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  1. I like it. I also think crafting is oddly expensive. Somewhat related, I really dislike when I break down items and my net weight goes up. (Rolled newspaper into plugs)
  2. Simply drop an item on the ground, and use your secondary selection key (Left trigger on your controller, or right mouse button) and you'll enter placement mode. Glad you're enjoying the update! For anyone still confused you use the secondary selection key on the dropped item. Took me a little to figure it out. EDIT: Also, everything is looking good. Well done guys/gals!
  3. I visualized it a little different, If Mystery Lake is bottom left, pleasant valley directly above and coastal highway above (mystery lake) and to the right. The caves kinda mess with a good placement though, and it's hard to be sure if the caves maintain the size and distance ratio of the main maps, which would throw everything off.
  4. Actually, my sister and her husband are Volcanologists and one has a specialty in mapping. I was going to learn some tricks of the trade and go at it from that perspective. It'll take longer and probably be less accurate than "flying" but the process will be way more fun. Depending on how difficult that software is to learn I may even have a professional map at the end. Once I have it I'll double check with cheating to make sure I haven't grossly misrepresented the landscape.
  5. It's possible, but manual alteration of game files is detected by an inbuilt mechanism - it voids any achievements you manage afterwards. Seems unlikely for anything other than save game editors. I'll test it, as I have my multiple saves tool working quite well.
  6. +1 to the OP's suggestion of making hunting more realistic on all fronts. While the graphics of hunting shouldn't outshine the rest of the game, audio and movement types (like limping) can certainly do this well. I noticed rabbits tend to make rather horrifying noises when a wolf kills them. Also, I really like the idea of intentionally making hunting in the game such that a particular type of person may actually try to avoid it. (I could honestly be among them if done right) We may need a variety of audio and random elements so we don't get "used to it" though. To everyone who references PITA: I, somehow, doubt they'd care in any way about this game or that they may choose to portray a more realistic hunting. Even if they did, the creative direction of this game should have absolutely no bearing on what outside lobbying or activist groups may or may not do/say. Should we add semi-automatic guns because the NRA would get excited? ...The answer is no. No we shouldn't.
  7. Or just quickly trying to make a fire and not paying attention. I love it. Or possibly a last ditch effort to halt the freezing cold. It would be a moment people remember.
  8. +1 This happens to me all the time with adding fuel for the fire. I switched to using my movement keys in these menus as they are far more reliable.
  9. Like lanterns, torches should provide heat. Not sure if this was overlooked or on a to-do list. Just don't want it forgotten about.
  10. I read all these posts, tons of great points, I have almost nothing to add except... +1 for longer weather transitions and blizzards for days.
  11. I've looked into this and I'm thinking about making a little utility to make it easy. How many people that want this are on PC vs Mac? I ask because I'm a Mac user but would be fine with creating a windows version, if enough people want it.
  12. As I've been playing more and more, I found that having complete maps with locations of rabbits, wolf areas, and habitable structures really detracted from the fun and fear I experienced in the beginning. I found that my survival time is almost unlimited with this drawn out so beautifully. Instead I've taken to stripping the map of everything save the geography, printing it out and writing down things as I find them. This way, even with the map you can get lost but it's a decent guide. Anyhow, if the original map maker doesn't return I'll take the torch and make one for the new location. If any one is interested in the bare minimum map I'll share those as well. Probably end up making a site to host them so updates are easy.
  13. A quick cost benefit analysis of repairing crafted gear vs. creating new gear shows it's clearly better to build from scratch again for some. In order for the repair to be worth the cost of materials it needs to restore more condition as if it were built from scratch. Sure, it'll cost a lot of in game time but over all that's a cheap price as it doesn't require much food or water to sustain yourself during that period. However, the price of an entire skin + guts for a measly deer pants: 3 skin 4 gut wolf coat: 4 skin 4 gut deer boot: 2 skin 4 gut rabbit mittens: 4 skin 2 gut Repair cost for 30% condition gain: 1 skin 1 gut Did a few quick equations and the boots and mittens are not worth the repair cost vs. creating from scratch. The easy fix? Make repairing them give more condition or remove the gut requirement.
  14. Problem with making the animals too finite is that wolves hunt relentlessly. You'd have to massively reduce their numbers very early on in the game.
  15. Typically access to developer tools are not given until the final product is released. Which just makes sense. I wasn't asking them to release them now. Though if they did, they'd likely get some great ideas that they could incorporate into the finished product, which is what mods tend to do. Generate creativity. Installing a mod by it's very nature is a choice. It cannot ruin a game. Why? Because if you don't like it, don't install it. Even then, just uninstall it. Pretty simple. I've never heard of anyone arguing against the ability to mod before. I'm blown away.