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  1. Thanks everyone for your posts about the Faithful Cartographer achievement! We're locking further comments on this thread - but the discussion will remain visible and we will continue to update the original post if changes or new content are added. If you want to share tips or stories about your experiences related to this achievement, please feel free to create a new post in the Survival Mode discussion area! If you encounter a technical problem or bug and need help, please post in the Technical Discussions area and we will take a look at the issue. Happy mapping!
  2. Howdy @stratvox! *Technically* the game isn't really set up to support play across multiple monitors and while it should be possible, it tends to be very finicky -- especially if your monitors are not the same size and resolution. However when setting up the launch parameters, you'll likely have better success setting them as arguments on the game exe in the install folder, rather than in the Steam client. Also, in Linux you should have more options for setting window sizes and may have better luck forcing a specific window size via your OS rather than the application, so you could try playing around with those if you haven't yet. Hope that helps!
  3. Hi @tadamir , thanks for posting, that does sound very odd. If you haven't done so recently, could you do a full power-cycle of your console (turn it off completely and disconnect from power for about a minute) and see if this still occurs? If the problem is still happening, try uninstalling/reinstalling the game. This should ensure you have the very latest version of the game and any missing or corrupted game files are restored. Let us know how it goes!
  4. Hi @CalNieDaGtarGuy, glad you like the music in The Long Dark! You should be able to access any soundtracks you have purchased through the Steam Music Library/Player. If you haven't used Steam Music before, you might need to set it up. Steam has an FAQ page with setup and troubleshooting steps here: Hope that helps!
  5. Thanks for your post! We'll certainly look around for the issues shown in that clip. Just a heads up -- if you or anyone else finds issues in the game with being able to move outside of the playable area or find sections of terrain that have gaps, please take a debug screenshot (F8) and let us know! Debug screenshots include location information that can help us find the issue more quickly.
  6. Thanks for your post! It sounds like this may be an issue with systems around controller-based controls, and is something we are looking into.
  7. Thanks for the updates, glad you were able to snag that achievement, @jkripper! @nicko and @CGTv , thanks for posting about these issues with location triggers for these areas , we'll take a look at them. At this point, we're going to close off this thread - both because as it's pretty old at this point and the original issues it was created for have been resolved, and also because it's harder to properly track new, similar issues if they are all being posted to the same mega discussion. That said, if you see any issues related to mapping or the Faithful Cartographer achievement, we want to hear about them! Just create a new discussion and we'll take a look. This thread will remain visible if anyone needs to reference it for any reason. Thanks again everyone for your posts!
  8. Thanks for your post. When you say the site won't let you submit a bug, can you describe what you are seeing? Are you getting any error messages when you click the "Create" button at the bottom of the report form? Are you having trouble filling in the report form feilds? (Summary , Rate, Description, Computer Specs ) Just a heads up -- logging in is not currently supported by the Public Bug Database, however you should still be able to submit issues by clicking the large Plus (+) button on the left side of the screen. Existing issues can't be edited, but players are welcome to submit follow-up bugs if they have additional information.
  9. Thanks for your posts and sorry this achievement has been so frustrating! We certainly didn't expect there to be so many challenges with Faithful Cartographer and are still keeping an eye out for edge cases that might prevent players from completing it. In some cases there appear have been issues with save games that predated fixes to this achievements. Unfortunately we don't have a way to inspect console saves, but if you play on computer and having trouble getting Faithful Cartographer to trigger, please email us at support(at)hinterlandgames(dot)com . We can take a look at your save file and check if anything is missing or is interfering with the achievement.
  10. Thanks BigWill079. We'll keep an eye out for similar issues or problems that could potential affect badge progress. If you notice anything like this again, please let us know!
  11. Thanks for your reply. We've done some digging into conditions that could potentially result in lost badge progress. Do you use a cloud service of any kind to backup game data, such as Steam Cloud Sync? We've had reports in the past of syncing errors resulting in lost progress. In theory this shouldn't happen, but if you think this might be the cause and don't require the Cloud to access your games, it might be worth disabling that setting for the time being.
  12. Thanks for the feedback, @NoNameProvided. You're right -- currently the Public Bug Database is a sort of holding area for player bug submissions. We do read and investigate everything submitted, and enter issues into our internal bug base for further work, but that area isn't a two-way communication channel. Our team is also pretty small, so it can be a challenge to reply to everything sent to us. However we'd like to improve our Technical Support systems for the future, so comments are appreciated. For now, while we can't comment on work that is underway or make predictions on when updates or fixes will be available, but if you need help from Technical Support you are welcome to post here in the forums!
