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  1. Nice suggestion^ Must say,I have been away for awhile and like what I came back to.I suggested stuff way back in 2015 like the paper doll and its in and superb! -------------------------------------------------------------- Removal of the joke lines when near death.Fading out at 1% health and telling jokes just ruins the feel. Thermos that holds 3 drinks warm for 12 hours.Watched a Utuber make 15 various teas and wondered where he stored it all. Hand up blocking wind when you are traveling against strong winds.Annoyance can be removed with found goggles. Actual t
  2. I play the game at medium right now because I have the excessive bloom that removes any detail and just makes things shine like a sun.I agree with you that more video settings is needed.
  3. Also,keep forgetting to post this....have it so recovering from low health or any ailment is not cured with a nights sleep.To allow this a not sleepy block should pop up if you try spamming sleep,maybe 8 hours every 24 is good.And the ability to only gain 1/4 health per nights sleep/no hunger/thirst. Climbing over dangerous terrain and sprain your ankle then you should have to limp for a few days.Pain killers are not to allow you to run instantly again but rather to allow you to even walk.No painkillers and you must travel with limp worse than in game now and slower speed while if you do take
  4. Head out to search the far corners of the maps for big game,I like it.Also,make rabbit snare spots have less and less yields wherein you must search for new areas to spot them to set your traps.Leave fishing alone as its perfect and gives you a chance to string along for awhile....until rabbit guts run out. Less and less game gives a reason for wolves to turn to hunting humans also.I will be honest and when I first tried Stalker my first thought was WTH they just added a ton of wolves to make it harder?I liked the less supplies feel but could do without the massive amount of wolves.
  5. Not talking about arrows here but rather using the axe and knife to fight wolves.In game right now,when a wolf grabs you and you have either an axe or a knife you will use the weapon to fight back better,which is an excellent idea. Would like to see it so that the player has to press the weapon button to bring up the weapon he chooses to fight back with and that the weapon shows on screen.
  6. My morale drops all the time in TLD as I get feelings of actually just giving up the character and starting anew where all is a struggle again.Why should I struggle to survive when everyone is dead?LOL thats real morale!
  7. Instead of 3 firewood per downed branch make it 12 or something.
  8. Hypothermia is in TLD.Maybe have the shivering stop when you get to his point?
  9. The increase in immersion when the character starts making shivering sounds is great but stops playing after awhile and oddly not when actually freezing to death. :geek: I think any time a character is freezing to death the shivering sound should play constantly,annoying the player as much as possible to get the point across that things are very very bad at the moment. Also,as you acquire warmer clothes you don't really get a feeling of actually being more protected and I feel that the constant shivering sound of freezing to death being heard less and less could relay this to player better.
  10. I gotta ask,why so much bloom?Every single game I have has excessive bloom that washes it all out into a big blinding scene.From DCS A10c to now TLD,I have to mod out the bloom.Please tell me I can just change a setting somewhere? Also,I like the new icons but find the lack of actually knowing how quick I am gonna hit freezing status forces me to play the game with head stuck in survival panel.Leave a house and the first thing you must do is check the survival panel.This gets annoying after the first 30 times. :lol: Could we please get back the words on screen to signal whats going on.Hear me
  11. Houses now have temps other than always 34. :mrgreen:
  12. Another thing that needs a tweak is when you start a fire you are always thrown out of the fireplace screen and have to click back on the fire to add more wood,cook etc.
  13. This is great idea as we really should not be drinking ice cold liquids in no mans land.
  14. It would actually be more realistic to have this be the only way you know the temperature. Have the tab screen only show you how you feel (the 1-3 triangles and the direction they are moving) while knowing the actual temperature would require a thermometer to measure it. If you do implement this, keep in mind that a thermometer takes a little while to heat up or cool down to the real world temp around it, and it would not show wind chill. Although the game does a good job already of showing you how much wind there is visually. More I think about it its best to put the actual temp onscreen a