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  1. +1 except for the body image, which I think should be reduced in size and moved I'm afraid I don't like the new Status screen. Essentially, ALL of the important info that you are most often pulling the screen up to glance at (condition, bars, temperatures and time of day) have been made smaller, moved away from the center, and more cluttered. The info that is more situational and less often reviewed (first aid, afflictions) is now dominating the screen. When I'm opening the status screen, less than 10% of the time am I wanting to look at afflictions (I can already tell my afflictions from the HUD icons), yet they're given an entire half of the screen, most of which is wasted in blank space unless you've managed to accumulate like ten afflictions. The first aid dummy image I've found vitally useful maybe 5 times in my entire time playing the game, and now it takes up the entire center of the screen and I have to see it dozens of times an hour? I personally don't walk around starving with hypothermia and two sprained joints 95% of the time, so 95% of the time 2/3 of that entire screen is unnecessary. I have yet to decide whether I prefer the bars decreasing or increasing, but I'm pretty sure I can get used to it either way. What I've had no difficulty in deciding was that I disliked the myriad icons over each bar. It clutters up the view and makes it harder on the eyes, and the bars themselves are now super thin. I don't dislike the icons per se, but maybe there should only be one icon per bar, which shows the current state. So if I'm near starving, it would show a near empty stomach. I dunno, the icons really don't provide any useful information, I could easily do without a single one, yet there are currently TWENTY, with word descriptions on top of that. I'm loving a LOT of the new changes to this update, you guys have done an awesome job as always. But the new Status screen UI is a bit of a mess in terms of visual flow and information priority.
  2. I think the issue there is that currently items at different states of decay won't stack together. So if i have a box of 12 matches, I put 6 in a locker and then go exploring with the other 6 in my pack, when I come back i can't re-stack those matches back. They're forever separate because of the difference in item condition.
  3. I know this has been suggested before, but this is my attempt to combine multiple ideas into one system. So, there are certain ideas that I've had that I've also seen suggested elsewhere, namely: Carrying small game. No sense in dressing rabbits out in the freezing cold forest. A sled to pull larger game. Deer, wolves, bear maybe? Moving human corpses. For various reasons, including peace of mind. I'm looking at you, Bob, in my Camp Office stairwell. What I propose: 1. The ability to carry or drag bodies. You would essentially "equip" the body like you would equip a lantern, except you cannot put it into your inventory, you can only drop it. [tab=30]• It would add to your carrying weight limit as expected. Rabbits would weigh little and you could carry multiple. Larger bodies would weigh a LOT and would encumber you, but would be possible to move. [tab=60]Small: Rabbit [tab=60]Medium: Wolf, Human [tab=60]Heavy: Deer, Bear [tab=30]• Carrying a body would prevent you from interacting with other things—you have to drop it first. So there's a risk, as your vision may be obscured, wolves would be more attracted to you, and you would have to spend time setting the carcass down and then pull out your weapon. [tab=30]• As noted above, medium bodies would include humans. Bob's constant dead gaze bothering you in your base? Drop all your weight, pick him up, and lug him outside. Need some temporary storage outdoors? Grab a frozen corpse and drag him over. 2. A craftable/discoverable sled. Same as above, you would "equip" it, etc., and it would share the "dragging" mechanic as above. Load a body onto it, and it would provide x% reduction in weight depending on the sled's condition. 3. Cannot carry bodies from outdoors to indoors? This is up for discussion, as currently there is no rotting effect that would be detrimental. It bothers me that Bob has been in my stairwell for 30 days, he would be stinking the place up after a while. Also gutting an animal indoors would make a huge mess. So perhaps they would have to be gutted outdoors, but could be brought inside to skin and harvest meat, and somehow make the player take the carcass back outside? Or just prevent them from being brought indoors, so you can drop them off closer to your base, keep yourself warm and harvest it bit by bit. A further thought: Leaving carcasses around your base would attract wolves. You may want to drag the carcass out a ways after you're done with it. :idea: TL;dr: Let us move both animal carcasses and human corpses around, and maybe use a sled.