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  1. Never even thought to look there. :lol:
  2. I'm having the same issue on XB1 with the latest version. Haven't noticed if the cars are changing colors.
  3. I had the same issue with have a .256v saved game available after doing a re-install. Currently not having the problem with losing saved games, but occasionally do get the spinning wheel. I save by resting someplace, quit the game, play another XB1 game, then restart and the spinning wheel is gone and my save is OK.
  4. Started a new game on CH and it's now a destroyed house. Hope that helps.
  5. When you go into the log sort there is a house right off the main coastal road before you get to the trailer. It's right at the intersection of the main highway and the road to the train unloading area. There is no fireplace and single level from what I remember. Think it's a basic house with 3 rooms (kitchen, living, bedroom). Could tell you more, but lost that game last night because I let a bear kill me after 98 days. Hope this helps. Not a big deal as it's just funny to see them hanging in the air.
  6. Nope. Gone to the great bit bucket in the sky. Looked in my inventory and searched all around were the bear attacked me. Was across the street from the quonson hut garage on the birm. Did find a fishing line. Sorry about the spelling.
  7. On CH in pilgrim mode shot a bear and had it maul me. Survived, but lost my gun. Is this supposed to happen as part of the random damage the bear does?
  8. This may have been reported before, but on CH in the log sort cabin when you destroy the table the 2 use cans sit in the air. Interesting to look at, but not sure that's what ya'll are going for. 8-)
  9. Agree, should be able to make simple arrow heads at any work bench and better ones at a forge. Just my humble opinion though.
  10. Wow, glad you were able to get it sorted out and get back to surviving!
  11. Don't go to the store. On our XB1 there is a box to the right of the main screen that lists games/apps/downloads. I've been able to reinstall from the games menu. Haven't had the XB1 for very long so sorry can't be more help.
  12. Go to the games and apps section and go all the way over to the right and it should be in a section called games ready to install. Hope this helps. Z
  13. No joy. Lost a game that had over 45 days and moved from Mystery Lake to Coastal Highway when the game said user had changed. There is a load that takes me back several days, but lost all the time in Coastal Highway.
  14. Me too. Had a 40 day game vanish when it said I was signed out of Xbox.
  15. After the reinstall seems to be working OK. My son hasn't played so don't know if the XB1 only has 1 save per copy of the game. Otherwise working OK as I'm moving from Mystery Island to Coastal Highway with all my loot and haven't lost anything yet.
  16. I've also noticed on the cars that when I put up the hood to show that's it's been looted the next day all the car hoods are back down.
  17. I've found on Xbox reinstalling fixes a lot of problems. On our system it took less than 5 minutes, but a lot depends on your internet speed. Anyways, good luck.
  18. Did you update the old version of the game? If so try to delete the game and do a reinstall. That seems to have fixed my problem. Also had the circle on the right stay on constantly and we played another game and restarted and that reset the circle. That's what's supposed to run when the game is being saved and only for a short while. Understand the frustration and hope that works for you.
  19. Yup, normally it goes on when the game is saving, but it was on all the time. Deleted the game and did a reinstall and seems to take care of the save game is working ok now. The XB1 did show a saved game under both my GT and my son's GT. For grins I picked the female character on pilgrim mode on Mystery Lake so it wouldn't get mixed up with my son's. Just had the circle start showing up all the time again last night, but isn't on this morning after we ran another game and restarted.
  20. Had the same problem with XB1 on Coastal highway going into a house. Could hear my character talk, but game controls were completely locked up. Could use the controller to turn off the XB1, but no joy with the game. Ended up losing the game.
  21. Am doing a complete reinstall to see if that helps. Have a small rotating circle on the right side of the screen like the program is trying to do something. Is that normal?
  22. We are playing on 2 separate profiles or GT's on the XB1. I played last night and the game froze when I went into a house on Coastal Highway (got all dark at night and couldn't access any of the command buttons). He played later and this morning I did get on the sandbox option - resume, new, load, and back. Resume and the only load take me back to his game on my GT by pressing the A button, but mine is gone. Since he bought the game I don't want to mess up his games as he's gone much farther than I have. Going to try a new game today on a different map as we both picked Coastal Highway. B
  23. Bethany, That's what I thought. So before I quit I rested for 12 hours. Did get a load option on my son's game, but it won't load. Assume you hit A on the XB1 controller to load the game. He actually purchased the game and I'm just tagging along. Wonder if that's the issue? All other XB1 games can be played by any one on the XB1.
  24. Having this same problem with the new update and just wonder if I'm doing something wrong. Was in the new area and went to sleep for 12 hours and after waking up hit the options screen and quit game. Back at the main menu there was no save game option for me to choose. Played 3 games with the same result when saving in different locations.