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  1. Diesel cars would work fine, and since a lot of utility vehicles use diesel (because there are no size constraints to diesel engines like there are with petrol engines) most of the vehicles you see in the game would be able to start. Because diesel engines are purely mechanical, and ignite simply via compression of the cylinder, you could push start a diesel car. HOWEVER, for the purposes of gameplay, I believe that ALL advanced technology doesn't work, the geomagnetic storm is simply a patsy. I agree it is more fun to just assume nothing advanced works. You are correct and a diesel shouldn't require electricity to run, however, most diesels made in the last several years still require electricity for several important systems including the fuel injection, electronic control units, sensors/metering etc. all of which require power. Take it from me since I once ended up driving across country in a rental diesel moving van that had a malfunctioning alternator and it would only run a few hours at a time before being unable to keep it's electric systems going and the engine dying. Not fun at the time but I can laugh about it these days. :lol:
  2. 1) So you wouldn't say that solar activity is a driver of global climate in any way? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Solar_act ... nd_climate I can link to Wikipedia too. 2) To me that is the fun of the game is just seeing how long one can survive against ever increasing odds.
  3. Personally I prefer the idea of a sort of "perpetual winter" caused by the geomagnetic apocalypse.
  4. I would have to agree. With the latest patch and the ability to "forge" it is feeling more and more like a crafting game and less like survival. I too prefer the simplicity.
  5. Thank you this is exactly what I mean! Yes genetically speaking we are "the same" but like AmericanSteel said if you take an "average sample" of your population and put them into an incredibly harsh environment then there are no "guarantees" and certainly no "forevers". Now are we going to assume that our downed pilot happens to be a survivor superman with an abundant amount of all of these skills or another fairly average person caught in a terrible situation? At that point it becomes what will you do to see how long you can go. I am all for the idea of being able to survive in the game for months or years but I feel that it should be finite and get progressively much more difficult as time goes on. Even with the latest patch I am a bit saddened to see the ability to simply forge an improvised knife. As a former blacksmith I can say that trying to bang a reliable knife together without any sort of real tools besides a hammer (which if we are going for realism you need an anvil, tongs, and a file at the very least!) is difficult, sure it's possible to do without all of those tools but you'll most likely burn yourself in the process and without a knowledge of basic metallurgy you will only end up with a slipshod knife that will most likely break the first time it hits a bone or a rock. In fact you'd be better off just filing a scrap piece of metal to a point rather than forging one... Please don't get me wrong I love this game I really do, but I definitely admired it for it's simplicity and how truly difficult it was to survive. All I have been saying all along is that surviving in these unforgiving environments is tough-- impossible? Of course not but it should NOT be a guaranteed thing or a matter of "just go grind for more resources"... Death lies at every turn and it is only a matter of time before sooner or later something does get you. Keep trying, fight to the last but don't even get comfortable...
  6. We aren't those same humans anymore that is the entire point. What a lone person suddenly dropped into this harsh, unforgiving environment can do should not be the same as what a small society that has been adapting to that same environment over generations can do. if you want to play Ice Age Simulator go develop it... Frankly I don't really care anymore, you're too determined to get your Disney happy ending to listen to anything that has been said and you aren't about to change my mind that your typical survivor is guaranteed to survive forever in one of the harshest environments on the planet. I don't intend to waste anymore of my time on this.
  7. Sorry accidentally quoted when I meant to edit.
  8. Sorry accidentally quoted when I meant to edit.
  9. I'm just going to talk about this point of your post (you had a lot of other good points). If that is the intention of the game it makes it a little less enjoyable for me. I'm not interested in the mining, acquiring massive firepower, building vehicles that some people want to do, but one thing I wish was possible is sustainability, in a realistic sense. What I mean by that is a way that you could potentially live indefinitely, albeit at increasing difficulty as modern supplies run out. At some point all of your items would be created from nature and and it would be a lot of work maintaining them while eating and drinking. I believe getting to that point should be excruciatingly difficult and even when you reach it, one mistake will kill you but the idea that you must die, not due to your insufficient skill, but because the game is designed that way is something I disagree with. I respect your preferences but personally I'd enjoy it less if you could survive forever. There are already too many "happily ever after" games where you can survive indefinitely. Instead I like the idea if this being a struggle to survive as long as you can for the sake of surviving one more day but eventually everything must end especially in these incredibly harsh environments. To each their own though. This forum seems very divided upon whether or not they want to be able to "live forever".
  10. I hope Hinterland doesn't do this as there are far too many survival games already where that is all you do-- get to a steady state and live on forever. It is nice to have the harsh freezing environment of the North sooner or later winning out. It is much harder to survive indefinitely when you are stuck in a "winter apocalypse" as AmericanSteel put it.
  11. But did they really live forever or did their story eventually come to an end? Happily ever after stories are best left to Disney but I suppose some just aren't satisfied unless there is a happy scripted ending. You've not convinced me that such an ending is needed and thus I still feel "fading into the long dark" is a perfectly satisfying ending for the sandbox mode and I hope Hinterland never changes it.
