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  1. In the context of The Long Dark, I'm afraid I have no idea. I've only encountered it as the name of an AI in William Gibson's Neuromancer. Gibson has lived in Canada for many years and has written a short story titled "Hinterlands" (which happens to be one of my favorites of his), but I'm fairly certain that's just coincidence. I doubt there's any real connection between Gibson and TLD besides the name, but I guess I won't know for sure until after August 1st.
  2. I have a firm belief that Canadians sing "Alouette" to themselves pretty much all the time as they go about their daily lives. I blame these guys for this, of course.
  3. The screenshot says it all. As soon as night fell, it became as bright as midday inside the Quonset Gas Station. I stepped outside, and it was dark, like it should be. When I came back in, the glitch was gone; it was dark inside too.
  4. What a beautiful place to plummet to your death!
  5. I'm guessing "{duration-bonus}" is supposed to be a variable.
  6. Yep, I was surprised by how close I could get, even out in the middle of Mystery Lake in the daytime with no hint of cover nearby. "Hey, what's that fellow doing crouching there?" "What fellow? What are you talking about?" *BLAM* "Oh, that fellow. Looks like he's trying to kill us." "Indeed. You've got a bit of viscera hanging out there." "So I do. Shall we run?" "Yes, let's." I agree. I can see a blood trail disappearing fairly quickly in heavy snow, but not when it's calm and sunny. That tends to make for a rather disturbing trophy on your wall. Thanks for the responses, everyone. Sounds like I need to get to cleaning that rifle!
  7. Maybe it's just me (and it really may be), but I swear I can't bring anything down with a single shot anymore. My hunting rifle is in good shape (70% or so), and I'm not tired enough to affect my aim. I'll locate a deer, sneak up nice and close to where I can't miss, line up a clean shot through the chest, and pull the trigger. The startled deer will then run off, leaving a blood trail. Unfortunately, said blood trail tends to disappear once I've gotten completely lost and/or have fallen and sprained something, while the deer is still merrily scampering off somewhere. (I've had a trail literally disappear as I was looking at it, in broad daylight and clear weather.) Please don't suggest I use the makeshift bow; if I could hit anything smaller than Carter Lake Dam with it, I would. I'm pretty sure the only hits I've gotten with that thing have been on frightened deer who have run into an obstacle and come charging directly into me as a result. Even then I sometimes miss, although when I do hit from that distance, I do occasionally manage to bring one down. (Oh, and I'm not suggesting that wildlife be made easy to kill; I'm just wondering if anything has changed recently, as I swear I used to be better at hunting.)
  8. 15. Use all of those animal parts you've got lying around to construct a moose. Give the moose a name. It is your new best friend.
  9. 13. Turn the radio on and off 1,000 times. Hey, you just never know...
  10. Yep, I'd say that's the key: by the time you're hypothermic, you're already staring death in the face. Unless you're very lucky, the chances are good that you won't survive.
  11. I can confirm this in the Trapper's Cabin. I've seen rifle ammo, a rifle cleaning kit, a tin of coffee, a can of tomato soup, and a box of herbal tea respawn there after resuming a saved game. I forgot to mention, this is on v .301. Sorry, another edit: this appears to be the same bug.
  12. Wow, I'd completely missed that teaser somehow. More violence is not a deal-breaker for me, as long as it's believable, germane to the story, and doesn't simply turn this beautiful game into just another first-person splatterfest. From what I've seen so far, I have faith in the devs.
  13. I believe the hunger meter is simply a graphical representation of the calorie count at the moment, so there's no way to change one without changing the other (but I could be wrong about this). I also believe this idea has merit.
  14. Thank you for the info. I wondered whether it was something like that or just some sort of inside joke among the dev team. I'm sorry to learn it was the former and didn't intend to bring up a sad subject.
  15. If end-game stats are implemented, maybe there should be a "View Stats" button on the death screen, so those who want to view them can, while those who don't want to can simply skip them.
  16. Sorry if this has been discussed before. I searched but didn't find it. I'm sure these initials refer to someone, but who?
  17. It took a while, but I read the whole thing. I'm in favor of these: Maybe there should be a "Quick Pickup" global configuration option that, when enabled, would pick up everything with just one click, bypassing the "examine" screen. I guess that may not always be desired, though, especially for low-condition items. For sticks, though: yes, definitely one-click pickup. Additional skills would be nice to see, and I agree that they should slowly degrade if not used regularly. A high cooking skill could even lessen the chance of food poisoning from cooking low-condition meat, possibly at the expense of calories, to simulate removing and discarding bits of meat that you know aren't good. The ability to increase overall endurance could be problematic. If it's possible to do so, it should happen very slowly. I don't want to be able to turn into Superman simply by sprinting everywhere or walking around encumbered for a few days. This is an interesting idea. It could tie into the sanity system as a way to keep you from losing your mind by staying busy, particularly when you're stuck inside for a long time due to weather. Alternatively, the items you make could be an indication your mental state. ("I was sure this was going to be a cuddly bunny figurine when I started it. Nope, it's Cthulhu again.") This could be tricky, but I like the idea. Your example of reading the newspaper could go either way, though. If I'm worried that I may be one of the last humans left alive, reading about life back when things were still normal may actually push me closer to the edge. On the other hand, reading about the perfidy of some politician and knowing that he's most likely not around anymore could be comforting.
  18. +1 to ramen. You could even have the option to eat it dry. Obviously there'd be no warmth bonus for that, but if you're starving and aren't able to boil water for whatever reason, you could at least get some quick calories.
  19. This is fine by me. I know it's a post-disaster survival simulation, but I have no desire to stumble across the frozen corpse of a child, at least not in the sandbox. Something like that could have a purpose (and could be used to good effect) in story mode, however.
  20. The original poster does have a point: even if I'm walking around in a pitch-black room with no light sources whatsoever, I can tell which direction my head is facing relative to my body. Maybe there should be a key to snap your view straight ahead. I'm sure someone would find a way to exploit this somehow, although nothing comes to mind right away.
  21. I couldn't agree more. Realistically, release dates are guesses, and I always prefer a finished product released late over a half-baked, bug-riddled product released on time. Unfortunately, the gaming industry as a whole has been steadily heading in the opposite direction ever since Internet access became widespread (and fast) enough to make post-release patching feasible for customers on a large scale. I understand the financial incentive for getting something out the door as soon as possible, but I have a lot more respect for companies who don't do that if it's not ready. I'm confident that we'll see a story mode at some point. Will it appear by the end of 2015? Maybe, maybe not. If it doesn't, I'm not going to get upset about it.
  22. Did the wind direction change so that the fire was no longer in a sheltered area? I've had this happen when huddled around a fire outside. When it happens, no matter how much you throw onto the fire, it will only last a maximum of nine minutes (unless the wind changes again).
  23. Is it even possible to fire a gun while wearing mittens? They don't seem to adversely affect the ability to shoot in the game. I've never tried shooting while wearing mittens in real life, but I expect it would be difficult; if the mittens are thick enough to provide decent insulation for your hands, it seems like they'd interfere a lot with pulling the trigger.
  24. Interesting. The one time I've gotten food poisoning, it was while eating meat (deer, I think) that took me over 2500. Since I've only experienced it once, I didn't think about whether there was a connection.
  25. Good to know! I believe the in-game description of herbal tea mentions this in some fashion, but I wasn't sure whether it was actually modeled.