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  1. That's all true, and I too would so much like to see it gone - but the studio has made it fairly clear they have other priorities right now, as well they should. In the meantime we can do a custom game without CF, so there's that.
  2. I would go with hallucinations as a sign of extreme mental duress and isolation. Hey is that you Astrid? Bigfoot? We already have a ghost. Reading books instead of using them for firewood seems like a good therapeutic response. Anything else would be way too complex both thematically and technically, I would hazard to guess.
  3. Not to mention all that scrap metal.
  4. Excellent idea. I've done it - wrap a hot rock in an old blanket and it will keep you warm a long time.
  5. First it's "Four legs good, two legs bad" which magically transforms to "Four legs good two legs better" after the pigs get a taste of power. Perceptive guy that Orwell.
  6. Fine, but there was nothing in my post "suggesting that potentially millions of people die", if that's what your referencing. That is your interpretation. There is also a high degree of subjectivity in deciding what is "prone to huge arguments" and what is not, but since that's your job I'll leave you to it.
  7. @Exio - nice post. You put a lot of thought into that, probably more than the playerbase here deserves, frankly. I would like to see a shotgun in the game more or less as you described and would trade the revolver for it. (along with a reasonable spear and slingshot)
  8. Amazing guy and inventions. Thanks for sharing.
  9. Weak ice in general. Along the coast, ok, that must be salt-water, although even oceans freeze up obviously when cold enough. But in FM? That's freshwater and would freeze several metres thick in these conditions (if it's somehow connected to the ocean I'd like to see how/where).
  10. Careful! The R word and its derivatives (reality/realistic/realism/real-life) are naughty words around here and improper use thereof can get you in trouble
  11. Hours of sheer terror punctuated by moments of boredom.
  12. Maybe the big storm messed up the climate so much and it's so cold that perhaps the polar bear decided to wander south!
  13. diggity


    Ya, the revolver surprised me - a shotgun seems to be a more natural fit given the circumstances - hunting lodge, farm, trapper's cabin - and literally would give us a better shot against timberwolves.