  13. Thanks for your reply. We have a few more questions, if that's alright. Had you checked your badge progress relatively recently before noticing this issue? We're wondering if this information was lost recently, or if it happened a while ago. Did you have any completed badges? If so, were they also reset to 0 ?
  14. Hi lem4ge, thanks for your post. That's very odd-- Coal and Charcoal, while similar looking, are not related items. It should be impossible for an item like a lump of coal to become anything else. Can you tell us a bit more about what you saw that indicated this happened? If you are not collecting Charcoal for mapping, try removing all your charcoal from inventory and watching to see if it happen again. If it does, please share your debug log with us so we can take a closer look at what happened! Information about how to find your debug log is included in this post.
  15. Thanks for your post, @Triple_D_50! We've moved your thread over to the Technical Discussions sub forum, as the topic is related to a technical issue. As Senauer mentioned, crashing is an issue we've seen reported by other PS4 players and seems to be related to memory use by the game. We've released some fixes over the past year that have improved things, but unfortunately not resolved it entirely -- yet. However this IS something we're continuing to work on! In the meantime, some things you can do on your side that can help with crashing are: Power-cycle your console every once and a while (at least once a month)-- this helps to flush any lingering system issues. If you are experiencing very frequent crashing, such as if this occurs after less an an hour of play, try uninstalling and reinstalling the game. This should resolve any issues related to missing or corrupted game files. As you've noticed, memory- related issues are more likely to appear during longer play sessions, so occasionally relaunching the game app is a good way to help prevent crashes. If you've been playing for more than 2 hours, definitely consider closing and reopening the game. Hope that helps!
  16. Thanks for your reply. If you're on console, troubleshooting is a little different. Try doing a full power-cycle of your Xbox One. This should prompt it to re-sync with the cloud and hopefully flush any lingering system issues: Turn off the Xbox One console by pressing the Xbox button on the front of the console for about 10 seconds until it shuts down completely. Unplug the console's power cable. Wait 10 seconds. ( This step also resets the power supply ) Plug the console power cable back in. Press the Xbox button on your console to turn on the Xbox One. If you continue to have this issue, try uninstalling the game, rebooting, then reinstalling the game again. This won't impact any of your saved games.
  17. Hi @BigWill079, thanks for your post. Information such as feat progress is stored as part of your player profile and shouldn't have been lost or overwritten. Does anything else appear to be missing or reset, such as settings related to controls, display, brightness, etc? What system do your play the game on? (Steam, PS4, Xbox One etc)
  18. Thanks for your posts, everyone! We are looking into reports of players having difficulty cooking on fire barrels. As previous posters have mentioned, you'll know any items are placed correctly if they "snap" into place. Walking your survivor around a bit while in placement mode seems to help with this.
  19. Thanks everyone for your posts about difficulty cooking on Fire Barrels! This is an issue we are looking into. As previous posters have mentioned, you'll know any items are placed correctly if they "snap" into place. Walking your survivor around a bit while in placement mode seems to help with this. If you are seeing items seem to fall beneath the grill of fire barrels, please check that your game is updated to the latest version -- 1.37 [39488] . This version should have a fix to prevent this from happening.
  20. Hi @Tbone555, thanks for letting us know. Are you playing on a computer? If you haven't already done so, try rebooting your system and running through the troubleshooting steps posted here: . These steps will help rule out some common issues that can interfere with graphics or cinematics.
  21. Thanks everyone who has posted about issues with the v 1.36 hotfix! 1.37 is now available -- you can read more about it here: If you have noticed something in the game that looks like it could be a bug, please report it to our Public Bug Database. If you need technical support or want to share or discuss an issue related to bugs, hardware compatibility, performance, or anything else technical, you can also post in our Technical Issues sub forum.
  22. Thanks for your replies, @Budji! We're looking into this issue, from what we have seen so far it looks like it's triggered under some fairly specific conditions in the save. For now, we suggest any players who have seen this try to take meat into their inventory when it's done cooking before placing it anywhere.
  23. Hi @John1804, thanks for your post. It looks like your system doesn't quite meet the minimum specifications to run the game, so unfortunately our ability to provide support is limited. You've already tried most of the steps we would suggest. You could try uninstalling or disabling background programs to help free up memory, but beyond that your best best is likely a hardware upgrade.
  24. Hi @Budji, thanks for posting, that does sound unusual. Are you seeing this every time you drop cooked meat on the ground? What Game Mode / Experience mode are you currently playing?
  25. We're currently investigating issues with some drawers and lockers appearing to be missing after the recent hotfix. For anyone experiencing this, any stored items in these containers aren't lost, just currently on another layer of the scene. We're pretty confident we can get everything put back, but we want to be sure this won't happen again before we release another patch. Thanks for your patience!