  12. That could be interesting, essentially make it a "custom" difficulty setting.
  13. I could see that on something more story driven but given the grim nature of the Long Dark's sandbox I think that would be a pretty weak way to finish a run. My character is doing very well for himself right now, and given that winter must eventually give way to spring (in the real world, i know the game wont actually allow that, even if you survive for a year), I honestly think he could do the survival thing forever at this point. And maybe, just maybe, that's what he chooses. But that's just it... You can't survive "forever" it doesn't work that way. That is what I personally find so thrilling about this game. Death is coming one way or another-- sure you can stave it off for at time but never forever.
  14. I could see that on something more story driven but given the grim nature of the Long Dark's sandbox I think that would be a pretty weak way to finish a run.
  15. Wow that is quite a post! I like some of your suggestions so let me discuss a few. Please keep in mind that, just like your original post, these are my opinions and everyone is entitled to their own. You've written quite a bit which is fantastic to see this much discussion and enthusiasm going for this game. That being said I am going to disagree on a few points but again it will just be my opinion and no disrespect is meant. Hunting Shotgun - Agreed it would be interesting to see different types of firearms you could find. Also perhaps different actions (lever, bolt etc) for the rifle which could affect their speed, durability, etc. Handgun - I wouldn't be opposed to finding a revolver in the game but I definitely don't think you should start with one that would take a lot away from the initial threat and fear you feel when you first get dropped into this terrifying new world. Also IF this were to take place during or immediately after the disaster it may be unlikely that someone in Canada would have a revolver on them as the laws on handguns here are very strict making them significantly harder to find. Pickaxe - I am not sure what you would mine? And what good it would do. I think it is important to make sure this game doesn't turn into minecraft as that isn't the point and in reality just one man lost in the wilderness isn't going to find mining that helpful anyway. Lighter - I wouldn't object to having a lighter with a small amount of fuel in it but it definitely should NOT be unlimited durability. Part of the thrill of sandbox mode is knowing that nothing is unlimited and that sooner or later you will run out of resources the question becomes how long can you avoid it? Salvage - Sure you could try to salvage cars but in a survival situation where every calorie you burn must be worth it would you really want to spend the time tearing apart a car for scrap metal? Unless there was something unique you could get from the car I am not sure if this would be practical. Bones, Strings, Rocks, other resources - I suppose you could but I am not sure if this would add a whole lot to the gameplay again in my mind this shouldn't be minecraft. I would be cautious about adding too much because I think part of what makes Long Dark enjoyable is it's simplicity when it comes to the crafting system. Arrows and Throwing Weapons - Perhaps a pointy stick but anything more than that and I worry it would be become too much. Knives and Axes - I could see a stone knife or stone axe but as anyone who has ever tried to make one can attest these takes A LONG time and are very easy to mess up if you aren't extremely experienced at it. If this were to be added it should take several hours, have a very low probability of success, require a fair amount of materials and even if it does work yield something with low effectiveness and durability. Shield - I think you'd be better off just being able to make a solid leather jacket or something like that. I think if they add too many spears and shields and what not this is going to become Long Dark - Castaway Edition. Shields are cumbersome, heavy, tedious it isn't something you can stuff in a backpack I am not sure if it would be worth it. Again you'd be better off reinforcing a jacket with some extra leather padding or something like that. Tinderbox - This is a tough one, I could see it but I would also want it very limited and ineffective. Again I feel you can already survive for a very long time in this game, you will run out of things to do long before running out of materials if they add too many more ways to extend the survival. Fishing Tools - Sure that could be fun and a neat way to get food. Leftover Sewing Tools/Makeshift Tools - Again I am not sure if this is necessary. What does it really add? We already have two tiers of tool kits what would a third be adding? Extra Sleeping Bag - See above. I don't think we need to get to the point where we have 3, 4 and 5 different tiers of the same item unless there really is something unique and special about it. Sutures - This could be interesting. Although again low chance of success after all your character presumably doesn't have a strong medical background and it is with salvaged materials. Food Decay - Again we can't have everything happening on regular time scales or less it will drag out the game too long. Realistically how long would it take to make a sleeping bag out of bear skin? Several days? But you can do it in Long Dark in a matter of hours because it would become tedious if it worked on a regular time scale. This is a trick with games is that there often needs to be ways to accelerate time for the sake of avoiding boredom. I feel like Long Dark does a pretty good job at this so far, could it be tweaked? Sure but I don't think it needs much. Quality Levels - Not a fan of this idea as items don't need to have a lot of different "stats" to them. I think a simple, single durability meter is fine. Unless again there's something unique about it-- if it took a higher quality knife to perform certain tasks than I could maybe see it. Skills - I don't have much to comment on with this. I do like how they don't show your skills but instead you just see the effects of getting better at something. I hope to see Long Dark keep it's minimal user information (no map, no character sheet etc) Bottled Meds - It could be interesting having these spawn at different amounts if it could be integrated smoothly. Melting Snow - I suppose you could be able to get up and walk away but I am not sure if this is all that needed. The thing I like to keep in mind with this game is a quote I will borrow from a user on the steam forums: "You have to remember this is the Long Dark, where you eventually drift into the darkness, no matter what you do." Do not go gentle into that good night. I can't help but think of that line when I play this game. Awesome post with a lot of ideas and thoughts into it. Keep the discussions coming!