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  1. Thanks for your post, bighara! We have released some fixes for issues with rifle positioning when returning to an area, but it looks like there are a few cases that need looking at. We're investigating, but for now if it keeps falling it may be best to store your weapons in a container like a locker.
  2. Thanks for your posts, Wormer. We'll take a look for issues that could potentially affect torch burn time.
  3. Thanks everyone for your posts about this issue. There is lost of feedback in here with requested changes, so the thread has been moved over to Wish List for tracking.
  4. Thanks for the post, Wormer. This doesn't sound like intended behaviour -- we'll take a look at how branches persist when there are campfires nearby.
  5. Thanks for your question, BareSkin. Can you tell us a bit about what you are seeing when you find you're not able to write? Are you having trouble viewing a Notes entry? Are you unable to enter Write mode? Are you writing in Notes and able to edit content, but not able to add more lines? What platform do you play on? For each Day survived, you should have a Daily Log, which you can add a Notes Entry to if you wish by selecting the Day and then clicking over to the Notes tab. Each Note entry does have size limit -- something in the area of 10k characters -- but if you've survived for 20 days you should have 20 different entries you can add notes to, which can add up to a fair bit of space.
  6. If mystery carcasses are appearing, we certainly want to be aware of it! We haven't seen anything like this happen in recent versions of the game on our side, but we're keeping an eye out. Please do let us know if you see this in a version of the game that is up-to-date and verifying your files doesn't seem to have an impact!
  7. Hi BareSkin, thanks for your posts! You are correct that play in Custom Mode Survival games doesn't contribute progress towards unlocking Feats. We're looking into the information around the Custom Toolbox settings to help make this more clear.
  8. Thanks for the files, reginaphalange! We probably won't be able to rescue any lost or missing badges, but we will definitely dig into why this happened and hopefully prevent it from happening in the future. We appreciate the help!
  9. Thanks for your post, Wormer -- that certainly is frustrating to find you deer carcass and arrow just out of reach like this! We'll take a look at this area of the Raven Falls Ravine.
  10. Thanks for your post, reginaphalange! That definitely shouldn't have happened -- have you noticed issues with any other badges or feats? What platform do you play on? ( Steam, Xbox, PS4 etc) If you play on a computer, we'd be interested in taking a look at your User001 file -- this should be located in the same folder as your save games. Details on how to find your save folder are included in our Technical FAQ:
  11. Hi Zappo, thanks for contacting us about the 4DoN badges not unlocking -- it can pretty frustrating to experience an issue like this. We've seen a number of reports related to 4DoN badges and while we don't have the ability to award badges retroactively, we are currently looking into why they didn't seem to unlock as expected for some players. To help us investigate, can you tell us what platform you play on? (Windows, Mac, Xbox One, PS4) If you play on a computer (as opposed to a console) we'd like to take a look at your User001 file. This file should be located in the same folder as your Saved Games -- more information about how to find your Saved Games folder is posted in our Technical FAQ. If you are not able to provide this files, thank you anyway for reporting this this issue, and for taking part in the 4 Days of Night event! This is our first time running a live event in full version of the game and it's been a good learning experience and highlighted some things we'll need to work on or otherwise do differently for the next one.
  12. Thanks for your posts -- we don't want to people to feel discouraged when they look over locked badges! This discussion has been moved over the the Wish List area for tracking.
  13. Not a 4DoN effect no -- but it sounds like you ran into an audio issue with this location we've been wrestling with for a while. We've seen cases where sometimes brief instances of audio such as wildlife noises will play as a Survivor exits that particular building. It seems to be related to how the area is loading, rather than an actual animal present nearby or under the terrain, so there shouldn't be any danger of animals popping up out of nowhere. (Unless they followed you there in the first place...)
  14. Thanks for your post, cdmassey987! That's correct -- The Four Days of night event is a bit of an experiment and is only available on a few platforms -- Steam, Xbox One, and Steam. While the Windows version can access saved games from Xbox One, it's a different platform and doesn't have 4DoN support. That said, we'd like to expand our ability to run limited-time events like these and if there's a lot of interest from players, we might be able to bring them to Windows in the future.
  15. Thanks for the additional information. That is very strange -- do you use any cloud save services on your PC, such as Steam Cloud Sync? In theory this shouldn't happen, but if there was a error syncing your local files with an empty or outdated Cloud folder, it could have been removed or overwritten. If you don't need to access your games on different computers, it might be worth disabling cloud saves. Please do let us know if you have this issue again!
  16. Thanks for your posts! We've had a few reports related to bears in this area of Mystery Lake and are currently looking into them. If you notice anything like this in other areas or regions, please let us know!
  17. Moose should spawn in Pilgrim games, but are rare and will flee from the player if they see them. It's quite possible for moose to spawn but for the player to rarely catch sight of them. That said, we'll keep an eye out for issues with moose spawning in Pilgrim mode!
  18. Thanks for your post, Wintermut. Not a feature, no. Moose, while dangerous, don't generally attack other wildlife in The Long Dark. From the looks of the thread, nobody has reported actually seeing this happen. That said, we'll keep an eye out for issues with moose behaviour! If you at any point see a case of this happening in your game, we'd be really interested in seeing a screenshot or video!
  19. Hi @Sgt. Eclair thanks for your post. Saves shouldn't disappear unless you were playing in Survival mode and your Survivor perished. What platform do you play on? With Xbox One, files can sometimes appear to be missing as a result of a syncing error. If that's the case, try doing a full power-cycle of your console to prompt it to re-sync with the Cloud.
  20. Hi Gem, thanks for your post. The 4DoN event is limited to only a few platforms -- Steam, Xbox One, and PS4 . However thanks for letting us know this is something you'd be interested in -- we'd like to explore more ways we can run limited-time events in the future!
  21. Thanks for the update, wolkenwand. From what we have been able to see from more recent reports, the issue seems to be related to memory use by the game. We've released some fixes over the past year that have improved things, but unfortunately not resolved it entirely -- yet. However this is something we're continuing to work on! In the meantime, here are a few things you can do on your side that can help with crashing: Power-cycle your console every once and a while (at least once a month)-- this helps to flush any lingering system issues. If you are experiencing very frequent crashing, such as if this occurs after less an an hour of play, try uninstalling and reinstalling the game. This should resolve any issues related to missing or corrupted game files. Memory- related issues are more likely to appear during longer play sessions, so occasionally relaunching the game app is a good way to help prevent crashes. If you've been playing for longer than 2 hours, consider closing and reopening the game. Hope that helps!
  22. Thanks for following up! This issue is still on our radar -- it's a little tricky as it doesn't seem to occur on all Windows systems, but we're hoping to have a resolution soon.
  23. Not that we are aware of. We don't generally make requests that content be removed unless there is an issue with IP rights or trademarks. Fortunately, this is not very common.
  24. Thank for your post, @Tbone555 . Most of these are known issues we are looking into, but additional reports and information is appreciated. Can you tell us what system you play on? (Steam, Xbox One PS4, etc). Thrown flares should be effective (although not all the time) at scaring wolves in all gameplay modes, however we'll take a look into this mechanic. Don't forget that a Wolf's behaviour can be influenced by other factors, such as how accurately the flare is thrown, your Survivor's Scent, etc!
  25. Glad you were able to find your save! We agree that not being able to see a created save isn't expected behaviour -- if this is happening a lot it suggests there is an issue with the game or console. However rebooting the console is a good first step any time someone is seeing strange behaviour with regards to launching the game or creating/find saves, as it can help flush system issues, prompt update checks, etc. Good luck out there!