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  1. V298 Xbox one After downloading the update, my save had gone. Started a new game last night and played for around 3 hours, slept to save and switched the console off. This morning I opened the game again and it showed that there were no saves available to load. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the game, now my saves from before the update are back but the game I played 3 hours of yesterday is gone. Thanks
  2. Apologies if these points have already been brought up, couldn't find them in any other posts. Clothes as fire tinder - using spare clothes that you find as tinder whilst starting a fire would be pretty cool. Clothes are pretty dam flamible and sometimes you end up finding quite a lot of them. Also, it adds an interesting part to the game if you are trapped in the wilderness with no tinder and u have to burn an item of clothing to start a fire to keep warm. Wind up alarm clock - we've all done that thing where we are tired as hell and then gone to bed to nap for an hour and woke up 6 hours later swearing. Unfortunately, this idea would require the sleep mechanics to be uncontrollable, as in when you choose to go to sleep with no alarm clock, you have to wake up naturally so you can't control the length of time you are asleep. When you find a wind up alarm clock, then you can start planning your sleep cycle using the alarm. Just a couple of the ideas that I had during a mammoth TLD session today. Cheers guys.
  3. +1 to the green birch sapling issue and the arrow issue. I am in the camp office in ML and the green birch sapplings are partial sunk in to the floor. I also had a simple arrow on the shelves (3rd shelf up) near the work bench and when I loaded the save, it had fallen through the shelves to the ground. Have also had an issue where the pelts that I had lying around the place seem to have dissapeared completely. I had 2 wolf ones and a deer one last time I saved. Thanks.
  4. Update My character died and I started again in mystery lake. Don't seem to have any problem repairing anything this time. There are just one or two minor things. When trying to repair clothes, it sometimes doesn't give you the option to choose the sewing kit you want to use. This has happened with different clothes at different timesand is seemingly random but doesn't apply to all clothes in one repair session. The other thing is that I have crafted some deer skin boots and pants and a wolf skin coat, these don't seem to be going down in condition at all. Even when I was attacked by a wolf, it came up with the clothes torn notification but when I went to repair them the crafted clothes were still at one hundred percent, other uncrafted clothes had been reduced as normal. Not that I am complaining, I like having the invincible clothes lol. Thanks guys.
  5. Hi, I couldn't see any other thread reporting this so apologies if there is. I am in the garage in coastal highway and I was trying to make some repairs to my clothes. Have loads of cloth and a sewing kit that is at 70%. Repaired pretty much everything but there seems to be a glitch with a few of the items ( mittens and wool long underwear). I go in to actions, click repair and select the sewing kit. The sound of the repair happens but no progress bar appears and the sounds continue to happen until I press B. Then it takes me back to the inventory and the clothes have not been repaired. So far, this has only happened in the garage, I will let you know if it happens anywhere else. Thanks guys.
  6. Hi, apologies if this isn't the right place to post this. My partner had a save in coastal highway from before the desolation point update, this has been accessible and she has played and saved a number of times since the update happened. I started a new game in mystery lake a few days ago and we have been alternating since. Last night, I made the journey from mystery lake to coastal highway and saved before bed. My partner then tried to open her coastal highway save and it had dissapeared. Replaced by a Brown picture that had no survival time but listed coastal highway as the area. When we clicked on it, the game said loading but then booted us back to the main menu screen. She had to start again in mystery lake. Just thought it was perculier that we hadn't had a problem until both of the save files were in the same area. Thanks
  7. I'm on Xbox too, GT Dansivaa0808. I'll add you when I get back from work.
  8. Yeah, Nice to meet you to man. And thanks for the warm welcome. Do you play on Xbox or on P.C.?
  9. That's the one. You've heard of it then? Only good things I hope.
  10. Hi from Preston UK. I just want to start off by thanking Hinterland for this game. I cannot find a single thing about this game that I don't like. The art style is beautiful, the music is atmospheric and fantastic and the overall feel of the game is incredible. Not to mention that there are so many updates. Thanks guys, best £15 I ever spent. I grew up in UK and have been to Canada a number of times to visit my brother and sister. Preston is known for the best of British wrestling, the second tallest church in Europe and the fact that the only difference between summer and winter here is that the rain is slightly warmer in summer.
  11. Since the desolation point update, there have been a couple of times where I have gotten all the meat from a deer carcass. After cooking, one of them shows as zero calories and cannot be eaten, it has to be dropped. This has only happened in mystery lake, not in any of the other areas. Cheers