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  1. It would be nice to see modifiers after certain failed attempts. For example you failed to start that fire, but in real life you will often still have perfectly good wood and even tinder ready to go. Maybe the match simply blew out. So having your next fire start attempt either be much easier, or already have tinder and wood ready to go, would be an excellent way to overcome this "silly" sort of failure state. Also seriously, who takes five hours to absorb life saving information from a survival book? I think these items should take 1 hour to read but merely give a small bonus to start with, and allow the player to start gaining EXP and levels in that skill. To show they have new knowledge and just need to get actual practice at it.
  2. Without wanting to sound too negative.... Pretty well most of the gameplay. Don't get me wrong I adore this game, it's a beautiful and challenging experience. I've only recently played the game again, after many many updates, and I had a grueling 3 day outdoors survival experience where I constantly expected to die, only to find a new (outdoor only) area with enough stuff to tide me over, until I stumbled into a farm house at %10 condition with my last flare being used to fend off a wolf and bear as I stumbled to it. Amazing. And the visuals and sound are gorgeous. But there's such a huge disconnect for the gameplay mechanics and themes of the game. Naturally there's so many limitations for any gameplay system, but a good deal of my time was taken up with trying to raise my body heat by a fire, balanced with taking a burning torch to start ANOTHER fire from sticks near some firewood to chop that firewood without freezing and so on. In reality I'd just drag that branch over to my fire and feed it. Or use the axe I had on the shed I was sheltered in. Or the fact my boots wearing out in 3 days... Elements such as these really detract from the immersive survival theme of the game by destroying any common sense solution that would be practical. As I said, I realise that the "gameyness" is simply how it has to be, but it really makes me sad. For me a romp through the game is a beautiful thing, as I discover new areas and survive by the seat of my pants, but a lot of the gameplay systems have to be simply endured instead of adored... Maybe with some more tweaks to certain gameplay systems (being able to do more than one activity at once, such as craft while waiting for food to cook) I'll find it more immersive. I almost sort of prefer the old "tell don't show" system where you would forage for firewood from a special screen.
  3. Northwest Australia is starting to heat up, I am SO ready for some fresh icy cold adventures!
  4. The ability to get a smoldering stick from the fire, to light other fires within a minute or two, would be very welcome. But let's face it, the only reason we need this is so we can get fire from magnifying glass to indoors, so I think simply being able to use the magnifying glass indoors (when the weather is right) would fix this. After all, how hard would it be for the player to start the tinder smoldering outside then dash inside to start the fire?
  5. The stunning, and vulnerable feeling, atmosphere of trudging through the snow in a windy valley, or at night in a blizzard. The game just is a beautiful place.
  6. I really love the idea of the players vision taking a few seconds (or more?) to adjust. It would be a really nice little, immersive detail. I mean, if you've gone from sunny, white outdoors to a gloomy interior you won't be seeing anything at all for at least a minute IRL!
  7. It's simply the nature of the game (currently). It really depends on what scope the devs have in mind in future. Will we be able to survive until the season changes? Will a player goal such as building a vehicle to escape be put into the game? Or will it simply be a case of play until you get bored. I very much like games where the gameplay scales and changes as you go on. In TLD to start with you are surviving from minute to minute, then day to day, then finally like a lot of people say you can survive infinitely. At each stage the stakes are different, and the gameplay is somewhat different. If there were more long term, endgame goals then players would have more to focus on once they have discovered how to "defeat" the early game survival systems.
  8. I think a voice prompt would work well, though it would be repeated very often so it would have to be perfect. Such as simply a quick sigh/shiver when you're into a really cold place. Otherwise, the steaming breath could also be a great indicator for the lowest level "getting colder", even if in reality you can have steaming breath at quite bearable temperatures.
  9. Would like to see some "remote" areas, with the ability for the player to construct a lean-to shelter. Or failing that, have some more different "natural" shelters around, such as evergreen trees with a tentlike space around the base from the foliage.
  10. I find it horribly immersion breaking when you can't seem to walk over small obstructions. For example the rail bridge next to Hydro, walking up the snow bank you can't simply step up onto the beginning of the bridge concrete from the side, it's a half foot sort of step but you're forced to walk around over the snow...
  11. I'm looking for my badge as a Backer also! Already "applied" for the group in the profile options section.
  12. Hopefully in future we see better balance mechanics for clothing.... - Clothes not degrading whilst sleeping, or at least matching the "optimal" action the player could take, ie automatically taking them all off to sleep. - The need for clothing being stressed a great deal more, as well as shoes. Ridiculous that it makes sense to run around naked as much as possible currently. - Being attacked by an animal without clothing an almost guaranteed death wish. A couple of layers of clothing probably makes a big different when getting mauled by a wolf. A bear? Probably not so much...
  13. This is somewhat in line with our thinking, yes, although there's definitely a challenging balance to be found with what information we expose to the player, then how. In general, when you have to make a choice about something, you need some information about what that choice means, and when we're asking players to choose how to manage resources like time and calories, this suggests some level of granularity in how we represent that information. I think that if we could find a way to do it, our preference would always be to contextualize as much information in the world as possible. But, major changes to our player-knowledge model need to be introduced very carefully, so as to not break things that are currently working. Thanks for the reply! Great to see this is important to the devs, so many game devs seem to suffer from being defeated by certain game mechanics and simply stick with traditional video-gamey systems to aide the player. Fingers crossed you guys reach a happy compromise between clear information to the players that remains atmospheric and immersive! Though even with that said, the very clean and minimal design of the current player HUD and information systems are quite stylish, easy to use and unobtrusive. Perhaps even better than games that try to dress up EVERY SINGLE menu and HUD element as an in-game book or sci-fi visor or somesuch. Though it's a fine balance, because often it works very well and devs can succeed in making the HUD and menus immersive. I mean things like the player model physically holding a map, or Health and Thirst being displayed on the players wrist watch in the game Stranded Deep, or the magical player HUD at least being explained as projected from a sci-fi implant in the players wrist in ARC.
  14. Things to improve it - Allow a system to freeze foods outside in the snow, or smoke meat, to make hoarding food valuable. Make fishing an active minigame instead of a progress bar. Make fishing an active thing where the player is free to do other activities in the hut whilst he waits for a bite.
  15. We need an option to cook the sweet milk and peaches together, for the player to celebrate after he achieves something momentous! Damn, now I'm drooling.....