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  1. I'm still experiencing "issue where Arrows could become stuck in mid-air ". v1.55. Mine is just near the car in PV farmhouse.
  2. I would go all the way and add Hut Building, with Stonemasonry and the works. A great project to keep one from going crazy out there would be to duplicate Mountaineer's Hut in HR or FM perhaps.
  3. Good ideas. Avalanche has been on my list for awhile. I would add Hut Building. Someone built Mountaineer's Hut, and "what one man can do, another can do".
  4. Timberwolf Mountain. Like the feel of it, something about it's symmetry and isolation. However if they ever added say Hut Building to the game I would build a Moutaineer's Hut style place in Hushed River and probably just retire there.
  5. Fair enough, please don't get upset, we're just talking. I love the game, perhaps too much, that's why when something changes that doesn't feel quite right I might get a little crusty about it. Change is hard, right?
  6. Yeah, and I would revise my earlier criteria to include speed as a factor, based on what others have said to. What's the number one thing you do instinctively when you hit a tricky patch? SLOW DOWN and be careful. Even trail runners pounding out the k's slow down unless you're Killian Jornet maybe. So if you're at full backpack weight, you're tired, and you're running esp. downhill and it's dark and you have only runners/sneakers on - then ok you deserve what you get. But otherwise cmon! Perhaps we could forge crampons too idk. Wore those the other day hiking in the North Shore here in BC, and most of the experienced people had them on too. They really do make a difference in the ice and snow.
  7. 100% agree with this, way way less frequent but more severe. This update (1.49) is seriously impacting my playstyle and thus enjoyment of the game. Plus the contradictory strategy advice is placing us in a bind. Avoid unnecessary fights with wolves! Except if going around them means climbing something even slightly steep. What? Don't like this, please fix.
  8. I like the icepick idea which is standard mountaineering equipment. There's a great scene in one of the Call of Duty's (forget which one) where you pull yourself up a steep mountain cliff using double icepicks and it's awesome. But the new sprains system... sry not happy at all with it.
  9. I'm not sure they are. Doesn't seem like it. And I'm a little frustrated with the new sprain system, specifically this: "Keep in mind that the Slope indicator is meant to be a warning, similar to Weak Ice. " Ok, but the issue there is a person can't see if the ice is weak or not. Ice can be tricky. On a slope you can see exactly what it is. I don't need an indicator to tell me it's steep, I can see that. What I need is it to be less risky in the first place. In rl I've done many hikes in the mountains, some quite steep and slippery and not once have I had a sprained ankle, nor did anyone I was with. I don't think it's just luck. You have to do something pretty crazy or be real unlucky to sprain your ankle. And what if I want to go around a wolf or bear and the way past is steep? Feels like I'm being forced now to fight the wolf to avoid the sprain. Also, having the risk indicator flash on and off when I overfill the pack a bit is annoying. And this: "You might have become accustomed to spidering along the environment or walking up (or down) slopes that should have triggered sprains but didn't for a variety of reasons. This means that you may have to ADAPT your traversal of the world " Excuse me but isn't "spidering along dangerous slopes" more or less the meaning of adapting to the traversal of the world? This world anyway. Whatever happened to the road less taken? My two cents. Don't mean to harp on this but imo sprains should only occur when you're a) exhausted and b) it's very very steep or you jump or fall over 10 feet. Otherwise Mack and Astrid should be pretty spry by now.
  10. But where is Perseverance?
  11. Excellent update. My wishlist at the moment: Wolfskin cap - pretty please? cherry on top? Craftable snowshoes to reduce sprains - you said you're doing something about sprains but they would be good anyway imo. Avalanches? - probably not doable but it would be so cool to experience and to increase the dread level. Polar bears - a big scary white one. Anyone else hear about the town in Siberia invaded by dozens of polar bears? Probably due to global warming and loss of habitat, sadly.
  12. I cannot open the door in Mountaineer's Hut. Also, clicking on the hatch does nothing. This just started happening - it was ok last night.
  13. I wonder how many ankle sprains they have per day? Update: searching around, I see up to 152 pounds and more. Insane what those guys go thru.
  14. To OP: you write very well. As to your question, I too haven't had any luck with caches in ML so far, either in my custom game or my current stalker, day 124.