game so we can investigate more closely? What game mode and experience mode are you playing? Are you seeing this behaviour on all saves, or just your current one? What platform/operating system are you playing on?
  16. Hi @FunkyFuggerson. No changes have been made to the game recently -- it sounds like this may be a local issue with your console. If you haven't done so already, try doing a full power-cycle. This should flush any lingering system issues and is good first step for any technical problems on Xbox One. You can find more information about different ways you can power-cycle here:
  17. Thanks everyone for your feedback regarding the margins of space around placed items! We'll take a look at how placed items are spaced in the game environment. If you notice anything else that seems mechanically off or out of place in the game, you can also post about it in our Technical Discussions sub forum, or submit a report to our Public Bug Database.
  18. Thanks for your posts about the text of the Cooking and Mending skills! We'll look into clarifying some of the information around cooked foods at level 5. We are also investigating Sewing Kit condition loss at higher skill levels.
  19. Thanks for the feedback, @huntergathers. We appreciate you letting us know you've had issues placing fires and will investigate.
  20. Thanks for sharing more details about this issue! We're tracking crashes and investigating some possible memory leaks that might be related to crashing. Something else you may find helpful is quitting and relaunching the game if your session has been longer than an hour or so. If the issue is related to memory use, this should help prevent crashing.
  21. We're certainly expecting Redux to be an improved gameplay experience! In the meantime, just be aware that a cache won't be listed in your journal until you have found the note describing it's location. There are several cache notes in Episode 2 and some are easy to miss. That issue with the marker for the Alan's Cave cache should be resolved, although it likely won't be retroactive to a current save where the cache has already been claimed. However it shouldn't interfere with you completing the Mission.
  22. Hi @Senauer thanks for your post and your reports about this issue. We're glad the stability of the game seems to have improved since you moved on from this area. We've had some reports in the past of crashing during longer play sessions and when loading saves made while melting snow, although stability should have been improved in the most recent updates. Please do take a look at the steps posted in the other thread incase there is a problem with your locally stored game files. We are continuing to investigate how we can improve the game on PS4.
  23. Hi @deepanddark, thanks for your post. We've split your comment off into it's own thread so we can better track this issue. Can you tell us if you started this Episode 2 save before the most recent update? How many caches does your journal show you have found? Some of them are a little tricky to find and the quest won't clear until all of them have been opened.
  24. Thanks for letting us know, @Maikleeps. Hopefully this was a one-time issue, but just in case we suggest rebooting and verifying your game files. If you see anything like this again, try running through the troubleshooting steps posted here.
  25. Thanks for reporting this, @Smellyfries, we'll look into this issue. Did you see this happen while your Survivor was still sleeping? If you ever see this happen again, we'd be interested in taking a look at your game log before the next time you start the game back up ( logs are overwritten each time a new session begins ). Steps to find your log are included in our Technical FAQ.