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  1. Ayy, it's release time and im not gonna wait another year, where is it!!!!
  2. Sorry for not replying I'm not as active, I mean that loud banging or swooshing sound it makes while it is on, and it happened once, thanks.
  3. I was on the mode stalker on coastal highway when I was attacked by a wolf, but one thing I noticed is that the wolf was not there while attacked! :shock: When it finished attacking it I looked in the direction the wolf came and it somewhat wasn't there? Ghost Wolf you must.
  4. So it all started a new world in Mystery Lake, i spawned in the Carter Hydro Dam, i whooped up a Flare and it didn't make its whooshing sound, i was confused but i ignored it.
  5. So i was wondering how to get from Coastal Highway to Pleasant Valley, i like to explore in The Long Dark, so i would like to know how to get to Pleasant Valley, please reply with any information for helping me get to Pleasant valley, thank you.
  6. Hey, i saw the same thing! It needs to be fixed sooner or later.
  7. Having the same bug, this is sorta annoying but I'm not gonna get to annoying since the game is in alpha, also I'm not calling you annoying.
  8. I was playing a game on coastal highway, and then i was raiding a house and i saw a random floating soda in the kitchen, i run a mac book pro. It was strange cause it is really not real for a soda to be floating.
  9. Im not encumbered when i start a new game. Thanks bro!
  10. This should be true into the game, i mean i could break down a branch irl and it would take like 5 minutes, but in this game its 30 minutes. But the real point here is he/she not so strong? Like, are they not strong enough to break down a branch faster or something? Or are they just to lazy to do it. You know, i think instead of them implementing this into the game, they should make it when your very fatigued, it will take awhile to break down something, but when you aren't that fatigued, it will take much less time to break down something in the game. But for now, it isn't that realistic for
  11. So this goes on my macbook pro, i start up the game and start up a new sandbox game, of course i just started and then next thing you know i am encumbered (I'm heavy) i check my inventory and theres nothing wrong with it, its w/ all the default stuff you would get in the start of the game. Bug, Glitch, Something… :?: