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  1. Hi Raph. With all of the nice items available around various locations, would you consider making it possible to pick up toys / various objects? Some people (including me) would love to collect these trophies (of sort) and put them on display in my base(s)?
  2. @kristaokWell, you know: There's a ___ for that No links please don't kill me!
  3. Took a look at the WISH-LIST section of the forum. "Remove fires" - an example of a sensible, expected mechanic. Recent post too. I assume this keeps popping up quite often. Soooo, why has this not been implemented yet? Things like view obstructing breath, limited rotation inside a car, getting rid of camp fires (that should burn out and just leave charcoal really). And that is when mods stepped in. "Here you go" attitude, five minute job to install and play happily. Who knows, (many) mods may have not even been made, if devs listened to these ideas. Basic, sensible stuff really. How many time have I reported the fact one cannot dismantle a ruined snow shelter. Even the fact, that this clearly is a broken mechanic does not trigger any action.
  4. This is probably not the first time this has been suggested, it also makes perfect sense, so why is this not done yet? One should find charcoal where the old fire was, the original fire should no longer be there (unless blown out).
  5. So no idea where Ep. 3 will take place? That's bad, Q4 2019 at best then.
  6. Thank you for answering my cockpit question in the last MM, I am looking forward to finding it one day. I have some more: 1) What difficulty do you play this game on / find itmost enjoyable? 2) IMO the Ravine is a great region but has lots of potential to become more than just a transition zone. It' s so iconic with its train bridge. Would you consider expanding this region? Perhaps adding some rope spots / cave systems? I would love to sip coffee under that bridge without having to cheat my way down there
  7. max 4 people coop - doable. Time can be standardised, wood chopped real time, sleeping times synced. If would still feel pretty isolated and lonely to me.
  8. In my loper run I use many bases, but tend to think of Quonset as my main place to dump valuable stuff into. As I learn how to play this difficulty (day 228+) I now know where to stop during my travels, so that I can fill my warmth bar / continue my travels between strategic zones. I tend to stay at these places for a couple of days, stocking them up with water and meat. I will also leave any hides and gut to cure. Over time this allows me to get out of emergency situations easier. Let's say I am travelling from A to B. A streak of bad luck decides to ground me in a cave for 2-3 days. No problem, the cave is stocked with meat, water and wood. These stocked places are. ML: camp office, dam, trappers, clearcut barracks PV: pond fishing hut, farmstead, farm, bunker near TWM exit, signal hill, caves, villages (houses). CH: garage, terrace of burnt down house near garage (if you managed to put a fire there prior to the "broken-fires" update you can shield it that way there), jackrabbit, fishing village, regular visits to coal mine. DP: Riken and church (lighthouse is in a bad location wood and risk-wise). MT: granny's house, farm and broken hermit's hut at basin. BR: warehouse, lodge, cave near lodge (upper deck), cave down the rope near the lodge (first I snipe the bear, then cave is vacant for a long while). FM: cave near Spence (Spence itself is difficult to maintain fuel-wise). Birch forest paradise (no predators) cave. There's one more cave with wolves spawn nearby but hard to explain where exactly, anyway, I've stocked that one up as well. TWM: mountaineer's, then skyrim down to engine - one cave there as well. it's all about caves there really. Even at the summit, I only spend a few hours just enjoying the view from up there, cuz there's a cave up that mountain too, so I don't have to worry about temps. Ravine: caves along the ML-CH route, in case weather goes bad. Ravine is an awesome region, stress-free. I wish HL have worked on that region some more, expanded places the player can reach, this map has great potential and should be way more than just a transition zone. Crumbling highway - only use the basement to run away from wolves. Prefer the cave. HRV: have not attempted this on my loper run yet and not too sure i will
  9. all season tyres in PV .. rrrright
  10. What happened to the front of the plane in TWM?
  11. I wonder what "new stuff" will 4DON include..
  12. TWM, tail section, wings, undercarriage, engines. OK, but where's the cockpit? Easter egg?
  13. "One piece of cooked meat doesnt increase your scent emission noticably but yeah i forgot to consider it. Sadly i cannot edit my post in order to add this to the Con list." Say what now? It does, and by A LOT. Without any pieces you can literally walk between wolf packs, but as soon as you pick that single cooked bait piece wolfs go nuts.
  14. 1% sodas are good to go. Sardines though .. As the name hints: "last resort" ..
  15. mod: Wildlife begone and you'll cap the overall population severely. As for MT and wolves - the town itself is easy to manage, but the road to the bridge is a maze with snow banks covering wolves so that they insta-jump us.