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  1. Yeah, this is the annoying part about playing it on xBox. It is now late morning on Tuesday (NYC) and still no update. Gawl-dangit :-)
  2. Below is the link to the first Story Mode Update from back in April. From the way it is written, it seems that there will be a couple of new areas added for the story mode first, with those areas being added either simultaneously to the Sandbox or a bit later. http://hinterlandgames.com/community-update-story-mode/ If you scroll down, there is a map right after the portraits of the two characters. It shows the ones that we have already along with a couple of news ones. Kind of cool.
  3. Ok. We're good to go in xBox world. Now if only I didn't have work! Thanks, Hinterland. My whining wasn't aimed at you guys. I would never talk badly about you guys :-)
  4. Man. I was stuck in the Bible Belt for two weeks and this past Wednesday I read that Hinterland has updated the Sandbox! Twice! And just in time for me to get back to civilization. And what do I see when I get home? Microsoft was lazy this week and the update hasn't been released for xBox! How disappointing! :-)
  5. I like this idea. An arrowhead made from, say, a pop can would have a very limited life. But one actually forged would last a very long time, relatively speaking.
  6. Same here. V.325 still. I'm assuming this is another instance of Microsoft having to approve before the data packet is sent out.
  7. Awesome. I'm heading home early and my wife will have to wait for my attention :-) Thanks, guys. And not to be nit-picky, but the post title names the version as V.231. I was curious as to why an old version was suddenly hot ;-)
  8. Quick question: did it seem to anyone else like the lights were on in the aurora shot? The light to the left of the Burning wire seemed to be on. Maybe that's just me thinking wishfully? :-)
  9. Good morning. I have noticed in the past week or so that, at random times, I will hear the wind howling while inside and then, when I exit to the outdoors, the wind can be seen but not heard. All the effects seem to be there but I just cannot hear it. And it will happen for a time, with me going in and out of places, and then, suddenly, I will exit some other place and the sounds of the wind will be back. Not a big thing at all, and all the rest of the outdoors sounds will be there (footsteps, wolves growling, hacking of a hatchet on a log, etc) but no wind.
  10. Yeah, I'm the same here still. I will play a game for a couple of hours, saving several times in the process, and then shut it down. I will then start the XBox back up and select TLD. It will load as if I had never shut the console down (wind blowing, main menu up with no load time) and while there are games shown in the saved games area, nothing happens (other than the error beep) when I try and open them. Sadly, I will give you guys some time to work this problem out before resuming playing. Thanks for all of the hard work.
  11. Ok. So I think XBox Live has something to do with this problem. I am unable to log on to my live account and when I bring up TLD (after signing into my profile on the actual console), it gives me this message: "We couldn't get your lastest saved data. Try again or use this game or app offline" I checked xbox.com/status like the settings folder says to and Microsoft is aware of the issue and is taking steps to correct it. So all this may not be an issue with you guys but with the XBox Live system itself...
  12. My situation is somewhat bizarre. I was having the problems above so I reinstalled with the new update. Now the problem is as follows: I will start a game and play for two or three days game time (about 2 - 3 hours real time) and maybe twenty minutes in the spinning save wheel will appear and not go away. Then I will use the quit function after I have slept somewhere and turn my XBox off. I will turn my XBos on and select TLD from my desktop (or whatever it is called) and it will bring up TLD as if I had never actually turned the XBox off (with no loading screen). However, at this point,
  13. Good morning. Great update! I love the new map and the new weather system...very realistic. I re-downloaded TLD after saving issues and everything came back fine (including the saved game I was hoping to continue with). However, the same issue with the save wheel continuously spinning is back. It wasn't there until I actually entered a new map (from Pleasant Valley to Coastal Highway) and it is now there constantly. I am not sure if this has anything to do with the save issues that other XBox users are having, but I figured this might be something that can be corrected in a hotfix. Thanks,